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Laser Applications in Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Manufacturing (LAMOM) XXI
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Volume Number: 9735
Date Published: 21 July 2016
: 29 papers (276) pages
ISBN: 9781628419702

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Front Matter: Volume 9735
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CIGS P3 scribes using ultra-short laser pulses and thermal annealing
Author(s): Gabor Matthäus; Klaus Bergner; Mawuli A. Ametowobla; Andreas Letsch; Andreas Tünnermann; Stefan Nolte
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Selective structuring of multi-layer functional thin films using a laser-induced shockwave delamination process
Author(s): M. Ehrhardt; P. Lorenz; L. Bayer; C. Molpeceres; C. Antonio Herrera Ramirez; K. Zimmer
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High throughput P2 laser scribing of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar cells
Author(s): Andreas Burn; Christian Heger; Stephan Buecheler; Shiro Nishiwaki; David Bremaud; Roger Ziltener; Lukas Krainer; Gabriel Spuehler; Valerio Romano
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Dual-beam laser thermal processing of silicon photovoltaic materials
Author(s): Brian J. Simonds; Anthony Teal; Tian Zhang; Josh Hadler; Zibo Zhou; Sergey Varlamov; Ivan Perez-Würfl
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Tailored femtosecond Bessel beams for high-throughput, taper-free through-silicon vias (TSVs) fabrication
Author(s): Fei He; Junjie Yu; Wei Chu; Zhaohui Wang; Yuanxin Tan; Ya Cheng; Koji Sugioka
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Laser-induced selective copper plating of polypropylene surface
Author(s): K. Ratautas; M. Gedvilas; I. Stankevičiene; A. Jagminienė; E. Norkus; N. Li Pira; S. Sinopoli; U. Emanuele; G. Račiukaitis
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Laser applications in advanced chip packaging
Author(s): Dirk Müller; Andrew Held; Rainer Pätzel; Dave Clark; Joris van Nunen
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Femtosecond laser fabricated electrofluidic devices in glass for 3D manipulation of biological samples
Author(s): Jian Xu; Katsumi Midorikawa; Koji Sugioka
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Laser-assisted morphing of complex three dimensional objects
Author(s): Jakub Drs; Tetsuo Kishi; Yves Bellouard
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Characterization of surface ablation of dielectrics irradiated by 12-fs laser pulse in air
Author(s): C. Pasquier; M. Sentis; O. Utéza; N. Sanner
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Laser ablation of borosilicate glass with high power shaped UV nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Philipp von Witzendorff; Andrea Bordin; Oliver Suttmann; Rajesh S. Patel; James Bovatsek; Ludger Overmeyer
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Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations of femtosecond-laser-induced anti-Peierls transition in antimony
Author(s): Eeuwe S. Zijlstra; Tobias Zier; Bernd Bauerhenne; Sergej Krylow; Martin E. Garcia
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Numerical study of the influence of picosecond laser spot size on ablated depth and threshold fluence of metal
Author(s): Yiming Zhang; Benjamin Lauer; Beat Neuenschwander; Valerio Romano
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Ultrashort-pulse laser processing of transparent materials: insight from numerical and semi-analytical models
Author(s): Nadezhda M. Bulgakova; Vladimir P. Zhukov; Inam Mirza; Yuri P. Meshcheryakov; Jan Tomáštík; Václav Michálek; Ondřej Haderka; Ladislav Fekete; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Mikhail P. Fedoruk; Tomáš Mocek
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Fundamental investigations of ultrashort-pulse micromachining of different types of crystalline lithium niobate
Author(s): M. Stolze; T. Herrmann; J. A. L'huillier
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Ultrafast laser processing of transparent materials supported by in-situ diagnostics
Author(s): M. Kumkar; M. Kaiser; J. Kleiner; D. Grossmann; D. Flamm; K. Bergner; S. Nolte
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Ultrafast laser ablation of transparent materials
Author(s): Lara Bauer; Simone Russ; Myriam Kaiser; Malte Kumkar; Birgit Faißt; Rudolf Weber; Thomas Graf
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Observation of graphene growing process on SiC(0001) surface formed by KrF excimer-laser irradiation
Author(s): Masakazu Hattori; Hiroshi Ikenoue; Daisuke Nakamura; Tatsuo Okada
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Role of enhanced laser field in laser processing of nanomaterials
Author(s): Tao Zhang; Seungkuk Kuk; Eunpa Kim; Costas P. Grigoropoulos; David J. Hwang
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Fabrication and bandgap engineering of doped ZnO microspheres by simple laser ablation in air
Author(s): Daisuke Nakamura; Tetsuya Shimogaki; Toshinobu Tanaka; Fumiaki Nagasaki; Yuki Fujiwara; Mitsuhiro Higashihata; Hiroshi Ikenoue; Tatsuo Okada
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Time-optimized laser micro machining by using a new high dynamic and high precision galvo scanner
Author(s): Beat Jaeggi; Beat Neuenschwander; Markus Zimmermann; Markus Zecherle; Ernst W. Boeckler
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Studies on laser material processing with nanosecond and sub-nanosecond and picosecond and sub-picosecond pulses
Author(s): Jie Zhang; Sha Tao; Brian Wang; Jay Zhao
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Large area micro-/nano-structuring using direct laser interference patterning
Author(s): Andrés F. Lasagni; Tim Kunze; Matthias Bieda; Denise Günther; Anne Gärtner; Valentin Lang; Andreas Rank; Teja Roch
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Laser-assisted manufacturing of thermal energy devices
Author(s): Tao Zhang; Mahder Tewolde; Ki-Hoon Kim; Dong-Min Seo; Jon P. Longtin; David J. Hwang
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SiO2-glass drilling by short-pulse CO2 laser with controllable pulse-tail energy
Author(s): Kazuyuki Uno; Takuya Yamamoto; Miyu Watanabe; Tetsuya Akitsu; Takahisa Jitsuno
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Graphical fiber shaping control interface
Author(s): Eric T. Basso; Yasuyuki Ninomiya
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Benefits of CO2 laser heating for high reliability fiber splicing
Author(s): Douglas M. Duke; Usman Nasir; Elli Saravanos
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Femtosecond laser processing of transparent materials for assembly-free fabrication of photonic microsensors
Author(s): Lei Yuan; Yinan Zhang; Jie Huang; Jie Liu; Yang Song; Qi Zhang; Jincheng Lei; Hai Xiao
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High-efficiency bispectral laser source for EUV lithography
Author(s): A. P. Zhevlakov; R. P. Seisyan; V. G. Bespalov; V. V. Elizarov; A. S. Grishkanich; S. V. Kascheev
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