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Components and Packaging for Laser Systems II
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Volume Number: 9730
Date Published: 30 June 2016
: 36 papers (282) pages
ISBN: 9781628419658

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Front Matter: Volume 9730
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Integrated disruptive components for 2µm fibre lasers (ISLA): project overview and passive component development
Author(s): G. Stevens; T. Legg; P. Shardlow
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Acousto-optic devices for operation with 2µm fibre lasers
Author(s): J. D. Ward; G. Stevens; P. C. Shardlow
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Mid-IR fused fiber couplers
Author(s): G. Stevens; T. Woodbridge
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Thermal management of quantum cascade lasers in an individually addressable monolithic array architecture
Author(s): Leo Missaggia; Christine Wang; Michael Connors; Brian Saar; Antonio Sanchez-Rubio; Kevin Creedon; George Turner; William Herzog
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High power diode laser array development using completely indium free packaging technology with narrow spectrum
Author(s): Dong Hou; Jingwei Wang; Lijun Gao; Xuejie Liang; Xiaoning Li; Xingsheng Liu
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Blue-emitting external cavity laser diode
Author(s): Hong Man Na; Hong Joo Song; Jong Hwan Park; Jun Ho Lee; Jung Ho Park
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Feedback module for evaluating optical-power stabilization methods
Author(s): John Downing
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Teradiode's high brightness semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Robin K. Huang; Bien Chann; James Burgess; Bryan Lochman; Wang Zhou; Mike Cruz; Rob Cook; Dan Dugmore; Jeff Shattuck; Parviz Tayebati
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Packaging of hard solder 500W QCW diode laser array
Author(s): Xiaoning Li; Jingwei Wang; Dong Hou; Zhiqiang Nie; Xingsheng Liu
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Fully automated hybrid diode laser assembly using high precision active alignment
Author(s): Gunnar Böttger; Daniel Weber; Friedemann Scholz; Henning Schröder; Martin Schneider-Ramelow; Klaus-Dieter Lang
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Approaching improved adhesive bonding repeatability
Author(s): Christian Schlette; Tobias Müller; Jürgen Roβmann; Christian Brecher
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980nm diode laser pump modules operating at high temperature
Author(s): Jenna Campbell; Tadej Semenic; Paul Leisher; Avijit Bhunia; Milan Mashanovitch; Daniel Renner
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Beam shaping concepts for kW-class CW and QCW diode lasers
Author(s): Andreas Unger; Willhelm Fassbender; Holger Müntz; Bernd Köhler; Jens Biesenbach
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Packaging of wavelength stabilized 976nm 100W 105µm 0.15 NA fiber coupled diode lasers
Author(s): Xiaochen Jiang; Rui Liu; Yanyan Gao; Tujia Zhang; Xiaoguang He; Jing Zhu; Qiang Zhang; Thomas Yang; Cuipeng Zhang
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Performance improvements to wavelength stabilized high power 885nm diode laser modules
Author(s): M. Hemenway; L. Bao; M. Kanskar; M. DeVito; W. Urbanek; M. Grimshaw; K. Bruce; D. Dawson; R. Martinsen; P. Leisher
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Modeling and optimization of multimode fused fiber combiners
Author(s): Yu Liu; Hao Yu; Alessio Califano; Andrea Braglia; Guido Perrone
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Key optical components for spaceborne lasers
Author(s): J. Löhring; M. Winzen; H. Faidel; J. Miesner; D. Plum; J. Klein; O. Fitzau; M. Giesberts; W. Brandenburg; A. Seidel; N. Schwanen; D. Riesters; S. Hengesbach; H.-D. Hoffmann
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Cost-effective manufacturing of compact TDLAS sensors for hazardous area applications
Author(s): Michael B. Frish; Mathew C. Laderer; Clinton J. Smith; Ryan Ehid; Joseph Dallas
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Multi-100W class, fully integrated, monolithic ytterbium-doped photonic-crystal fiber amplifier module
Author(s): Johan Boullet; Germain Guiraud; Giorgio Santarelli; Cyril Vincont; Simon Salort; Christophe Pierre
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Model-based adhesive shrinkage compensation for increased bonding repeatability
Author(s): Tobias Müller; Christian Schlette; Shunmuganathan Lakshmanan; Sebastian Haag; Daniel Zontar; Sebastian Sauer; Christian Wenzel; Christian Brecher; Jürgen Roβmann
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Hybrid high power femtosecond lasers
Author(s): Bojan Resan
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Integrated pulse stretchers for high-energy CPA and OPCPA systems
Author(s): Lawrence Shah; Nathan Bodnar; Patrick Roumayah; Benjamin Webb; Joshua Bradford; Martin Richardson
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Broadband 7 microns OPCPA pumped by a 2 microns picosecond Ho:YLF CPA system
Author(s): Daniel Sanchez; Michael Hemmer; Matthias Baudisch; Jens Biegert; Olivier Chalus; Christophe Simon-Boisson; Kevin Zawilski; Peter G. Schunemann; Vadim Smirnov; Heinar Hoogland
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Advances in fiber laser spectral beam combining for power scaling
Author(s): Eric Honea; Robert S. Afzal; Matthias Savage-Leuchs; Jason Henrie; Khush Brar; Nathan Kurz; Don Jander; Neil Gitkind; Dan Hu; Craig Robin; Andrew M. Jones; Ravi Kasinadhuni; Richard Humphreys
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Engineering of freeform refractive and reflective slow axis collimation solutions
Author(s): H. Forrer; H. Moser; M. Huber; R. Schlaginhaufen; D. Kura; M. Forrer
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Analysis of wavefront distortion for laser beams corrected with volume Bragg gratings in photothermorefractive glass
Author(s): Fan Gao; Xiang Zhang; Jianjun Zhao; Xiao Yuan
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Advanced centering of mounted optics
Author(s): Christian Wenzel; Ralf Winkelmann; Rainer Klar; Peter Philippen; Ron Garden; Sasha Pearlman; Guy Pearlman
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Packaging of fiber lasers and components for use in harsh environments
Author(s): Daniel Creeden; Benjamin R. Johnson; Casey Jones; Charles Ibach; Michael Lemons; Peter A. Budni; James P. Zona; Adam Marcinuk; Chris Willis; James Sweeney; Scott D. Setzler
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Laser surface texturization for high power cladding light stripper
Author(s): Michael Berisset; Léo Lebrun; Marc Faucon; Rainer Kling; Johan Boullet; Claude Aguergaray
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High power coatings for line beam laser optics of up to 2-meter in length
Author(s): Mathias Mende; Jürgen Kohlhaas; Wolfgang Ebert
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Efficient ultrafast fiber laser using chirped fiber Bragg grating and chirped volume Bragg grating stretcher/compressor configuration
Author(s): Saulius Frankinas; Andrejus Michailovas; Nerijus Rusteika; Vadim Smirnov; Ruslan Vasilieu; Alexei L. Glebov
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Machine platform and software environment for rapid optics assembly process development
Author(s): Sebastian Sauer; Tobias Müller; Sebastian Haag; Daniel Zontar
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Over 0.5 MW green laser from sub-nanosecond giant pulsed microchip laser
Author(s): Lihe Zheng; Takunori Taira
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Optical attachment for spatial transformation of excimer laser beam
Author(s): Aleksandr Zhevlakov; Alexsandr Grishkanich; Sergey Kascheev; Veli Kujanpää; Timo Savinainen; Egor Gavrilov
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Polarization and wavelength insensitive optical feedback control systems for stabilizing CO2 lasers
Author(s): M. A. Jebali
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High speed printing with polygon scan heads
Author(s): Glenn Stutz
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