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Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XVIII
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Volume Number: 9727
Date Published: 15 July 2016
: 33 papers (252) pages
ISBN: 9781628419627

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Front Matter: Volume 9727
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Long period gratings based frequency selective interrogation of micro-resonators along the same fiber
Author(s): D. Farnesi; F. Chiavaioli; F. Baldini; F. Cosi; G. C. Righini; S. Soria; C. Trono; G. Nunzi Conti
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Development of packaged silica microspheres coupled with tapered optical microfibres
Author(s): Pengfei Wang; Ramgopal Madugani; Haoyu Zhao; Jonathan Ward; Yong Yang; Gerald Farrell; Gilberto Brambilla; Síle Nic Chormaic
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Observation of optically induced transparency in a micro-cavity
Author(s): Yuanlin Zheng; Jianjun Cao; Wenjie Wan
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Deterministic photon-atom and photon-photon interactions based on single-photon Raman interaction
Author(s): Orel Bechler; Serge Rosenblum; Itay Shomroni; Yulia Lovsky; Gabriel Guendelman; Barak Dayan
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High-Q GRIN resonators
Author(s): A. M. Armani; S. Soltani; H. Choi; V. Diep; A. Kovach; K. Kuo
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III-V-semiconductor vertically-coupled whispering-gallery mode resonators made by selective lateral oxidation
Author(s): S. Calvez; G. Lafleur; C. Arlotti; A. Larrue; P.-F. Calmon; A. Arnoult; G. Almuneau; O. Gauthier-Lafaye
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Harmonic mode locking in a high-Q whispering gallery mode microcavity
Author(s): Takasumi Tanabe; Takumi Kato; Tomoya Kobatake; Ryo Suzuki; Akitoshi Chen-Jinnai
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Optical frequency comb and spectroscopy with crystalline resonators in MIR
Author(s): Ivan S. Grudinin; Kamjou Mansour; Nan Yu
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Third order nonlinear phenomena in silica solid and hollow whispering gallery mode resonators
Author(s): D. Farnesi; A. Barucci; S. Berneschi; F. Cosi; G. C. Righini; G. Nunzi Conti; Silvia Soria
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Multi-scale nonlinear effects in whispering-gallery mode resonators
Author(s): Guoping Lin; Souleymane Diallo; Yanne K. Chembo
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Novel ultrafast sources on chip: filter driven four wave mixing lasers, from high repetition rate to burst mode operation
Author(s): Alessia Pasquazi; Marco Peccianti; Sai T. Chu; Dave J. Moss; Roberto Morandotti
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Using mechanics to convert between microwave and optical frequencies
Author(s): A. Vainsencher; K. J. Satzinger; G. A. Peairs; A. N. Cleland
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Field mappers for laser material processing
Author(s): Paul Blair; Matthew Currie; Natalia Trela; Howard J. Baker; Eoin Murphy; Duncan Walker; Roy McBride
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Specialty flat-top beam delivery fibers with controlled beam parameter product
Author(s): C. Jollivet; K. Farley; M. Conroy; J. Abramczyk; S. Belke; F. Becker; K. Tankala
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Real time M-square and beam parameter product measurement using GigE CMOS sensors
Author(s): Michael Scaggs; Gil Haas
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Flexible assembly module for beam-shaping product families based on support structures
Author(s): Sebastian Haag; Olaf Rübenach; Andreas Beleke; Tobias Haverkamp; Tobias Müller; Daniel Zontar; Christian Wenzel; Christian Brecher
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Efficient second harmonic generation in an on-chip high-Q crystalline microresonator fabricated by femtosecond laser
Author(s): Jintian Lin; Yingxin Xu; Zhiwei Fang; Min Wang; Wei Fang; Ya Cheng
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Whispering-gallery mode resonator sensors based on liquid droplets
Author(s): R. Zullo; A. Giorgini; S. Avino; P. Malara; P. De Natale; G. Gagliardi
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Quantum dot optofluidic lasers and their prospects for biochemical sensing
Author(s): Alper Kiraz; Qiushu Chen; Mehdi Aas; Alexandr Jonáš; Xudong Fan
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Flow sensor using a hollow whispering gallery mode microlaser
Author(s): Jonathan M. Ward; Yong Yang; Síle Nic Chormaic
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Localized biomolecules immobilization in optical microbubble resonators
Author(s): S. Berneschi; F. Baldini; A. Barucci; A. Cosci; F. Cosi; D. Farnesi; G. Nunzi Conti; G. C. Righini; S. Soria; S. Tombelli; C. Trono; S. Pelli; A. Giannetti
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Optical heterodyne detection for ultra-high Q micro-disk laser sensor
Author(s): Myung-Gi Ji; Byung-Hee Son; Tae-Ryong Kim; Mi Jung; Hong-Seung Kim; Chil-Min Kim; Kwang Ryong Oh; Young-Wan Choi
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Spinning optical resonator sensor for torsional vibrational applications measurements
Author(s): Amir R. Ali; Andrew Gatherer; Mariam S. Ibrahim
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Beam control through nonlinear propagation in air and laser induced discharges
Author(s): Ali Rastegari; Elise Schubert; Chengyong Feng; Denis Mongin; Brian Kamer; Jerome Kasparian; Jean-Pierre Wolf; Ladan Arissian; Jean-Claude Diels
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Largest in the world bimorph deformable mirror for high-power laser beam correction
Author(s): Alexis Kudryashov; Vadim Samarkin; Alex Aleksandrov; Giles Borsoni; Takahisa Jitsuno; Pavel Romanov; Julia Sheldakova
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Discrete excitation of mode pulses using a diode-pumped solid-state digital laser
Author(s): Sandile Ngcobo; Teboho Bell
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Intracavity generation of low-loss radial-order Laguerre-Gaussian modes using digital holograms
Author(s): Teboho Bell; Kamel Äit-Ameur; Andrew Forbes; Sandile Ngcobo
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Thermal lensing measurement from the coefficient of defocus aberration using Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Teboho Bell; Darryl Naidoo; Sandile Ngcobo; Andrew Forbes
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Investigations of a dual seeded 1178nm Raman laser system
Author(s): Matthew Block; Leanne J. Henry; Michael Klopfer; Ravinder Jain
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The finite-difference matrix for beam propagation: eigenvalues and eigenvectors
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton
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Influence of the sensitivity of an optical resonator with a surface layer by its properties
Author(s): Gustav Schweiger; Thomas Weigel; Andreas Ostendorf
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Time-domain observation of strong coupling between counter-propagating ultra-high Q whispering gallery modes
Author(s): Wataru Yoshiki; Akitoshi Chen-Jinnai; Tomohiro Tetsumoto; Shun Fujii; Takasumi Tanabe
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Problems of uniform focal spot formation by means of deformable mirror
Author(s): Julia Sheldakova; Alexis Kudryashov; Anna Lylova; Vadim Samarkin; Alexey Rukosuev
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