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Optical Diagnostics and Sensing XVI: Toward Point-of-Care Diagnostics
Editor(s): Gerard L. Coté
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Volume Number: 9715
Date Published: 15 July 2016
Softcover: 37 papers (280) pages
ISBN: 9781628419498

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9715
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The use of reverse iontophoresis based surface plasmon resonance for the development of a noninvasive real time transdermal biomarker sensor
Author(s): Niraj K. Gupta; Yongsoon Hwang; Brent D. Cameron
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Optical thromboelastography (OTEG) for diagnosis of hyperfibrinolysis in patients (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Markandey M. Tripathi; Diane M. Tshikudi; Seemantini K. Nadkarni
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Fluorescent detection of C-reactive protein using polyamide beads
Author(s): Shreesha Jagadeesh; Lu Chen; Stewart Aitchison
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Diffractive interference optical analyzer (DiOPTER)
Author(s): Harish Sasikumar; Vishnu Prasad; Parama Pal; Manoj M. Varma
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Smartphone based point-of-care detector of urine albumin
Author(s): Vratislav Cmiel; Ondrej Svoboda; Pavlina Koscova; Ivo Provaznik
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All-in-one detector of circulating mRNA based on a smartphone
Author(s): Vratislav Cmiel; Jaromir Gumulec; Ondrej Svoboda; Martina Raudenska; Kristyna Hudcova; Jiri Sekora; Jaroslav Balogh; Michal Masarik; Ivo Provaznik
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Low-cost computing and network communication for a point-of-care device to perform a 3-part leukocyte differential
Author(s): Amy J. Powless; Lauren E. Feekin; Joshua A. Hutcheson; Daisy V. Alapat; Timothy J. Muldoon
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Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy as a point-of-care diagnostic for infection in wound effluent
Author(s): Meron Ghebremedhin; Shubha Yesupriya; Nicole J. Crane
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Raman spectroscopy and the spectral correlation index for predicting wound healing outcome: towards in vivo application
Author(s): Adam G. Berger; Nicole J. Crane; Eric A. Elster
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Development of an optofluidic SERS-based biomedical sensor
Author(s): Brian Walton; Po-Jung Huang; Jun Kameoka; Nicolaas Deutz; Gerard L. Coté
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Effectiveness of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy of tear fluid with soft substrate for point-of-care therapeutic drug monitoring
Author(s): K. Yamada; T. Endo; H. Imai; M. Kido; H. Jeong; Y. Ohno
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Investigation of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy for hemozoin detection in malaria diagnosis
Author(s): Keren Chen; Aoli Xiong; Clement Yuen; Peter Preiser; Quan Liu
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An embedded point-of-care malaria screening device for low-resource regions (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Sayantan Das; Subhamoy Mandal; Debnath Das; Richa Malviya; Hrushikesh T. Garud; Ajoy K. Ray
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Whole-animal imaging of bacterial infection using endoscopic excitation of β-lactamase (BlaC)-specific fluorogenic probe
Author(s): Fatemeh Nooshabadi; Hee-Jeong Yang; Yunfeng Cheng; Hexin Xie; Jianghong Rao; Jeffrey D. Cirillo; Kristen C. Maitland
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Smart fast blood counting of trace volumes of body fluids from various mammalian species using a compact custom-built microscope cytometer (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zachary J. Smith; Tingjuan Gao; Tzu-Yin Lin; Danielle Carrade-Holt; Stephen M. Lane; Dennis L. Matthews; Denis M. Dwyre; Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu
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Feasibility of endoscopic laser speckle imaging modality in the evaluation of auditory disorder: study in bone-tissue phantom
Author(s): Sungkon Yu; Seulki Jang; Sangyeob Lee; Jihoon Park; Myungjin Ha; Edalat Radfar; Byungjo Jung
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A compact instrument to measure perfusion of vasculature in transplanted maxillofacial free flaps
Author(s): Noah J. Kolodziejski; Christopher J. Stapels; Daniel R. McAdams; Daniel E. Fernandez; Matthew J. Podolsky; Dana Farkas; Brent B. Ward; Mark Vartarian; Stephen E. Feinberg; Seung Yup Lee; Urmi Parikh; Mary-Ann Mycek; James F. Christian
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Assessment of sacrococcygeal pressure ulcers using diffuse correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): David Diaz; Alec Lafontant; Michael Neidrauer; Michael S. Weingarten; Rose Ann DiMaria-Ghalili; Guy W. Fried; Julianne Rece; Peter A. Lewin; Leonid Zubkov
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Assessment of multi-wavelength pulse photometry for non-invasive dose estimation of circulating drugs and nanoparticles
Author(s): Pratik Adhikari; Wakako Eklund; Eric A. Sherer; D. Patrick O'Neal
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A wearable optical device for continuous monitoring during neoadjuvant chemotherapy infusions
Author(s): Fei Teng; Timothy Cormier; Alexis Sauer-Budge; Darren M. Roblyer
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Polarized hyperspectral imaging system for in vivo detection of vulvar lichen sclerosis
Author(s): Yingjie Qu; Wenqi Ren; Songde Liu; Peng Liu; Lan Xie; Xiaoyuan Zhang; Shiwu Zhang; Shufang Chang; Ronald Xu
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A wearable conformal bandage for non-invasive two-dimensional imaging of skin oxygenation (Conference Presentation)
Author(s): Zongxi Li; Emmanuel Roussakis; Emily Keeley; Gabriela Apiou-Sbirlea; Reginald Birngruber; Christene Huang; Conor L. Evans
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Novel multi wavelength sensor concept to measure carboxy- and methemoglobin concentration non-invasively
Author(s): Ulrich Timm; Jens Kraitl; Helge Gewiss; Svend Kamysek; Beate Brock; Hartmut Ewald
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Characterization of a multi-module tunable EC-QCL system for mid-infrared biofluid spectroscopy for hospital use and personalized diabetes technology
Author(s): M. Grafen; K. Nalpantidis; A. Ostendorf; D. Ihrig; H. M. Heise
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A closed-loop dual-modulation multi-spectral polarimeter for glucose monitoring
Author(s): Zhen fang Yu; Casey W. Pirnstill; Gerard L. Coté
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Glucose sensing through Fano resonances in mesoscale silica core-gold shell particles arrays
Author(s): Francesca Pincella; Zhiwei Huang
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Enhancing contrast and quantitation by spatial frequency domain fluorescence molecular imaging
Author(s): Jessica Sun; Deep Hathi; Haiying Zhou; Monica Shokeen; Walter J. Akers
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In vivo measurement of non-keratinized squamous epithelium using a spectroscopic microendoscope with multiple source-detector separations
Author(s): Gage J. Greening; Narasimhan Rajaram; Timothy J. Muldoon
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LED-based near infrared sensor for cancer diagnostics
Author(s): Andrey Bogomolov; Vladimir Ageev; Urszula Zabarylo; Iskander Usenov; Franziska Schulte; Dmitry Kirsanov; Valeria Belikova; Olaf Minet; E. Feliksberger; I. Meshkovsky; Viacheslav Artyushenko
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Long-range non-contact imaging photoplethysmography: cardiac pulse wave sensing at a distance
Author(s): Ethan B. Blackford; Justin R. Estepp; Alyssa M. Piasecki; Margaret A. Bowers; Samantha L. Klosterman
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Low-dose intrathecal fluorescein for diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea using the scanning fiber endoscope in the human nasal cavities
Author(s): Vivian W. Hou; Calvin G. Davis; Greg E. Davis; Eric J. Seibel
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Non-contact measurement of pulse wave velocity using RGB cameras
Author(s): Kazuya Nakano; Yuta Aoki; Ryota Satoh; Akira Hoshi; Hiroyuki Suzuki; Izumi Nishidate
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Performance testing of a mid-infrared spectroscopic system for clinical chemistry applications utilising an ultra-broadband tunable EC-QCL radiation source
Author(s): M. Grafen; K. Nalpantidis; D. Ihrig; H. M. Heise; A. Ostendorf
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Single chip AWG-based Raman spectroscopy for continuous glucose monitoring
Author(s): Sheng Yang; Yen-Chun Yeh; John Ladasky; Avid Farhoodfar; Dominik Schmidt
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Self-emission glucose monitoring system with single chip guided-mode resonance filters
Author(s): Yen-Chun Yeh; Sheng Yang; Dominik Schmidt
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Comparison of production methods of a spiral inertial microfluidic cell separation device
Author(s): Mitchell Robinson; Haley Marks; Gerard L. Coté
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Probing focal cortical dysplasia in formalin fixed samples using tissue optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Suresh Anand; Riccardo Cicchi; Flavio Giordano; Anna Maria Buccoliero; Valerio Conti; Renzo Guerrini; Francesco Saverio Pavone
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Application of spectroscopic techniques for the analysis of kidney stones: a pilot study
Author(s): Muhammed Shameem K. M.; Arun Chawla; Aseefhali Bankapur; Unnikrishnan V. K.; Santhosh C.
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Blood flow contrast enhancement in optical coherence tomography using microbubbles: a phantom study
Author(s): Homa Assadi; Valentin Demidov; Raffi Karshafian; Alexandre Douplik; I. Alex Vitkin
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Inter- and intra-individual differences in skin hydration and surface lipids measured with mid-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): A. Ezerskaia; S. F. Pereira; H. P. Urbach; B. Varghese
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A disposable flexible skin patch for clinical optical perfusion monitoring at multiple depths
Author(s): Dana L. Farkas; Noah J. Kolodziejski; Christopher J. Stapels; Daniel R. McAdams; Daniel E. Fernandez; Matthew J. Podolsky; James F. Christian; Brent B. Ward; Mark Vartarian; Stephen E. Feinberg; Seung Yup Lee; Urmi Parikh; Mary-Ann Mycek; Michael J. Joyner; Christopher P. Johnson; Norman A. Paradis
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