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8th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Large Mirrors and Telescopes
Editor(s): Myung K. Cho; Bin Fan
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Volume Number: 9682
Date Published: 7 November 2016
Softcover: 45 papers (336) pages
ISBN: 9781628419177

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Front Matter: Volume 9682
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Progress in the indirect slumping technology development at MPE for lightweight x-ray optics
Author(s): Mingwu Wen; Laura Proserpio; Elias Breunig; Peter Friedrich; Vadim Burwitz; Emanuel Madarasz
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Design and analysis of a 2-DOF RFM for the mirror sub-assembly (MSA) of ICF facility
Author(s): Baoxu Wang; Mingzhi Zhu; Xiaojuan Chen; Gang Chen; Xuenong Fu
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Study on the temperature field effect analysis and test of the five-hundred-meter aperture spherical radio telescope
Author(s): Li-qiang Song; Qi-ming Wang
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Gravity and thermal deformation of large primary mirror in space telescope
Author(s): Xin Wang; Shouwang Jiang; Jinlong Wan; Rong Shu
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Research on new-style flexure supports method for large-aperture transport mirror mounting
Author(s): Xusong Quan; Zheng Zhang; Zhao Xiong; Hui Wang; Xiaodong Yuan; Changchun Liu
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Modeling and control of the driving system of slant mount telescopes
Author(s): Wangping Zhou; Ya Wang; Ziyuan Cai; Yan Tian
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Hydraulic supports for polishing TMT M3MP
Author(s): Haifei Hu; Erhui Qi; Glen Cole; Haixiang Hu; Xiao Luo; Virginia Ford; Xuejun Zhang
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Fabrication and metrology study for M3MP of TMT
Author(s): Xiao Luo; Erhui Qi; Haixiang Hu; Haifei Hu; Virginia G. Ford; Glen Cole
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Research on sub-surface damage and its stress deformation in the process of large aperture and high diameter-to-thickness ratio TMT M3MP
Author(s): Hai-xiang Hu; Erhui Qi; Glen Cole; Hai-fei Hu; Xiao Luo; Xue-jun Zhang
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Research on determination of operating posture of a complicated opto-mechanical structure
Author(s): Ruifeng Su; Mingzhi Zhu; Xiaojuan Chen; Wenkai Wu; Zhan Huang; Baoxu Wang
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A method on error analysis for large-aperture optical telescope control system
Author(s): Yanrui Su; Qiang Wang; Fabao Yan; Xiang Liu; Yongmei Huang
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Stability design of support systems in ICF lasers
Author(s): M. Z. Zhu; W. K. Wu; G. Chen; H. Zhan; Y. L. Xu; X. J. Chen
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Analysis and design of coaxial three-mirror anastigmat with long effective focal length and full two-dimensional field
Author(s): Han Lin; Mao Baoqi; Sun Wen; Shen Weimin
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Design of space-borne imager with wide field of view based on freeform aberration theory
Author(s): Haodong Shi; Jizhen Zhang; Lingjie Wang; Xin Zhang; Huilin Jiang
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Field precision machining technology of target chamber in ICF lasers
Author(s): Yuanli Xu; Wenkai Wu; Sucun Shi; Lin Duan; Gang Chen; Baoxu Wang; Yugang Song; Huilin Liu; Mingzhi Zhu
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Design and simulation of adaptive optics controller based on mixed sensitivity H-infinity control
Author(s): Dingan Song; Xinyang Li; Zhenming Peng
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Influence of frequency on sub-mirror apertures and the surrounded apertures for the Golay3 sparse aperture
Author(s): Zhiyi Lu; Quanying Wu; Junlin Fan; Baohua Chen; Hui Jiang
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Joint of back-support in large aperture transport mirrors
Author(s): X.J. Chen; W. K. Wu; C. C. Liu; B. X. Wang; M. Z. Zhu; X. H. Que
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Spot detection based on the Hartmann subaperture
Author(s): Zhongfeng Chen; Luchun Zhou
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Optical design of free-form surface two-mirror telescopic objective with ultrawide field of view
Author(s): Qinghan Liu; Zhengping Zhou; Yangming Jin; Weimin Shen
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Development status on the real-time controller for solar multi-conjugate adaptive optics system
Author(s): Lin Kong; Lei Zhu; Changhui Rao
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Study on geometric performance assessment method of high resolution optical remote sensing satellite imagery
Author(s): Zhongqiu Xia; Qiaolin Huang; Hongyan He; Ruimin Fu; Chunyu Yue
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Fabrication of large-aperture, high efficiency, Fresnel diffractive membrane optic for space telescope
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Mengjuan Li; Ganghua Yin; Jianchao Jiao; Zhengkun Liu; Xiangdong Xu; Shaojun Fu
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Estimating the point spread function of an imaging system using wavefront measurement
Author(s): Hongjun Mao; Yonghui Liang; Zongfu Huang; Jin Liu; Pengzhi Jiang
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Analysis of surface error correction capability of 1.2m active support system
Author(s): Yu Han; Bin Fan; Chaoqiang Li; Haitao Liu
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Structural design of 3m class ground based telescope elevation ring
Author(s): Yufeng Tan; Jihong Wang; Ge Ren; Zongliang Xie; Fuyin Zhu; Chuan Jiang
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Design of incomplete derivative fuzzy PID control system for fast-steering mirror
Author(s): Zhiwei Ai; Yi Tan; Qiongyan Wu; Ge Ren; Yufen Tan; Nengbing Zhu; Fuyin Zhu
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Thermal blooming on laser propagation in an aspirating pipe
Author(s): Fuyin Zhu; Jihong Wang; Ge Ren; Yufeng Tan; Nengbing Zhu; Zhiwei Ai
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Misalignment induced aberration off-axis optical system
Author(s): Zhihai Pang; Xuewu Fan; Zhen Ma; Gangyi Zou
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Simulation of co-phase error correction of optical multi-aperture imaging system based on stochastic parallel gradient decent algorithm
Author(s): Xiaojun He; Haotong Ma; Chuanxin Luo
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Multi-spectral modulation detection of co-phasing errors for sparse-optical-synthetic-aperture systems
Author(s): Li Dong; Qi Peng; Haotong Ma; Zongliang Xie; Zhipeng Wang
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Study on the support technology of the light-weighted mirror
Author(s): Nengbing Zhu; Bo QI; Ge Ren; Fuyin Zhu; Zhiwei Ai
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Incoherent coincidence imaging of space objects
Author(s): Tianyi Mao; Qian Chen; Weiji He; Guohua Gu
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Modern methods of production of large-sized multicomponent optical systems
Author(s): Igor R. Galyavov; Sergey P. Belousov; Aleksandr N. Ignatov; Oleg V. Ponin; Aleksandr A. Sharov; Aleksandr V. Domnin
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Analysis of offset error for segmented micro-structure optical element based on optical diffraction theory
Author(s): Jinyan Su; Shibin Wu; Wei Yang; Lihua Wang
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Feasibility of multi-detector intensity correlation imaging method for space object
Author(s): Lingjie Feng; Xiyu Li; Xin Gao
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Design of efficient and simple interface testing equipment for opto-electric tracking system
Author(s): Qiong Liu; Chao Deng; Jing Tian; Yao Mao
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Integrated opto-mechanical optimization analysis of large-aperture primary mirror's support position
Author(s): Ding Ke; Qi Bo; Bian Jiang
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Study on rejection characteristic of current loop to the base disturbance of optical communication system
Author(s): Yao Mao; Chao Deng; Qiong Liu; Zheng Cao
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Switch-zoom optical system design of large aperture ground-based photoelectric detection
Author(s): Peipei Yan; Kai Liu; Jing Duan; Kai Jiang; Qiusha Shan
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Research of centroiding algorithms for extended and elongated spot of sodium laser guide star
Author(s): Yayun Shao; Yudong Zhang; Kai Wei
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Study of image motion compensation in spectral imaging system
Author(s): Zhijun Li; Xing Long Chen
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Alignment method of off-axis RC reflective optical system
Author(s): Zhang Xue-min; Song Xing; Zhang Zhi-jun; Xiao-hua Hou
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Research for diagnosing electronic control fault of astronomical telescope’s armature winding by step signal
Author(s): Yulong Zhang; Shihai Yang; Bozhong Gu
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The application of pentaprism scanning technology on the manufacturing of M3MP
Author(s): Erhui Qi; Haixiang Hu; Haifei Hu; Glen Cole; Xiao Luo; Virginia Ford; Xuejun Zhang
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