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11th International Symposium on Medical Information Processing and Analysis
Editor(s): Eduardo Romero; Natasha Lepore; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Jorge Brieva
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Volume Number: 9681
Date Published: 29 December 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9681
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A low dimensional entropy-based descriptor of several tissues in skin cancer histopathology samples
Author(s): Pablo Álvarez; Germán Corredor; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Eduardo Romero
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A method for medulloblastoma tumor differentiation based on convolutional neural networks and transfer learning
Author(s): Angel Cruz-Roa; John Arévalo; Alexander Judkins; Anant Madabhushi; Fabio González
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Unsupervised color normalisation for H and E stained histopathology image analysis
Author(s): Raúl Celis; Eduardo Romero
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Efficient scatter model for simulation of ultrasound images from computed tomography data
Author(s): J. P. D'Amato; L. Lo Vercio; P. Rubi; E. Fernandez Vera; R. Barbuzza; M. Del Fresno; I. Larrabide
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Fast pseudo-CT synthesis from MRI T1-weighted images using a patch-based approach
Author(s): A. Torrado-Carvajal; E. Alcain; A. S. Montemayor; J. L. Herraiz; Y. Rozenholc; J. A. Hernandez-Tamames; E. Adalsteinsson; L. L. Wald; N. Malpica
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A hybrid method for efficient and accurate simulations of diffusion compartment imaging signals
Author(s): Gaëtan Rensonnet; Damien Jacobs; Benoît Macq; Maxime Taquet
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Tract specific analysis in patients with sickle cell disease
Author(s): Yaqiong Chai; Julie Coloigner; Xiaoping Qu; Soyoung Choi; Adam Bush; Matt Borzage; Chau Vu; Natasha Lepore; John Wood
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Reconstruction of major fibers using 7T multi-shell Hybrid Diffusion Imaging in mice
Author(s): Madelaine Daianu; Russell E. Jacobs; Berislav V. Zlokovic; Axel Montagne; Paul M. Thompson
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Blockmodels for connectome analysis
Author(s): Daniel Moyer; Boris Gutman; Gautam Prasad; Joshua Faskowitz; Greg Ver Steeg; Paul Thompson
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Adaptive algorithms to map how brain trauma affects anatomical connectivity in children
Author(s): Emily L. Dennis; Gautam Prasad; Talin Babikian; Claudia Kernan; Richard Mink; Christopher Babbitt; Jeffrey Johnson; Christopher C. Giza; Robert F. Asarnow; Paul M. Thompson
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Multidimensional Interactive Radiology Report and Analysis: standardization of workflow and reporting for renal mass tracking and quantification
Author(s): Darryl H. Hwang; Kevin Ma; Fernando Yepes; Mridula Nadamuni; Megha Nayyar; Brent Liu; Vinay Duddalwar; Natasha Lepore
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On the illumination compensation of retinal images by means of the bidimensional empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Andrés G. Marrugo; Raúl Vargas; Melet Chirino; María S. Millán
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Mobile application to induce lifestyle modifications in type 2 diabetic patients: prototype based on international guidelines
Author(s): M. García-Jaramillo; J. S. Delgado; F. León-Vargas
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Finding models to detect Alzheimer's disease by fusing structural and neuropsychological information
Author(s): Diana L. Giraldo; Juan D. García-Arteaga; Nelson Velasco; Eduardo Romero
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Magnetic resonance brain tissue segmentation based on sparse representations
Author(s): Andrea Rueda
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Abnormal ventricular development in preterm neonates with visually normal MRIs
Author(s): Jie Shi; Yalin Wang; Yi Lao; Rafael Ceschin; Liang Mi; Marvin D. Nelson; Ashok Panigrahy; Natasha Leporé
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Changes in neurocranium thickness in early childhood
Author(s): Niharika Gajawelli; Sean Deoni; Jie Shi; Liang Xu; Holly Dirks; Douglas Dean; Jonathan O'Muircheartaigh; Siddhant Sawardekar; Andrea Ezis; Marvin D. Nelson; Yalin Wang; Natasha Lepore
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Quantifying Parkinson's disease progression by simulating gait patterns
Author(s): Luisa Cárdenas; Fabio Martínez; Angélica Atehortúa; Eduardo Romero
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A characterization of Parkinson's disease by describing the visual field motion during gait
Author(s): David Trujillo; Fabio Martínez; Angélica Atehortúa; Charlens Alvarez; Eduardo Romero
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Ipsilateral coordination features for automatic classification of Parkinson's disease
Author(s): Fernanda Sarmiento; Angélica Atehortúa; Fabio Martínez; Eduardo Romero
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Kinematic parameter estimation using close range photogrammetry for sport applications
Author(s): Luz Alejandra Magre Colorado; Juan Carlos Martínez Santos
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Automatic right ventricle (RV) segmentation by propagating a basal spatio-temporal characterization
Author(s): Angélica Atehortúa; María A. Zuluaga; Fabio Martínez; Sebastien Ourselin; Eduardo Romero
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Level set algorithms comparison for multi-slice CT left ventricle segmentation
Author(s): Ruben Medina; Alexandra La Cruz; Andrés Ordoñes; Daniel Pesántez; Villie Morocho; Pablo Vanegas
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Reduction of blooming artifacts in cardiac CT images by blind deconvolution and anisotropic diffusion filtering
Author(s): Angélica M. Castillo-Amor; Cristian A. Navarro-Navia; Alberto J. Cadena-Bonfanti; Sonia H. Contreras-Ortiz
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Motion magnification using the Hermite transform
Author(s): Jorge Brieva; Ernesto Moya-Albor; Sandra L. Gomez-Coronel; Boris Escalante-Ramírez; Hiram Ponce; Juan I. Mora Esquivel
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Lipid-anthropometric index optimization for insulin sensitivity estimation
Author(s): J. Velásquez; S. Wong; L. Encalada; H. Herrera; E. Severeyn
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Spanish language generation engine to enhance the syntactic quality of AAC systems
Author(s): Cristian Narváez A.; Sebastián Sastoque H.; Marcela Iregui G.
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Classification of antimicrobial peptides with imbalanced datasets
Author(s): Francy L. Camacho; Rodrigo Torres; Raúl Ramos Pollán
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Reduction of resting state network segregation is linked to disorders of consciousness
Author(s): Jorge Rudas; Darwin Martínez; Javier Guaje; Athena Demertzi; Lizette Heine; Luaba Tshibanda; Andrea Soddu; Steven Laureys; Francisco Gómez
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Automatic identification of resting state networks: an extended version of multiple template-matching
Author(s): Javier Guaje; Juan Molina; Jorge Rudas; Athena Demertzi; Lizette Heine; Luaba Tshibanda; Andrea Soddu; Steven Laureys; Francisco Gómez
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Low-frequency fluctuation amplitude analysis of resting-state fMRI in sickle cell disease
Author(s): Julie Coloigner; Yeun Kim; Adam Bush; Matt Borzage; Vidya Rajagopalan; Natasha Lepore; John Wood
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Fast, accurate, robust and Open Source Brain Extraction Tool (OSBET)
Author(s): R. Namias; P. Donnelly Kehoe; J. P. D'Amato; J. Nagel
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Open source cardiology electronic health record development for DIGICARDIAC implementation
Author(s): Nelson Dugarte; Rubén Medina; Lourdes Huiracocha; Rubén Rojas
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Grid platform for medical federated queries supporting semantic and visual annotations
Author(s): Ronald Gualán; Juan Guillermo; Wilson Pérez; Lizandro Solano-Quinde; Washington Ramírez-Montalvan; Alexandra La Cruz
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WebMedSA: a web-based framework for segmenting and annotating medical images using biomedical ontologies
Author(s): Francisco Vega; Wilson Pérez; Andrés Tello; Victor Saquicela; Mauricio Espinoza; Lizandro Solano-Quinde; Maria-Esther Vidal; Alexandra La Cruz
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Spatial composition of US images using probabilistic weighted means
Author(s): J. L. Perez-Gonzalez; Fernando Arámbula Cosío; V. Medina-Bañuelos
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An explorative childhood pneumonia analysis based on ultrasonic imaging texture features
Author(s): Omar Zenteno; Kristians Diaz; Roberto Lavarello; Mirko Zimic; Malena Correa; Holger Mayta; Cynthia Anticona; Monica Pajuelo; Richard Oberhelman; William Checkley; Robert H. Gilman; Dante Figueroa; Benjamín Castañeda
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An analysis of mechanical and computational properties for noninvasive vascular elastography
Author(s): H. L. Manterola; M. del Fresno; I. Larrabide
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Automatic segmentation of the fetal cerebellum using spherical harmonics and gray level profiles
Author(s): Gustavo Velásquez-Rodríguez; Fernando Arámbula Cosío; Boris Escalate Ramírez
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EEG source analysis of data from paralysed subjects
Author(s): Carmen A. Carabali; John O. Willoughby; Sean P. Fitzgibbon; Tyler Grummett; Trent Lewis; Dylan DeLosAngeles; Kenneth J. Pope
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An intelligent ecosystem to support the psychological diagnosis and intervention of children under social vulnerability
Author(s): Fernando Pesántez-Avilés; Verónica Cevallos-León Wong; Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev; Estefanía Borck-Vintimilla; Santiago Flores-Andrade; Yenner Pineda-Villa; Ana Pacurucu-Pacurucu
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CinC Challenge 2013: comparing three algorithms to extract fetal ECG
Author(s): Juan Loja; Esteban Velecela; Kenneth Palacio-Baus; Darwin Astudillo; Rubén Medina; Sara Wong
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Data fusion for QRS complex detection in multi-lead electrocardiogram recordings
Author(s): Carlos A. Ledezma; Gilberto Perpiñan; Erika Severeyn; Miguel Altuve
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Semiautomatic validation of RR time series in an ECG stress test database
Author(s): Jairo Armijos; David García; Darwin Astudillo; Kenneth Palacio-Baus; Rubén Medina; Sara Wong
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Detection of segments with fetal QRS complex from abdominal maternal ECG recordings using support vector machine
Author(s): Juan A. Delgado; Miguel Altuve; Masun Nabhan Homsi
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