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AOPC 2015: Telescope and Space Optical Instrumentation
Editor(s): Bin Xiangli; Dae Wook Kim; Suijian Xue
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Volume Number: 9678
Date Published: 20 October 2015
Softcover: 46 papers (348) pages
ISBN: 9781628419030

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9678
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research radiometric calibration quantitative transfer methods between internal and external
Author(s): Ju Guang Guo; Yong hui Ma; Guang Zhang; Zhi hui Yang
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Low velocity tracking control-based ADRC for large-scale telescope system
Author(s): Huaxiang Cai; Yongmei Huang; Junfeng Du; Tao Tang; Dan Zuo
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Galvanometer control system design of aerial camera motion compensation
Author(s): Mingrui Qiao; Jianzhong Cao; Huawei Wang; Yunzeng Guo; Changchang Hu; Hong Tang; Yuefeng Niu
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A method to improve the precision of measuring focusing system
Author(s): Xiaoliang Xu; Tao An; Ke Chen
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Influence of phase function approximation on the scattering intensity calculation
Author(s): Shuang Luo; Qiu Yin
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Annular force based variable curvature mirror aiming to realize non-moving element optical zooming
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Xiaopeng Xie; Jingxuan Wei; Guorui Ren; Zhihai Pang; Liang Xu
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Construction of pre-slit system of Chinese SONG spectrograph
Author(s): Pengfei Gao; Zhongwen Hu; Songxin Dai
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Thermal design and flight validation for high precision camera
Author(s): Henghui Meng; Lixia Sun; Chuanqiang Zhang; Liyin Geng
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Selection of UV double grating monochromator parameters of a rotational Raman lidar detection atmospheric temperature
Author(s): Yuli Liu; Kaifa Cao; Shunxing Hu; Yuesheng Sun; Leilei Chen
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Optical technologies for space sensor
Author(s): Hu Wang; Jie Liu; Yaoke Xue; Yang Liu; Meiying Liu; Lingguang Wang; Shaodong Yang; Shangmin Lin; Su Chen; Jianjun Luo
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Improving noiseless linear amplification for long baseline optical interferometers with squeezing operator
Author(s): Song Yang; Ningjuan Ruan; Yun Su; Xuling Lin; Zhiqiang Wu
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Study on the infrared radiation characteristics of the sky background
Author(s): Yong Chen; Dong Wang; Ming Shao
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Space-borne imager of mesospheric gravity waves
Author(s): Cui Tu; Xiong Hu; Qingchen Xu; Liang Song; Hui Li
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A novel method of wide searching scope and fast searching speed for image block matching
Author(s): Fei Yu; Chao Li; Qiang Mei; Zhe Lin
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Research on the influence of satellite instrument index on retrieval accuracy of XCO2 using near-infrared bands
Author(s): Shupeng Wang; Li Fang; Xingying Zhang; Weihe Wang
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Detection ability of space-based optical observation system to space debris
Author(s): Sisi Zhao; Ningjuan Ruan; Xuxia Zhuang
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The influence of aerosol scattering on XCO2 retrieval accuracy from near-infrared satellite spectra
Author(s): Shupeng Wang; Li Fang; Tao Yu; Xingying Zhang; Weihe Wang; Lin Chen
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Scintillation reduction by multiple phase-locked beams with different polarization angles
Author(s): Guangsen Ren; Rongzhen Zhu; Daoliang Hao; Mei Yao; Yanbin Wang; Wenpan Zhang; Hua Li
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The design of an advanced CCD timing generator
Author(s): Guimei Cheng; Songbo Wu; Min Wan; Bin Bao; JueQiong Deng; Jing Duan
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Optical design of 400-1000nm spectral imaging system based on a single freeform mirror
Author(s): Jia Hou; Zhiping He; Rong Shu
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A new ground-based differential absorption sunphotometer for measuring atmospheric columnar CO2 and preliminary applications
Author(s): Yisong Xie; Zhengqiang Li; Xingying Zhang; Hua Xu; Donghui Li; Kaitao Li
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A design of optical measurement laboratory for space-based illumination condition emulation
Author(s): Rong Xu; Fei Zhao; Xin Yang
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Retina-inspired redundant dictionary for infrared small target detection based on sparse representation
Author(s): Miao Li; Yunli Long; Wei An; Yiyu Zhou
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A concept design of deployable space membrane diffractive telescope
Author(s): Yaohui Zheng; Ping Ruan; Shang Cao
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Design and verification of focal plane assembly thermal control system of one space-based astronomy telescope
Author(s): Wen-gang Yang; Xue-wu Fan; Chen-jie Wang; Ying-hao Wang; Liang-jie Feng; Yun-fei Du; Guo-rui Ren; Wei Wang; Chuang Li; Wei Gao
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Hyperspectral imaging system for UAV
Author(s): Da Zhang; Yuquan Zheng
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An automated 3D reconstruction method of UAV images
Author(s): Jun Liu; He Wang; Xiaoyang Liu; Feng Li; Guangtong Sun; Ping Song
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Retrieval of absorptive gas columnar amounts using atmospheric hyper-spectral irradiance measurements within visible spectrum
Author(s): Hua Xu; Zhengqiang Li; Donghui Li; Yisong Xie; Kaitao Li; Lili Qie; Ying Zhang; Xingfeng Chen; Xiaobin Zheng; Xin Li; Yanna Zhang
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Thermal design and simulation of an attitude-varied space camera
Author(s): Chenjie Wang; Wengang Yang; Liangjie Feng; XuYang Li; Yinghao Wang; Xuewu Fan; Desheng Wen
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A sensitivity study of atmospheric reflectance to aerosol layer height based on multi-angular polarimetric measurements
Author(s): Lili Qie; Donghui Li; Zhengqiang Li; Ying Zhang; Weizhen Hou; Xingfeng Chen
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Design and analysis of supporting structure between the primary mirror and the secondary mirror on a space telescope
Author(s): Chenjie Wang; Wenyi Chai; Liangjie Feng; Wengang Yang; Wei Wang; Xuewu Fan
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Research on ground-based LWIR hyperspectral imaging remote gas detection
Author(s): Zhixiong Yang; Chunchao Yu; Weijian Zheng; Zhenggang Lei; Min Yan; Xiaochun Yuan; Peizhong Zhang
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Optimization analysis of primary mirror in large aperture telescope based on workbench
Author(s): Zhengsen Feng; Guomin Wang
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Study the polarization and depolarization properties of atmospheric aerosol multiple scattering based on the successive order of scattering
Author(s): Weizhen Hou; Bin Sun; Zhengqiang Li; Xiaobing Sun; Jin Hong; Lili Qie; Han Wang
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Three-dimension scanning micro pulse lidar for detecting haze space distribution
Author(s): Shichun Li; Qing Yan; Pengpeng Wei; Wenhui Xin; Dengxin Hua
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A noise error estimation method for Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): Hongjun Mao; Yonghui Liang; Jin Liu; Zongfu Huang
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The study of control methods in opto-electronic tracking technology for fast object with horizontal gimbal
Author(s): Zhi-jun Li; Qiong Liu; Yao Mao
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Conceptual design of a hybrid parallel mechanism for mask exchanging of TMT
Author(s): Jianping Wang; Hongfei Zhou; Kexuan Li; Zengxiang Zhou; Chao Zhai
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Serial robot for the trajectory optimization and error compensation of TMT mask exchange system
Author(s): Jianping Wang; Feifan Zhang; Zengxiang Zhou; Chao Zhai
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Study of absolute detection technique with the rotational Raman lidar for atmospheric temperature
Author(s): Shichun Li; Pengpeng Wei; Xin Gong; Dengxin Hua
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Automatic focusing system of BSST in Antarctic
Author(s): Peng-Yi Tang; Jia-Jing Liu; Guang-yu Zhang; Jian Wang
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The infrared spectral transmittance of Aspergillus niger spore aggregated particle swarm
Author(s): Xinying Zhao; Yihua Hu; Youlin Gu; Le Li
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Grating exchange system of independent mirror supported by floating rotary stage
Author(s): Jianhuan Zhang; Jin Tao; Yan Liu; Yan Nan
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Analysis on the structure of the TMT's Atmospheric Dispersion Corrector
Author(s): Jianhuan Zhang; Yan Liu; Jin Tao
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A study on typical aerosol extinction profile under clear sky condition in Beijing measured by ground-based Lidar
Author(s): Yang Lv; Xingfeng Chen; Zhengqiang Li; Zhao Liu; Hua Xu; Donghui Li; Wanchun Zhang; Kaitao Li; Ying Zhang
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A Monte Carlo simulation for predicting photon return from sodium laser guide star
Author(s): Lu Feng; Edward Kibblewhite; Kai Jin; Suijian Xue; Zhixia Shen; Yong Bo; Junwei Zuo; Kai Wei
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