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AOPC 2015: Advanced Display Technology; and Micro/Nano Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications
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Volume Number: 9672
Date Published: 27 October 2015
Softcover: 43 papers (274) pages
ISBN: 9781628418972

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9672
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research on the high-brightness traffic variable message sign based on laser diodes
Author(s): Li-li Feng; Hai-tao Huang; Chi Ruan
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Exposure apparatus based on reflection for wide field-of-view holographic stereogram
Author(s): Xu Wang; Ke-Yuan Qian
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An improved driving waveform reference grayscale of electrophoretic displays
Author(s): Li Wang; Zichuan Yi; Bao Peng; Guofu Zhou
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Efficient waveguide coupler based on metal materials
Author(s): Wenjun Wu; Junbo Yang; Shengli Chang; Jingjing Zhang; Huanyu Lu
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The effect of the temperature on the bandgaps based on the chiral liquid crystal polymer
Author(s): Jianhua Wang; Shuhui Shi; Bainian Wang
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The optimization of collimator's light-weighting structure based on MOBIE system of TMT
Author(s): Hong Chen; Yi Chen; Zhongwen Hu; Mingming Xu; Hangxin Ji; Lei Wang
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An eliminating method of motion-induced vertical parallax for time-division 3D display technology
Author(s): Liyuan Lin; Chunping Hou
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Surface enhanced Raman scattering activity of TiN thin film prepared via nitridation of sol-gel derived TiO2 film
Author(s): Zhanliang Dong; Hengyong Wei; Ying Chen; Ruisheng Wang; Junhong Zhao; Jian Lin; Jinglong Bu; Yingna Wei; Yi Cui; Yun Yu
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Negative refraction super-resolution imaging by utilizing surface plasmon polaritons
Author(s): Guowei Cao; Peng Shi
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Compact lens design for LED chip array using supporting surface method
Author(s): Xiaohui Zhang; Chen Chen
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LED array designing and its bactericidal effect researching on Pseudomonas aeruginosa in vitro
Author(s): Jing Fang; Jin Xing; Liucun Gao; Benjian Shen; Hongxiang Kang; Liang Jie; Chen Peng
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An improved HMM/SVM dynamic hand gesture recognition algorithm
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Yuanyuan Yao; Yuan Luo
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The influence of bowtie filtration on x-ray photons distribution in cone beam CT
Author(s): Shanghai Jiang; Peng Feng; Biao Wei; Peng He; Luzhen Deng; Wei Zhang
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Progress in the printing techniques of the holographic stereogram
Author(s): Xiaoyu Jiang; Changqing Cheng; Xingpeng Yan; Kai Zhao; Zhiqiang Yan
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An optimization-based iterative algorithm for recovering fluorophore location
Author(s): Huangjian Yi; Jinye Peng; Chen Jin; Xiaowei He
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Interlaced semi-ellipsoid nanostructures for improving light trapping of ultrathin crystalline silicon solar cells
Author(s): Ge Gao; Juntao Li; Xuehua Wang
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Propagation of photoelectric beam on the interface of anisotropic medium
Author(s): Jin Li; Ying-le Li; Ming-jun Wang; Qun-feng Dong
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Dielectric-gap-metal waveguides for THz low-loss propagating wave with subwavelength mode width
Author(s): Hua-Wei Liang; Ying-xue Huang; Jia-Min Liu; Min Zhang; Hong Su
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Polarization-sensitive coherent plasmon cavity
Author(s): Kyookeun Lee; Seung-Yeol Lee; Jongwoo Hong; Byoungho Lee
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Automatic body flexibility classification using laser doppler flowmeter
Author(s): I-Chan Lien; Yung-Hui Li; Jian-Guo Bau
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Study on backscattering spectral polarization characteristics of turbid medium
Author(s): Xuezhen Wang; Qinghua Wang; Jiancheng Lai; Zhenhua Li
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Using hyperspectral data for rice LAI estimation at different phenological periods
Author(s): Yan-jun Yang; Qing-jiu Tian
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Noninvasive extraction of fetal electrocardiogram based on Support Vector Machine
Author(s): Yumei Fu; Shihan Xiang; Tianyi Chen; Ping Zhou; Weiyan Huang
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Calibration of a dual-trap optical tweezers for single molecule force spectroscopy study
Author(s): Guoqing Wang; Chunguang Hu; Xiaoqing Gao; Chenguang Su; Sirong Wang; Hai Lei; Xiaodong Hu; Hongbin Li; Xiaotang Hu
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Fabrication of the blazed convex grating by holographic ion beam etching
Author(s): Quan Liu; Yu Cheng; Fei Gao; Yang Zhou; Jianhong Wu
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Tomographic observation of integrated circuit based on x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Xiaoqi Xi; Lei Li; Bin Yan; Lin Deng; Yu Han; Kai Zhang
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Maximizing the captured information of integral floating microscopy
Author(s): Jong-Young Hong; Youngmo Jeong; Jonghyun Kim; Jiwoon Yeom; Byoungho Lee
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Simplified indicator for assessing flow velocity by simulation
Author(s): Jialin Liu; Hongchao Zhang; Zhonghua Shen; Jian Lu; Xiaowu Ni
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Research of the fluorescence detection apparatus for nutrients
Author(s): Yu Wang; Huimin Yan; Xuxiang Ni; Xiaoyi Xu; Shibing Chen
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Research of the interaction between kangai injection and human serum albumin by fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Changbin Ye; Xiaogang Lin; Hao Zhu; Wenchao Li; Jie Wu
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Lateral resolution testing of a novel developed confocal microscopic imaging system
Author(s): Xin Zhang; Yunhai Zhang; Jian Chang; Wei Huang; Xiaojun Xue; Yun Xiao
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Stimulating surface plasmon polaritons over patterned aluminum film by terahertz radiation
Author(s): Yaping Zhu; Weijun Li; Jun Luo; Ying Yuan; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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Simulation of the light emission properties of patterned metal-based nanostructures for ultra-high density optical storage
Author(s): Weijun Li; Yaping Zhu; Jun Luo; Sha Peng; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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Circle parameters calibration and data analysis of two-dimensional shape photomask
Author(s): Shuanghua Sun; Zi Xue; Heyan Wang
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Arrayed liquid crystal microlens based on graphene electrode for imaging application
Author(s): Wei Hu; Cheng Chen; Yong Wu; Jun Luo; Yu Lei; Qing Tong; Xinyu Zhang; Changsheng Xie
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The numerical simulation and goniometric measurements of cells light scattering based on Mie theory
Author(s): Xiaogang Lin; Changbin Ye; Hao Zhu; Wenchao Li; Jie Wu
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Cell light scattering characteristic research based on FDTD algorithm
Author(s): Xiaogang Lin; Hao Zhu; Wenchao Li; Changbin Ye
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Simulation for metal nanowire nanobolometer at infrared frequencies
Author(s): Hongwei Li; Jianjun Lai; Chao Tu; Yanxiang Yang
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Optimization of complex surface plasmon modulation using bi-material cantilever for the integration of the red, green, and blue complex modulation
Author(s): Eui-Young Song; Hwi Kim; Byoungho Lee
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Design and implemention of a multi-functional x-ray computed tomography system
Author(s): Lei Li; Xiaoqi Xi; Yu Han; Bin Yan; Xiang Zhang; Lin Deng; Siyu Chen; Zhao Jin; Zengguang Li
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A computation method of dual-material separation based on dual-energy CT imaging
Author(s): Jing Zou; Ming Chen; Jintao Zhao; Hanyu Lv; Xiaodong Hu
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Software design of a digital holographic microscope based on MFC, multi-document and multi-thread
Author(s): Jialin Zhang; Chao Zuo; Jiasong Sun; Shijie Feng; Liguang Zhang; Yao Fan; Yan Hu; Fucheng Kong; Qian Chen; Yuzheng Zhang; Dongdong Chen; Tianyang Tao; Fei Lin; Yang Yang; Chen Tian
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Optimized multiplexing super resolution imaging based on a Fourier ptychographic microscope
Author(s): Jiasong Sun; Qian Chen; Yuzhen Zhang; Chao Zuo; Shijie Feng; Yan Hu; Jialin Zhang
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