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Remote Sensing of the Environment: 19th National Symposium on Remote Sensing of China
Editor(s): Qingxi Tong; Boqin Zhu
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Volume Number: 9669
Date Published: 3 August 2015
Softcover: 28 papers (236) pages
ISBN: 9781628418910

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9669
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Study on light weight design of truss structures of spacecrafts
Author(s): Fuming Zeng; Jianzhong Yang; Jian Wang
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An integrated compact airborne multispectral imaging system using embedded computer
Author(s): Yuedong Zhang; Li Wang; Xuguo Zhang
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Studies on delay-Doppler mapping of GNSS-R signals
Author(s): Cheng Jing; Yang Yu; Xiaofeng Yang; Wentao Ma; Di Dong; Ziwei Li
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Geometric simulation analysis of multi-band mosaic imaging from the same orbit by agile satellites
Author(s): Yue Xu; Jinwei Chen; Yueting Chen; Zhihai Xu; Huajun Feng; Qi Li
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On-orbit geometric calibration and validation of Optical-1 HR
Author(s): Yonghua Jiang; Guo Zhang; Wenchao Huang; Xuwen Qin
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Monitoring soil moisture through assimilation of active microwave remote sensing observation into a hydrologic model
Author(s): Qian Liu; Yingshi Zhao
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Speed-up matching method with navigation data for UAV remote sensing images of coastal region
Author(s): Yi Zhang; Gangwu Jiang; Yanan Di
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The simulation of infrared point target detection based on bidirectional oversampling
Author(s): Xuanfu Da; Feng Zhou; Linfang Lai
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Image and spectral fidelity study of hyperspectral remote sensing image scaling up based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Ni An; Yi Ma; Yuhai Bao
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Study of data preprocess for HJ-1A satellite HSI image
Author(s): Hail-liang Gao; Xing-fa Gu; Tao Yu; Hua-ying He; Ling-ya Zhu; Feng Wang
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A rapid extraction of landslide disaster information research based on GF-1 image
Author(s): Sai Wang; Suning Xu; Ling Peng; Zhiyi Wang; Na Wang
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Impacts of different transformation models on remote sensing image registration accuracy based on implicit similarity
Author(s): Qin Ye; Yahui Yao; Popo Gui; Cuifang Ai
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Effectiveness analysis of ACOS-Xco2 bias correction method with GEOS-Chem model results
Author(s): Da Liu; Liping Lei; Min Liu; Lijie Guo; Qian Wang; Nian Bie
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Research on geometric rectification of the Large FOV Linear Array Whiskbroom Image
Author(s): Dia Liu; Hui-tong Liu; Hao Dong; Xiao-bo Liu
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Detection of fault structures with airborne LiDAR point-cloud data
Author(s): Jie Chen; Lei Du
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Comparison of three empirical methods for water depth mapping with case study of Pratas Island
Author(s): Ailian Chen; Boqin Zhu
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Research on optimal path planning algorithm of task-oriented optical remote sensing satellites
Author(s): Yunhe Liu; Shengli Xu; Fengjing Liu; Jingpeng Yuan
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The cross time and space features in remote sensing applications
Author(s): J. X. Lu; W. L. Song; W. Qu; J. E. Fu; Z. G. Pang
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Framework design for remote sensing monitoring and data service system of regional river basins
Author(s): Jun'e Fu; Jingxuan Lu; Zhiguo Pang
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3D coseismic deformation inversion of Wenchuan Ms8.0 earthquake with D-InSAR and the fault movement model
Author(s): Y. L. Chen; J. C. Wu; L. Y. Guo; X. Y. Wang; H. B. Tan; C. Y. Shen
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Remote sensing monitoring of the 2012 Beijing extreme rainstorm event
Author(s): Ping Huang; Jingxuan Lu; Delong Li; Wenlong Song; Wei Qu
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Calibration and application of TRMM precipitation data in Irrawaddy River Basin
Author(s): W. Qu; J. X. Lu; T. T. Zhang; Y. N. Tan; W. L. Song; Z. G. Pang
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The application of the unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing technology in the FAST project construction
Author(s): Boqin Zhu
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Maize recognition and accuracy evaluation with GF-1 WFV sensor data
Author(s): Y. Guo; S. M. Li; X. H. Wu; Y. Z. Cheng; L. G. Wang; T. Liu; G. Q. Zheng
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Improvement of remotely sensed vegetation coverage in heterogeneous environments with an optimal zoning approach
Author(s): Ru Li; Yuemin Yue
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A study on monitoring land use/cover change of mining area based on ticket-voting SVM classification
Author(s): Yi Lin; Jie Yu; Min Ying; Mingge Shen
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Wetland change in Wangning during 2002 and 2013
Author(s): Xiaowei Tong; Boqin Zhu; Huayang Gan; Zhen Xia; Kelin Wang; Yuemin Yue; Ru Li
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Temporal and spatial analysis of global GOSAT XCO2 variations characteristics
Author(s): Qian Wang; Liping Lei; Da Liu; Min Liu; Xiuchun Qin; Baoming Sun
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