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31st European Mask and Lithography Conference
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Volume Number: 9661
Date Published: 18 September 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9661
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mask and lithography techniques for FPD
Author(s): T. Sandstrom; M. Wahlsten; E. Sundelin; G. Hansson; A. Svensson
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SLM based semiconductor maskwriter
Author(s): Steffen Diez; Achim Jehle
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Advanced process characterization of a 10nm Metal 1 Logic layer using light source modulation and monitoring
Author(s): Paolo Alagna; Omar Zurita; Vadim Timoshkov; Patrick Wong; Greg Rechtsteiner; Jan Baselmans; Julien Mailfert; Will Conley; Simon Hsieh
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Skeleton-based OPC application for DSA full chip mask correction
Author(s): L. Schneider; V. Farys; E. Serret; C. Fenouillet-Beranger
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Experimental validation of novel EUV mask technology to reduce mask 3D effects
Author(s): Lieve Van Look; Vicky Philipsen; Eric Hendrickx; Natalia Davydova; Friso Wittebrood; Robert de Kruif; Anton van Oosten; Junji Miyazaki; Timon Fliervoet; Jan van Schoot; Jens Timo Neumann
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Understanding the litho-impact of phase due to 3D mask effects when using off-axis illumination
Author(s): L. de Winter; T. Last; N. Davydova; J. Finders
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Understanding of Out-of-Band DUV light in EUV lithography: controlling impact on imaging and mitigation strategies
Author(s): N. Davydova; R. Kottumakulal; J. Hageman; J. McNamara; R. Hoefnagels; V. Vaenkatesan; A. van Dijk; K. Ricken; L. de Winter; R. de Kruif; R. Jonckheere; T. Hollink; G. Schiffelers; E. van Setten; P. Colsters; W. Liebregts; R. Pellens; J. van Dijk
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Optimization of rule-based OPC fragmentation to improve wafer image rippling
Author(s): Jingyu Wang; Alexander Wei; Piyush Verma; William Wilkinson
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OPC verification considering CMP induced topography
Author(s): Rakesh Kumar Kuncha; Aravind Narayana Samy; Ushasree Katakamsetty
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Getting ready for EUV in HVM
Author(s): Gerald Dicker; Diederik de Bruin; Brennan Peterson; Pieter Wöltgens; Boudewijn Sluijk; Peter Jenkins
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Patterning options for N7 logic: prospects and challenges for EUV
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Friso Wittebrood; Eleni Psara; Dorothe Oorschot; Vicky Philipsen
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Fast alternative method for measuring the wavefront of lithography exposure systems
Author(s): Alexander Kabardiadi; Heiko Assmann; Andreas Greiner; Tobias Baselt; Christopher Taudt; Peter Hartmann
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Challenges in constructing EUV metrology tools to qualify the EUV masks for HVM implementation
Author(s): David C. Houser; Feng Dong; Chami N. Perera; Rupert C. C. Perera
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Investigations for an alternative to contact angle measurement after Hexamethyldisilazane deposition
Author(s): H. Aßmann; A. Krause; R. Maurer; M. Dankelmann; M. Specht; W. Usry; R. Newcomb
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Productivity enhancement and reliability through AutoAnalysis
Author(s): Anthony Garetto; Thomas Rademacher; Kristian Schulz
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YieldStar based reticle 3D measurements and its application
Author(s): Vidya Vaenkatesan; Twan Schellekens; Natalia Davydova; Harm Dillen; Joep van Dijk
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Enabling inspection solutions for future mask technologies through the development of massively parallel E-Beam inspection
Author(s): Matt Malloy; Brad Thiel; Benjamin D. Bunday; Stefan Wurm; Vibhu Jindal; Maseeh Mukhtar; Kathy Quoi; Thomas Kemen; Dirk Zeidler; Anna Lena Eberle; Tomasz Garbowski; Gregor Dellemann; Jan Hendrik Peters
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AGILE integration into APC for high mix logic fab
Author(s): M. Gatefait; A. Lam; B. Le Gratiet; M. Mikolajczak; V. Morin; N. Chojnowski; Z. Kocsis; I. Smith; J. Decaunes; A. Ostrovsky; C. Monget
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Enabling the 14nm node contact patterning using advanced RET solutions
Author(s): N. Zeggaoui; G. Landie; A. Villaret; V. Farys; E. Yesilada; A. Tritchkov; J. Word
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Product layout induced topography effects on intrafield levelling
Author(s): J.-G. Simiz; T. Hasan; F. Staals; B. Le-Gratiet; W. T. Tel; C. Prentice; A. Tishchenko
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Imaging performance of the EUV high NA anamorphic system
Author(s): Koen van Ingen Schenau; Gerardo Bottiglieri; Jan van Schoot; Jens-Timo Neumann; Matthias Roesch
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Anamorphic high-NA EUV lithography optics
Author(s): Sascha Migura; Bernhard Kneer; Jens Timo Neumann; Winfried Kaiser; Jan van Schoot
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Reverse replication of circular micro grating structures with soft lithography
Author(s): Xiaobing Shang; Jeroen Missinne; Nuria Teigell Beneitez; Michal Jablonski; Jelle De Smet; Pankaj Joshi; Dieter Cuypers; Tigran Baghdasaryan; Michael Vervaeke; Hugo Thienpont; Herbert De Smet
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Characterization of optical material parameters for EUV Lithography applications at PTB
Author(s): Christian Laubis; Anton Haase; Victor Soltwisch; Frank Scholze
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Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of processes related to airborne particles in reticle mask environments
Author(s): Allyn Jackson
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