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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9627

Optical Systems Design 2015: Advances in Optical Thin Films V
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Volume Number: 9627
Date Published: 23 October 2015
Softcover: 51 papers (422) pages
ISBN: 9781628418163

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9627
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Broadband antireflection coatings for optical lenses with extreme curvature
Author(s): Ulrike Schulz; Friedrich Rickelt; Peter Munzert; Norbert Kaiser
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Design and pre-production analysis of optical coatings
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov
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Design and production of three line antireflection coatings for visible and far infrared spectral regions
Author(s): Valeriy Zhupanov; Viktor Fedoseev; Michael Trubetskov; Tatiana Amotchkina; Alexander Tikhonravov
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Simulation in thin film technology
Author(s): Marcus Turowski; Marco Jupé; Henrik Ehlers; Thomas Melzig; Andreas Pflug; Detlev Ristau
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Supercomputer modeling of the ion beam sputtering process: full-atomistic level
Author(s): F. V. Grigoriev; A. V. Sulimov; I. V. Kochikov; O. A. Kondakova; V. B. Sulimov; A. V. Tikhonravov
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Optical characterization of high index metal oxide films for UV/VIS applications, prepared by Plasma Ion Assisted Deposition
Author(s): O. Stenzel; S. Wilbrandt; N. Kaiser
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Multilayers and optical constants of various fluorides in the far UV
Author(s): Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos; Juan I. Larruquert; José A. Méndez; José A. Aznárez
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Mid-infrared optical coatings with improved transparency for 3 to 6um spectral region using sputtered silicon and oxide films
Author(s): Des Gibson; Shigeng Song; Cheng Li; Liz Porteous; Hin On M. Chu; Ewan Waddell; David Hutson
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Properties of transparent organic-inorganic composite coatings prepared by ion beam sputtering of PTFE and Al2O3
Author(s): Melanie Gauch; Henrik Ehlers; Detlev Ristau
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Combined deposition of optical interference coatings and wear resistant Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) in a novel box coater
Author(s): Silvia Schwyn Thöny; Rico Benz; Andreas Frigg
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Lamination of chemical incompatible optical polymer layers
Author(s): Raimund Rother; Anne-Katrin Schuler; Claas Müller; Oswald Prucker; Jürgen Rühe; Holger Reinecke
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Optimization of novel phase separating IBS process
Author(s): Marco Jupé; Thomas Willemsen; Sina Malobabic; Kornelia Schuba; Detlev Ristau
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High performances optical coatings with dual ion beam sputtering technique
Author(s): Hélène Krol; Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Didier Torricini; Dragan Stojcevski
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PACA2M magnetron sputtering optical coatings for large dimension
Author(s): Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Grégory Chauveau; Nathalie Valette; Hélène Krol; Didier Torricini; Dragan Stojcevski
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Recent developments in precision optical coatings prepared by cylindrical magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Stefan Bruns; Michael Vergöhl; Tobias Zickenrott
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High efficiency RF-plasma source with increased energy range
Author(s): D. Arhilger; H. Hagedorn; H. Reus; A. Zöller
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Composite materials and nanoporous thin layers made by atomic layer deposition
Author(s): Lilit Ghazaryan; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tünnermann; Adriana Szeghalmi
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Atomic layer deposition for antireflection coatings using SiO2 as low-refractive index material
Author(s): Kristin Pfeiffer; Svetlana Shestaeva; Astrid Bingel; Peter Munzert; Ulrike Schulz; Norbert Kaiser; Andreas Tünnermann; Adriana Szeghalmi
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Complex optical interference filter with stress compensation
Author(s): Thomas Begou; Hélène Krol; Dragan Stojcevski; Fabien Lemarchand; Michel Lequime; Catherine Grezes-Besset; Julien Lumeau
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Some aspects of absorption and gain
Author(s): Angus Macleod
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Metal-dielectric absorbers with magnetron sputtering technique
Author(s): Catherine Grèzes-Besset; Hélène Krol; Grégory Chauveau; Dragan Stojcevski; Colin Bondet de la Bernardie; Myriam Zerrad; Simona Liukaityte; Michel Lequime; Claude Amra
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2×2-array pixelated optical interference filters
Author(s): Michel Lequime; Laetitia Abel-Tiberini; Karine Mathieu; Jacques Berthon; Julien Lumeau
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Design, production, and reverse engineering of a double sided innovative thin film laser element
Author(s): Michael Trubetskov; Tatiana Amotchkina; Alexander Tikhonravov; Laszlo Veisz; Vladimir Pervak
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High reflecting dielectric mirror coatings deposited with plasma assisted reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): H. Hagedorn; J. Pistner
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Depth determination of critical fluence-limiting defects within planarized and non-planarized mirror coatings
Author(s): Christopher J. Stolz; Justin E. Wolfe; Paul B. Mirkarimi; James A. Folta; John J. Adams; Marlon G. Menor; Rajesh Raman; Norm Neilsen; Mary Norton; Ronald Luthi; Nick E. Teslich; Carmen S. Menoni; Dinesh Patel
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Low scattering filter coatings made by plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Jan Broßmann; Marc Lappschies; Stefan Jakobs; Volker Kirschner
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Advanced optical monitoring system using a new developed low noise wideband spectrometer system
Author(s): Alfons Zöller; Detlef Arhilger; Michael Boos; Harro Hagedorn
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Optical monitoring of high throughput ion beam sputtering deposition
Author(s): Ove Lyngnes; Ulf Brauneck; Jinsong Wang; Ralf Erz; Sandeep Kohli; Binyamin Rubin; James Kraus; David Deakins
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Advanced femtosecond laser coatings raise damage thresholds
Author(s): Hans Becker; Diana Tonova; Michael Sundermann; Lars Jensen; Mark Gyamfi; Detlev Ristau; Mathias Mende
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Analysis of energy deposition and damage mechanisms in single layer optical thin films irradiated by IR and UV femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Dam Bé L. Douti; Laurent Gallais; Christophe Hecquet; Thomas Bégou; Julien Lumeau; Mireille Commandré
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Polishing and coating of a F1250mm 90° off-axis parabola for PW lasers
Author(s): A. Hervy; A. Dussourd; G. Chaussat; D. Mouricaud; G. Chériaux; L. Gallais; R. Geyl
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Ultra-wide range system for the spectral transmission measurement of complex optical filters
Author(s): Simona Liukaityte; Michel Lequime; Myriam Zerrad; Thomas Begou; Julien Lumeau; Claude Amra
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Measurements of angular and spectral resolved scattering on complex optical coatings
Author(s): S. Liukaityte; M. Zerrad; M. Lequime; T. Bégou; C. Amra
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Optical and mechanical properties of infrared thin film at cryogenic temperature
Author(s): Fabien Pradal; Rémi Lhuillier; Daniel Mouricaud
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Metamaterials for optical coatings
Author(s): A. Sytchkova
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Glancing angle deposition of silver nanostructures for use in surface enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): H. O. M. Chu; S. Song; D. Gibson; L. Porteous
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Volume phase elements in chalcogenide (Ge33As12Se55) thin films
Author(s): Alexandre Joërg; Michel Lequime; Julien Lumeau
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High-efficiency embedded transmission grating
Author(s): Stephan Ratzsch; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Andreas Tünnermann; Adriana Szeghalmi
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Metamaterials and optical filtering functions: a review
Author(s): Michel Lequime; Claude Amra
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Prototyping fishnet metamaterials: alumina-silver-based structures
Author(s): A. Sytchkova; D. De Felicis; M. L. Grilli; A. Rinaldi; D. Zola; A. Piegari; E. Bemporad; G. Hu; H. He; Y. Kui; J. Shao
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Tunable structural color inspired by Papilio blumei butterfly
Author(s): Cheng-Chung Lee; Mei-Ling Lo
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The normal-incidence multilayered diffraction grating for the high resolution astrophysical extreme ultraviolet spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaowei Yang; Igor V. Kozhevnikov; Qiushi Huang; Dechao Xu; Jiang Li; Zhong Zhang; Zhanshan Wang
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Multiple scale modeling of Al2O3 thin film growth in an ion beam sputtering process
Author(s): Marcus Turowski; Marco Jupé; Thomas Melzig; Andreas Pflug; Detlev Ristau
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Preparation and characterization of aluminum oxide/aluminum fluoride mixture coatings for applications in the deep ultraviolet spectral range
Author(s): Christian Franke; Olaf Stenzel; Steffen Wilbrandt; Norbert Kaiser; Andreas Tünnermann
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Ion beam sputtering for plane and curved optics on 2-meter scale
Author(s): Mathias Mende; Jürgen Kohlhaas; Wolfgang Ebert
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Structual and optical performance of Pd/B4C working from 7.5nm to 12nm
Author(s): Yiwen Wang; Qiushi Huang; Qiang Yi; Jinshuai Zhang; Mingwu Wen; Jiang Li; Dechao Xu; Zhong Zhang; Zhanshan Wang
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Protected and enhanced silver for mirrors: damage mechanisms and how to prevent them
Author(s): S. Schwinde; M. Schürmann; Norbert Kaiser; Andreas Tünnermann
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Direct in situ GDD measurement in optical coating process
Author(s): S. Schlichting; T. Willemsen; H. Ehlers; U. Morgner; D. Ristau
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Precise fabrication of ultra violet dielectric dispersion compensating mirrors
Author(s): T. Willemsen; S. Schlichting; T. Kellermann; M. Jupé; H. Ehlers; U. Morgner; D. Ristau
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Anti-reflective coating corrrection for ultra-low-reflectance large optics
Author(s): B. Sassolas; J. Teillon; J. Degallaix; C. Michel; L. Pinard; G. Cagnoli
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Multispectral thin film coating on infrared detector
Author(s): Meihdi Oussalah; Fabien Pradal; Benjamin Portier; Daniel Mouricaud; Hervé Sik; Joel Fleury; Patrice Laprat
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