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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Micro/Nano Photonics and Fabrication
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Volume Number: 9624
Date Published: 12 August 2015
Softcover: 17 papers (150) pages
ISBN: 9781628418057

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9624
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Utilization of thermal effects for silicon photonics
Author(s): Daoxin Dai; Longhai Yu; Sitao Chen; Hao Wu
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Focusing and imaging properties of diffractive optical elements with star-ring topological structure
Author(s): Jie Ke; Junyong Zhang; Yanli Zhang; Meizhi Sun
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Planar metalens realizing subwavelength focusing
Author(s): Qian Sun; Qiang Wang; Shuming Wang; Ningjuan Ruan
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High-sensitivity low-cost temperature sensor based on symmetrical metal-cladding optical waveguide
Author(s): Jinbing Hu; Jiabi Chen; Xuexue Luo; Binming Liang; Songlin Zhuang
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Simulation characterization of CMUT with vented square membrane
Author(s): Wen Zhang; Hui Zhang; Yuan Wang; Fei Du; Shijiu Jin; Zhoumo Zeng
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Characteristic of high temperature structural long period grating fabricated by femtosecond laser
Author(s): Shujing Liu; Mingyan Luo; Qiang Ji
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Low-cost lithography for fabrication of one-dimensional diffraction gratings by using laser diodes
Author(s): Xinghui Li; Xiangwen Zhu; Qian Zhou; Huanhuan Wang; Kai Ni
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Numerical modeling of shape and size dependent intermediate band quantum dot solar cell
Author(s): Abdelkader Sabeur; Jianliang Jiang; Ali Imran
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Polarized single-mode condition for SOI rib waveguide with large cross section
Author(s): Dengpeng Yuan; Ying Dong; Yujin Liu; Tianjian Li; Xudong Zhang; Yushan Tan
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Design and fabrication of sub-wavelength metal grating polarizer in visible broadband
Author(s): Yang Zhou; Quan Liu; Jianhong Wu
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Freeform lens design for providing LED small angle illumination in underwater application
Author(s): Xiaohui Zhang; Chen Chen
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Thermally tunable resonator using directly integrated metallic heater
Author(s): Ruobing Chen; Xinbai Li; Qingzhong Deng; Jurgen Michel; Zhiping Zhou
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Physical characteristics and optical properties of PbS nanoclusters: DFT simulation and experimental study
Author(s): Yanhua Dong; Jianxiang Wen; Xiaolan Sun; Yana Shang; Tingyun Wang
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The fabrication of the holographic echelle gratings
Author(s): Quan Liu; Fei Gao; Yang Zhou; Jianhong Wu
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Investigation of phase mismatch in microstructure fiber with multiple zero-dispersion wavelengths
Author(s): Xinying Bi; Jingwei Xing; Jianju Yang; Ying Han; Guiyao Zhou; Baojun Zhang; Yuefeng Qi; Wei Wang
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Fabrication of screen printed optoelectronic CdS/CdTe device
Author(s): Ali Imran; Jianliang Jiang; S. Naseem; Afifa Sadaqat; M. Khalid Khan
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Analysis on morphological and structural features of graphene layers by using polarization indirect microscopic imaging system
Author(s): Guoyan Liu; Kun Gao; Guoqiang Ni; Xuefeng Liu
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