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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Sensors and Applications
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Volume Number: 9620
Date Published: 13 August 2015
Softcover: 44 papers (340) pages
ISBN: 9781628418019

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Front Matter: Volume 9620
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of a distributed polarization-OTDR to measure two vibrations with the same frequency
Author(s): Yun Pan; Feng Wang; Xiangchuan Wang; Mingjiang Zhang; Ling Zhou; Zhenqing Sun; Xuping Zhang
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The performance limit of Φ-OTDR sensing system enhanced with ultra-weak fiber Bragg grating array
Author(s): Lan Xia; Yixin Zhang; Fan Zhu; Chunqi Cao; Xuping Zhang
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Temperature sensor based on injection fiber Bragg grating laser with wavelength and temporal domain demodulation
Author(s): Qi Li; Kaiqiang Huang; Haiyan Chen
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Fabry-Perot interferometer based on etched side-hole fiber for microfluidic refractive index sensing
Author(s): Shengnan Wu; Guofeng Yan; Bin Zhou; Sailing He
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An in-line Mach-Zehnder interferometer temperature sensor based on cladding-etched quartz specialty fiber
Author(s): Xinghu Fu; Yixiao Ji; Chanyuan Wu; Xianjiao Zeng; Chenyu Zhang; Haiyang Xie; Chuanqing Yang; Weihong Bi
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Enlarged-taper tailored Fiber Bragg grating with polyvinyl alcohol coating for humidity sensing
Author(s): Yanhong Liang; Guofeng Yan; Sailing He
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Simulation of optical microfiber for nonlinear strain sensing
Author(s): Shi-han Tang
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Changes in speckle patterns induced by load application onto an optical fiber and its possible application for sensing purpose
Author(s): Makoto Hasegawa; Jyun-ya Okumura; Akio Hyuga
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Evaluation of a single-pixel one-transistor active pixel sensor for fingerprint imaging
Author(s): Man Xu; Hai Ou; Jun Chen; Kai Wang
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Video imagers with low speed CCD and LC based on temporal compressed
Author(s): Xiaoming Zhong; Huan Li; Haibo Zhao; Yanli Liu
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Research on hyperspectral polarization imaging technique
Author(s): Haibo Zhao; Lei Feng; Yu Zhou; Zheng Wang; Xuling Lin
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On-line air-tightness and insertion loss simultaneous detection method of high air-tightness fiber optic penetration connector
Author(s): Jingchuan Zhang; Xiaoning Yang; Jing Wang; Junfeng Jiang
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Wearable sensor for heart rate detection
Author(s): Cong Shi; Xiaohua Liu; Lingqin Kong; Jizhe Wu; Ming Liu; Liquan Dong; Mei Hui; Yuejin Zhao
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Ammonia sensor based on QEPAS with HC-PBF as reference cell
Author(s): Meng Jiang; Qiaoling Feng; Congying Wang; Yufeng Wei; Xuefeng Wang; Tongli Liang
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Hot-wire sandwiched Fabry-Perot interferometer for microfluidic flow rate sensing
Author(s): Ying Li; Guofeng Yan; Liang Zhang; Sailing He
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A novel magnetic fluid based magnetic field F-P current sensor
Author(s): Ji Xia; Qi Wang; Shuyu Jiang; Hong Luo
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Temperature insensitive magnetic field sensor based on an etched TCFMI cascaded with a FBG
Author(s): Guofeng Yan; Liang Zhang; Sailing He
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A general theory for plasmonic nanosensor
Author(s): Weihua Zhang
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Investigation on the bit error rate performance of 40Gb/s space optical communication system based on BPSK scheme
Author(s): Mi Li; Bowen Li; Xuping Zhang; Yuejiang Song; Jia Liu; Guojie Tu
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Multifunctional optical system-on-a-chip for heterogeneous fiber optic sensor networks
Author(s): Miao Yu; Cheng Pang; Ashwani Gupta
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Combining geostatistical models and remotely sensed data to improve vegetation classification in Horqin sandy land
Author(s): Chujiang Liao
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Research on spectral resource optimization and self-healing technology of hybrid optical fiber sensing network
Author(s): Cheng Chen; Mei Sang; Chunfeng Ge; Guanghui Chen; Tiegen Liu
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Infrared absorption modeling of VOx microbolometer
Author(s): Mehdi Aggoun; Jianliang Jiang; M. Khalid Khan
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The small light multi-function integrated remote sensing system
Author(s): Weiwei Zhang; Zhaorong Lin; Yigang Yao
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Research on a dual polarization-maintaining FBG accelerometer
Author(s): Xiaofei Wang; Xiaokang Qiu; Chengjun Hu; Min Zhang; Hongpu Zhou
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A hybrid Raman/EFPI/FBG sensing system for distributed temperature and key-point pressure measurements
Author(s): Ke Chen; Xinlei Zhou; Yang Yang; Qingxu Yu
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An improved fixed phased demodulation method combined with phase generated carrier (PGC) and ellipse fitting algorithm
Author(s): Feng Peng; Lu Hou; Jun Yang; Yonggui Yuan; Chuang Li; Dekai Yan; Libo Yuan; Hui Zheng; Zheng Chang; Kun Ma; Jiyong Yang
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Biochemical sensing application based on optical fiber evanescent wave sensor
Author(s): Xiaoyi Lv; Jiaqing Mo; Liang Xu; Zhenhong Jia
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Effect of p-GaN layer doping on the photoresponse of GaN-based p-i-n ultraviolet photodetectors
Author(s): Jun Wang; Jin Guo; Feng Xie; Wanjun Wang; Guosheng Wang; Haoran Wu; Tanglin Wang; Man Song
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Thermal infrared radiometer calibration and experimental measurements
Author(s): JiAn Wei; Difeng Wang; Fang Gong; Bai Yan; Xianqiang He
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Application research on microchannel plate in new fields
Author(s): Yanhong Li; Xiaomei Chen; Guoqiang Ni
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A fiber optic pressure sensor based on white-light extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer and fiber Bragg grating for mixed environment
Author(s): Le Yu; Yong Pan; Chengjun Hu; Xiaoguang Liu; Shengnan Duan; Min Zhang
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Measurements of thermo-optic coefficient of standard single mode fiber in large temperature range
Author(s): Wenyuan Wang; Yongqin Yu; Youfu Geng; Xuejin Li
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A new population initialization method of genetic algorithm applied in FBG inhomogeneous strain demodulation
Author(s): Liangyue Zhang; Xiaoyan Shen; Ya Han; Jie Sun; Dongsheng Li
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A positioning algorithm for two-wavelength dual Mach-Zehnder interferometry vibration sensing system
Author(s): Chunyu Ma; Tiegen Liu; Kun Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Qinnan Chen; Liang Pan; Tianjiao Chai; Chang He
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Calibration auto-correction method in Raman distributed temperature sensing system using fiber coil configuration
Author(s): Liang Pan; Tiegen Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu; Qinnan Chen; Chunyu Ma
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Rebar corrosion monitoring in concrete structure under salt water enviroment using fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Yuheng Pan; Tiegen Liu; Junfeng Jiang; Kun Liu; Shuang Wang; Pan He; Jinlin Yan
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A magneto-optical fiber device based on magnetic fluid-filled photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): Yi Huang; Xuekun Bai; Zhaopu Chai; Fufei Pang; Jianxiang Wen; Tingyun Wang
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Optimization of buffer gas pressure for Rb atomic magnetometer
Author(s): Chang Chen; Xiaohu Liu; Tianliang Qu; Kaiyong Yang
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Phase grating wavefront curvature sensor based on liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Bo Chen; Xiaoyang Li; Xu Yang
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Field test of two 16-element fiber optic seismometer arrays
Author(s): Fei Liu; Xiaofei Wang; Xiaodong Wang; Wanyu Zhu; Lixi Fu; Min Zhang
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A novel method for weak signal demodulation in long-distance optical fiber Sagnac interferometer sensor system
Author(s): G. Z. Zhao; X. Gao; Y. Chang
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Research on a new type of fiber Bragg grating based corrosion sensor
Author(s): Peng Li; Shide Song; Xiaona Wang; Weijie Zhou; Zuocai Zhang
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A robust active contour edge detection algorithm based on local Gaussian statistical model for oil slick remote sensing image
Author(s): Yu Jing; Yaxuan Wang; Jianxin Liu; Zhaoxia Liu
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