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2015 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Optical Systems and Modern Optoelectronic Instruments
Editor(s): Yongtian Wang; Xiaodi Tan; Kimio Tatsuno
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Volume Number: 9618
Date Published: 12 August 2015
Softcover: 45 papers (380) pages
ISBN: 9781628417999

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9618
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Inertial and optical sensor fusion to compensate for partial occlusions in surgical tracking systems
Author(s): Changyu He; Yue Liu
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The research and development of the adaptive optics in ophthalmology
Author(s): Chuhan Wu; Xiaofang Zhang; Weilin Chen
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Writing trace identification using ultraviolet Fourier-transform imaging spectroscopy technique
Author(s): Hang Lyu; Ningfang Liao; Wenmin Wu; Yasheng Li; Bin Cao
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Application of liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator
Author(s): Haruyoshi Toyoda
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Lens central thickness measurement by laser reflection-confocal technology
Author(s): Lirong Qiu; Yongkui Guo; Weiqian Zhao; Yang Xiao
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Model-based calibration of an interferometric setup with a diffractive zoom-lens
Author(s): Alexander Bielke; Goran Baer; Christof Pruss; Wolfgang Osten
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Measurement of the thickness of side-polished fiber based on digital holography
Author(s): Feng Wang; Jie Ma; Zhe Chen; Jin-gang Zhong; Yong-chun Zhong
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Mueller matrix imaging by use of digital holography
Author(s): Takanori Nomura; Toshitaka Kobata
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Research on high precision timing system based on FPGA non scanning imaging laser radar
Author(s): Yanbo Fu; Shaokun Han; Liang Wang; Yayun Ma
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Studies on suppression methodology of internal radiation for satellite-borne infrared camera
Author(s): Honggang Peng; Libing Jin; Jianfeng Liu; Feng Zhou
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A high spatial resolution infrared scene projector
Author(s): Yang Yang; Shi Nuo; Lang Zhou; Chang Xu; Li Zhang; Yanghong Li; Xin Wang; Zhuo Li
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Design of four-mirror afocal principal system for wide field multichannel infrared imaging
Author(s): Bin Hu; Ying Huang; Yan Li
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Solar multi-conjugate adaptive optics performance improvement
Author(s): Zhicheng Zhang; Xiaofang Zhang; Jie Song
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Based on Narcissus of radiometric calibration technology
Author(s): Libing Jin; Shaofan Tang; Jianfeng Liu; Honggang Peng
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Design and manufacture of angle modulated surface plasmon resonance spectrometer
Author(s): Xinlei Zhou; Ke Chen; Xuefeng Mao; Qingxu Yu; Wei Peng
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Polarization aberration control for hyper-NA lithographic projection optics at design stage
Author(s): Xiaolin Liu; Yanqiu Li; Ke Liu
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Design of liquid lens based optical system for microfluidic chip detection
Author(s): Lijun Niu; Ya Zhou; Xiaoming Hu; Chang Zhou
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Optical design of multi-spectral optical system for infrared camera
Author(s): Tianjin Tang
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Analysis of Moiré minimization in color LED flat-panel display
Author(s): Kai Lin; Ningfang Liao; Dazun Zhao; Shuwen Dong; Yasheng Li
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Study on computer-aided alignment method of reflective zoom systems
Author(s): Jide Zhou; Jun Chang; Guijuan Xie; Ke Zhang
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Fabrication of periodically poled MgO doped LiNbO3 crystal and its application for optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Jiangbin Zeng; Huaixi Chen; Wanguo Liang; Huang Zhou; Xiaolin Zou; Liyuan Chen; Xinkai Feng; Long Miao; Guangwei Li
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Design of integration time for the space-borne multi-spectral imager with super-wide field of view based on freeform mirror
Author(s): Huan Yin; Jun Zhu; Yongchao Zhang; Chunling Lu; Chao Wang; Xianying Ge
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Research on all movable reflective zoom system with three mirrors
Author(s): Guijuan Xie; Jun Chang; Jide Zhou; Ke Zhang; Xi Wang
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Spatial augmented reality based high accuracy human face projection
Author(s): Dong Li; Jinghui Xie; Yufeng Li; Dongdong Weng; Yue Liu
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Ejection-style self-imaging system design and finite element analysis for lunar lander
Author(s): Qi Li; Qifeng Pan; Zhihai Xu; Huajun Feng
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Study of the impact of petal-shape mirror segmentation on 2 m segmented telescope
Author(s): Cundong Lei; Liehua Zheng; Ying Che
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Low light level color night vision technology study on triple-band
Author(s): Yichao Chen; Wengang Hu
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The design of laser radar data acquisition system based on LabVIEW
Author(s): Dalong Han; Shaokun Han; Jingya Cao; Wenze Xia; Liang Wang
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Modulation transfer function analysis for a digitally spectrum-controllable light source
Author(s): Suodong Ma; Yan Wang; Qiao Pan; Weimin Shen
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Design of signal receiving circuit of Lidar based on APD
Author(s): Yulin Wang; Shaokun Han; Dalong Han; Wenze Xia; Jingya Cao; Liang Wang; Qian Zhai
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Foreign fiber detecting system based on multispectral technique
Author(s): Qi Li; Shaokun Han; Ping Wang; Liang Wang; Wenze Xia
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The method of axial drift compensation of laser differential confocal microscopy based on zero-tracking
Author(s): Yajie Wang; Han Cui; Yun Wang; Lirong Qiu; Weiqian Zhao
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Athermal design of LWIR hybrid refractive/diffractive optical system
Author(s): Lun Jiang; Yuan Hu; Keyan Dong; Yan An; Chao Wang; Shoufeng Tong
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A nondestructive characterization system of periodically poled crystals
Author(s): Huaixi Chen; Huang Zhou; Liyuan Chen; Xiaolin Zou; Long Miao; Xinkai Feng; Guangwei Li; Wanguo Liang
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Analysis of retroreflectors in stabilization system based on 3-D ray tracing matrix
Author(s): Fan Fan; Qun Hao; Xuemin Cheng; Heng Li
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Research on the image fusion and target extraction based on bionic compound eye system
Author(s): Shaowei Zhang; Qun Hao; Yong Song; Zihan Wang; Kaiyu Zhang; Shiyu Zhang
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A study on deformable mirrors control and error analysis
Author(s): Heng Li; Xuemin Cheng; Qun Hao; Fan Fan
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Segmented frequency offset compensation algorithm in coherent optical sub-sampling system
Author(s): Qingzhao Tan; Aiying Yang; Weirui Zhao; Lihui Feng
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Design and fabrication of concave-convex lens for head mounted virtual reality 3D glasses
Author(s): Zhaoyang Deng; Dewen Cheng; Yuan Hu; Yifan Huang; Yongtian Wang
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Design and stray light analysis of ultra-thin geometrical waveguide
Author(s): Qiwei Wang; Dewen Cheng; Qichao Hou; Yuan Hu; Yongtian Wang
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Design of a novel panoramic lens without central blindness
Author(s): Chen Gong; Dewen Cheng; Chen Xu; Yongtian Wang
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Research on high precision centering assembly method of roll edge optical elements
Author(s): Hua Liu; Xiaomei Liu
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Research on design method of spaceborne imaging spectrometer system based on telecentric optical system
Author(s): Xiaomei Liu; Hua Liu
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A design of PAL with astigmatism
Author(s): Yefei Wei; Huazhong Xiang; Tianfeng Zhu; Jiabi Chen
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The centering and leveling adjustment and control technology for the ultra-precision turntable
Author(s): Yanrong Tian; Yun Wang; Longxiao Wang; Weirui Zhao
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