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Laser Communication and Propagation through the Atmosphere and Oceans IV
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Volume Number: 9614
Date Published: 20 October 2015
Softcover: 26 papers (258) pages
ISBN: 9781628417807

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Front Matter: Volume 9614
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Estimation of turbulence strength, anisotropy, outer scale and spectral slope from an LED array
Author(s): Szymon Gladysz; Max Segel; Christian Eisele; Rui Barros; Erik Sucher
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Blob identification algorithms applied to laser speckle to characterize optical turbulence
Author(s): Galen D. Cauble; David T. Wayne
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Stereo image motion monitor for atmospheric mitigation and estimation
Author(s): Kristofor B. Gibson
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Imaging through turbulence using a plenoptic sensor
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; Jonathan Ko; Christopher C. Davis
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Using aperture partitioning to improve scene recovery in horizontal long-path speckle imaging
Author(s): Jeremy P. Bos; Brandoch Calef
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Efficient and physically accurate modeling and simulation of anisoplanatic imaging through the atmosphere: a space-variant volumetric image blur method
Author(s): Colin N. Reinhardt; James A. Ritcey
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Enhanced backscatter analysis for long-range optical tracking in deep turbulent conditions
Author(s): Christopher A. Smith; Sara B. Belichki; Joseph T. Coffaro; Michael G. Panich; Landon J. Splitter; Larry C. Andrews; Ronald L. Philips; David T. Wayne
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Spread and wander of a laser beam propagating through anisotropic turbulence
Author(s): Italo Toselli; Olga Korotkova
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Lunar laser ranging and limits due to the Earth’s atmosphere
Author(s): Douglas Currie; Ivan Prochazka
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Different atmospheric effects causing FSO link attenuation: experimental results and modelling in Czech Republic
Author(s): Ondrej Fiser; Vladimir Brazda; Otakar Wilfert
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Determining beam properties at an inaccessible plane using the reciprocity of atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): W. Nelson; C. Wu; C. C. Davis
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Entropy studies on beam distortion by atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Chensheng Wu; Jonathan Ko; Christopher C. Davis
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Analogue holographic wavefront sensor: a performance analysis
Author(s): Andreas Zepp; Szymon Gladysz; Rui Barros; Wolfgang Osten; Karin Stein
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Infrared signature evolution of a CUBI
Author(s): M. van Iersel; A. M. J. van Eijk; H. E. T. Veerman; K. W. Benoist; L. H. Cohen
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An adaptive optics approach for laser beam correction in turbulence utilizing a modified plenoptic camera
Author(s): Jonathan Ko; Chensheng Wu; Christopher C. Davis
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Estimating refractive index structure parameter (C2n) profiles in the atmosphere: a wavelet transform-based approach
Author(s): Sukanta Basu; Ping He
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Mesoscale modeling of optical turbulence (C2n) utilizing a novel physically-based parameterization
Author(s): Ping He; Sukanta Basu
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The Havemann-Taylor Fast Radiative Transfer Code (HT-FRTC) and its applications
Author(s): Jean-Claude Thelen; Stephan Havemann; Warren Lewis
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Predicting atmospheric aerosol size distributions using Mixture Density Networks
Author(s): Joshua J. Rudiger; John Stephen deGrassie; Kevin McBryde; Stephen Hammel
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Optical design of communication simulator for orbital angular momentum based free-space link with an adaptive optics receiver
Author(s): Alonzo Espinoza; Wenbo Gao; Garret Odom; Milorad Cvijetic; Yuzuru Takashima
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Effects of vehicle exhaust to VLC link: measurement and analysis
Author(s): Zening Li; Tian Lang; Linchao Liao; Gang Chen
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Testing resistance modulation formats for FSO communication in turbulent environment, with used simulation box
Author(s): Ales Vanderka; Lukas Hajek; Jan Latal; Jan Vitasek; Stanislav Hejduk; Vladimir Vasinek
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The performance of coherent receiver controlled by the phase lock loop in dual rate free-space laser communication
Author(s): Xiaoping Ma; Jianfeng Sun; Peipei Hou; Wei Lu; Qian Xu; Liren Liu
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Statistical prediction of the atmospheric behavior for free space optical link
Author(s): Lukas Hajek; Jan Vitasek; Ales Vanderka; Jan Latal; Frantisek Perecar; Vladimir Vasinek
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Performance analysis of OOK receiver with a GSM laser in space to ground optical communication link
Author(s): Mengnan Li; Liying Tan; Jing Ma; Siyuan Yu; Jiajie Wu; Qi Wang
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Orthogonal phase modulation with self homodyne detect laser communication method for the satellite-to-ground link
Author(s): Jianfeng Sun; Peipei Hou; Xiaoping Ma; Liren Liu
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