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Imaging Spectrometry XX
Editor(s): Thomas S. Pagano; John F. Silny
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Volume Number: 9611
Date Published: 5 October 2015
Softcover: 26 papers (278) pages
ISBN: 9781628417777

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Front Matter: Volume 9611
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Snow and Water Imaging Spectrometer (SWIS): optomechanical and system design for a CubeSat-compatible instrument
Author(s): Holly A. Bender; Pantazis Mouroulis; Christopher D. Smith; Colin H. Smith; Byron E. Van Gorp; Michael L. Eastwood; Johannes Gross
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Mapping pigment distribution in mud samples through hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrübeoglu; Cosmina Nicula; Christopher Trombley; Shane W. Smith; Dustin K. Smith; Elizabeth S. Shanks; Paul V. Zimba
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Long-wavelength infrared hyperspectral data "mining" at Cuprite, NV
Author(s): Robert Sundberg; Steven Adler-Golden; Patrick Conforti
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Performance status of the AIRS instrument thirteen years after launch
Author(s): Denis A. Elliott; Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; Steven E. Broberg
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Hyperspectral imaging for differentiation of foreign materials from pinto beans
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrubeoglu; Michael Zemlan; Sam Henry
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Retrieved products from simulated hyperspectral observations of a hurricane
Author(s): Joel Susskind; Louis Kouvaris; Lena Iredell; John Blaisdell; Thomas Pagano; William Mathews
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Design of a satellite end-to-end mission performance simulator for imaging spectrometers and its application to the ESA's FLEX/Sentinel-3 tandem mission
Author(s): Jorge Vicent; Neus Sabater; Carolina Tenjo; Juan Ramón Acarreta; María Manzano; Juan Pablo Rivera; Pedro Jurado; Raffaella Franco; Luis Alonso; Jose Moreno
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Best practices for radiometric modeling of imaging spectrometers
Author(s): Lou Zellinger; John F. Silny
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Experimental measurement and analysis of wavelength-dependent properties of the BRDF
Author(s): Samuel D. Butler; Stephen E. Nauyoks; Michael A. Marciniak
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Comparative study of spectral diffuse-only and diffuse-specular radiative transfer models and field-collected data in the LWIR
Author(s): Dimitar M. Stoyanov; Michael A. Marciniak; Joseph Meola
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Improved modeling of multiple scattering in hyperspectral BRDF of coastal sediments observed using the Goniometer of the Rochester Institute of Technology (GRIT)
Author(s): Charles M. Bachmann; Douglas Scott Peck; Brittany Ambeau; Justin Harms; Malachi Schultz
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A comparative study of three vision systems for metal surface defect detection
Author(s): Mehrube Mehrubeoglu; Petru-Aurelian Simionescu; Shawn Robinson; Lifford McLauchlan
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Relating water absorption features to soil moisture characteristics
Author(s): Jia Tian; William D. Philpot
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Application of imaging spectrometer in gas analysis by Raman scattering
Author(s): Duluo Zuo; Anlan Yu; Zhe Li; Xingbing Wang; Youhui Xiong
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Standing wave integrated Fourier transform spectrometer for imaging spectrometry in the near infrared
Author(s): Gaël D. Osowiecki; Mohammad Madi; Ivan Shorubalko; Irène Philipoussis; Edoardo Alberti; Toralf Scharf; Hans Peter Herzig
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Smart CMOS sensor for wideband laser threat detection
Author(s): Craig R. Schwarze; Sameer Sonkusale
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Propagation of spectral characterization errors of imaging spectrometers at level-1 and its correction within a level-2 recalibration scheme
Author(s): Jorge Vicent; Luis Alonso; Neus Sabater; Christophe Miesch; Stefan Kraft; Jose Moreno
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Optical gratings and grisms: developments on straylight and polarization sensitivity improved microstructures
Author(s): Torsten Diehl; Peter Triebel; Tobias Moeller; Alexandre Gatto; Alexander Pesch; Lars H. Erdmann; Matthias Burkhardt; Alexander Kalies
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Measurement and modeling of longwave infrared directional downwelling spectral radiance
Author(s): Nathan P. Wurst; Joseph Meola; David L. Perry
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Nonnegative matrix factorization for efficient hyperspectral image projection
Author(s): Alexander S. Iacchetta; James R. Fienup; David T. Leisawitz; Matthew R. Bolcar
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Comparison of hyperspectral change detection algorithms
Author(s): M. Pieper; D. Manolakis; E. Truslow; T. Cooley; M. Brueggeman; A. Weisner; J. Jacobson
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Phase correction algorithms for a snapshot hyperspectral imaging system
Author(s): Victoria C. Chan; Michael Kudenov; Eustace Dereniak
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Characterizing intimate mixtures of materials in hyperspectral imagery with albedo-based and kernel-based approaches
Author(s): Robert S. Rand; Ronald G. Resmini; David W. Allen
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Improved atmospheric retrievals of hyperspectral data using geometric constraints
Author(s): Kenneth Ewald; Emmett J. Ientilucci; Alan Buswell; John Jacobson
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A novel anomaly detection approach based on clustering and decision-level fusion
Author(s): Shengwei Zhong; Ye Zhang
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An improved full automated endmember extraction algorithm based on endmember independence
Author(s): Yiran Wang; Shengwei Zhong; Ye Zhang
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Random projection-based dimensionality reduction method for hyperspectral target detection
Author(s): Weiyi Feng; Qian Chen; Weiji He; Gonzalo R. Arce; Guohua Gu; Jiayan Zhuang
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Development and testing of an image-guided FT-IR instrument for field spectroscopy
Author(s): Xiaobing Dai; Xiangyan Liu; Li Liu
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