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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXIII
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik Scholl; Gonzalo Páez
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Volume Number: 9608
Date Published: 15 October 2015
Softcover: 37 papers (372) pages
ISBN: 9781628417746

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Front Matter: Volume 9608
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rosetta and 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: a comet under observation
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold
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VIRTIS on Rosetta: a unique technique to observe comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko – first results and prospects
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold; Fabrizio Capaccioni; Gianrico Filacchione; Stéphane Erard; Dominique Bockelee-Morvan; Maria Antonietta Barucci; Maria Cristina De Sanctis; Ernesto Palomba; Maria Teresa Capria; Priscilla Cerroni; Pierre Drossart; Cedric Leyrat; Giuseppe Piccioni; Bernard Schmitt; Frederico Tosi; Gian Paolo Tozzi; David Kappel; Kathrin Markus; Alessandra Migliorini
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MERTIS: geometrical calibration of thermal infrared optical system by applying diffractive optical elements
Author(s): M. Bauer; D. Baumbach; M. Buder; A. Börner; D. Grießbach; G. Peter; E. Santier; T. Säuberlich; A. Schischmanow; S. Schrader; I. Walter
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VIRTIS on Venus Express: retrieval of real surface emissivity on global scales
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold; David Kappel; Rainer Haus; Laura Telléz Pedroza; Giuseppe Piccioni; Pierre Drossart
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Development of a mast or robotic arm-mounted infrared AOTF spectrometer for surface Moon and Mars probes
Author(s): Oleg Korablev; Andrey Ivanov; Anna Fedorova; Yurii K. Kalinnikov; Alexei Shapkin; Sergey Mantsevich; Nikita Viazovetsky; Nadezhda Evdokimova; Alexander V. Kiselev
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Middle-infrared echelle cross-dispersion spectrometer ACS-MIR for the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
Author(s): Alexander Trokhimovskiy; Oleg Korablev; Yuriy S. Ivanov; I. I. Siniyavsky; Anna Fedorova; Alexander V. Stepanov; Andrei Yu. Titov; Andrei Patrakeev; Pavel P. Moiseev; Tatiana O. Kozlova; Franck Montmessin
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Near-infrared echelle-AOTF spectrometer ACS-NIR for the ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter
Author(s): Alexander Trokhimovskiy; Oleg Korablev; Yurii K. Kalinnikov; Anna Fedorova; Alexander V. Stepanov; Andrei Yu. Titov; Ilia Dziuban; Andrei Patrakeev; Franck Montmessin
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M-DLS laser and heterodyne IR spectrometer for studies of the Мartian atmosphere from ExoMars-2018 landing platform
Author(s): Alexander V. Rodin; Imant I. Vinogradov; Victor V. Barke; Artem Yu. Klimchuk; Oleg V. Benderov; Vladimir S. Semenov; Yury V. Lebedev; Dmitry V. Churbanov; Maxim V. Spiridonov; Anastassia A. Pereslavtseva; Igor V. Skripachev
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Infrared sensor system using robotics technology for inter-planetary mission
Author(s): Hiroki Hihara; Yousuke Takano; Junpei Sano; Kaori Iwase; Satoko Kawakami; Hisashi Otake; Tatsuaki Okada; Ryu Funase; Jun Takada; Tetsuya Masuda
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Measurement of the speed of light from extraterrestrial sources
Author(s): Jingshown Wu; Yen-Ru Huang; Hen-Wai Tsao; San-Liang Lee; Shenq-Tsong Chang; Ho-Lin Tsay; Hong-Tsu Young
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Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Author(s): M. L. Savage; E. E. Becklin
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Laboratory experimentation for dim signal detection in cluttered optical data
Author(s): Christopher T. Agh; Matthew Buoni; Andrew P. Brown
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Jet engine noise and infrared plume correlation field campaign
Author(s): Phillip M. Cunio; Reed A. Weber; Kimberly R. Knobel; Christine Smith; Andy Draudt
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Fractional intensity modulation of diffusely scattered light
Author(s): John Kielkopf; Elijah Jensen; Frank O. Clark; Bradley Noyes
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Remote optical interrogation of vibrations in materials inspection applications
Author(s): Jason A. Cline; Ryan Penny; Bridget Tannian; Neil Goldstein; John Kielkopf
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Remote optical detection of ground vibrations
Author(s): Robert M. Shroll; Benjamin St. Peter; Steven Richtsmeier; Bridget Tannian; Elijah Jensen; John Kielkopf; Wellesley E. Pereira
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Comparative analysis of infrared images degraded by lossy compression techniques
Author(s): W. Alex Toussaint; Reed A. Weber
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Fast calculation of scattered radiance in multispectral imagery simulation
Author(s): Xiaoyu He; Xiaojian Xu
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Phase change cells and the verification of gallium as a thermal calibration reference in space
Author(s): Harri Latvikoski; Gail E. Bingham; T. Shane Topham; Igor Podolski
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Comparison of MODTRAN5 atmospheric extinction predictions with narrowband astronomical flux observations
Author(s): Christopher W. Stubbs; Amali Vaz; Gerald T. Fraser; Claire E. Cramer; Keith R. Lykke; John T. Woodward
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Thermal Earth Resource Monitoring Instrument (THERMI) size, weight and power reduction
Author(s): T. Newswander; Z. Bergen; J. Hancock; S. Hansen; A. Shumway; J. Stauder; D. Williams
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Temperature resolution enhancing of commercially available IR camera using computer processing
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Vladislav V. Trofimov
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Efficient visible through SWIR focal plane MTF measurement
Author(s): Neil Malone; Josh Fierro; Richard Troup; Gary Willberger; Jessica Wyles; Raymond Boe; Andrew Dixon
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Lifetime evaluation of large format CMOS mixed signal infrared devices
Author(s): A. Linder; Eddie Glines
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Large format focal plane array integration with precision alignment, metrology and accuracy capabilities
Author(s): Jay Neumann; Russell Parlato; Gregory Tracy; Max Randolph
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Cavity-enhanced AlGaAs/GaAs resonant tunneling photodetectors for telecommunication wavelength light detection at 1.3 μm
Author(s): Andreas Pfenning; Fabian Hartmann; Fabian Langer; Martin Kamp; Sven Höfling; Lukas Worschech
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Modulation transfer function of infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): S. D. Gunapala; S. B. Rafol; D. Z. Ting; A. Soibel; C. J. Hill; A. Khoshakhlagh; J. K. Liu; J. M. Mumolo; S. A. Keo; L. Höglund; E. M. Luong
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Colloidal quantum dot materials for infrared optoelectronics
Author(s): Ebuka S. Arinze; Gabrielle Nyirjesy; Yan Cheng; Nathan Palmquist; Susanna M. Thon
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Limiting efficiencies of solar energy conversion and photo-detection via internal emission of hot electrons and hot holes in gold
Author(s): Svetlana V. Boriskina; Jiawei Zhou; Wei-Chun Hsu; Bolin Liao; Gang Chen
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Nanomembranes and soft fabrication methods for high performance, low cost energy technologies
Author(s): Yuan Yao; Ralph G. Nuzzo
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Enhancing selectivity of infrared emitters through quality-factor matching
Author(s): Enas Sakr; Zhiguang Zhou; Peter Bermel
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New concept to break the intrinsic properties of organic semiconductors for optical sensing applications
Author(s): Wallace C. H. Choy
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Hot electron detectors and energy conversion in the UV and IR
Author(s): Tao Gong; Lisa Krayer; Jeremy N. Munday
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2D materials for photon conversion and nanophotonics
Author(s): Mohammad H. Tahersima; Volker J. Sorger
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Estimation of urban surface emissivity based on sub-pixel classification of Landsat8 imagery
Author(s): E. Orolmaa; S. Tuya; N. Tugjsuren; J. Batbayar
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Intelligent image processing for vegetation classification using multispectral LANDSAT data
Author(s): Stewart R. Santos; Jorge L. Flores; G. Garcia-Torales
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Propagation dynamics of a mountain fire: case of the Yarnell Hill Fire 2
Author(s): M. Strojnik; G. Paez; M. K. Scholl
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Analysis of propagation of complex fire: case of the Yarnell Hill Fire 1
Author(s): G. Paez; M. Strojnik; M. K. Scholl
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