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Image Reconstruction from Incomplete Data VIII
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Volume Number: 9600
Date Published: 12 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9600
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Image reconstruction in serial femtosecond nanocrystallography using x-ray free-electron lasers
Author(s): Joe P. J. Chen; Richard A. Kirian; Kenneth R. Beyerlein; Richard J. Bean; Andrew J. Morgan; Oleksandr M. Yefanov; Romain D. Arnal; David H. Wojtas; Phil J. Bones; Henry N. Chapman; John C. H. Spence; Rick P. Millane
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Dynamic optically multiplexed imaging
Author(s): Yaron Rachlin; Vinay Shah; R. Hamilton Shepard; Tina Shih
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Restoration of defocused images using quasi-point sources which are detected with coherent light
Author(s): R. Ortiz-Sosa; L. R. Berriel-Valdos; J. Félix Aguilar
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United estimation of blur distribution for space-variant rotation motion deblurring
Author(s): Ziyi Shen; Tingfa Xu; Ziwei Liu; Jie Guo; Hongqing Wang; Guokai Shi; Zhitao Rao
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Phase estimation for magnetic resonance imaging near metal prostheses
Author(s): Philip J. Bones; Laura J. King; Rick P. Millane
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Phase retrieval for multiple objects
Author(s): Rick P. Millane; Romain Arnal; Joe P. J. Chen
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A phase space approach to imaging from limited data
Author(s): Markus E. Testorf
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Combination of genetic algorithms and FSD applied to fringe pattern demodulation
Author(s): Ulises H. Rodriguez-Marmolejo; Tania A. Ramirez-del Real; Jesus Muñoz-Maciel; Miguel Mora-Gonzalez
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Exploiting reciprocity for imaging
Author(s): M. Karami; M. A. Fiddy
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Joint sparse recovery in inverse scattering
Author(s): Okkyun Lee; Jong Chul Ye
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Superresolution imaging from nonlinear inverse scattering
Author(s): R. Shane Ritter; M. A. Fiddy
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Feature extraction for 3D object detection from integral imaging
Author(s): Doron Aloni; Yitzhak Yitzhaky
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Characterizing heterogeneity among virus particles by stochastic 3D signal reconstruction
Author(s): Nan Xu; Yunye Gong; Qiu Wang; Yili Zheng; Peter C. Doerschuk
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Alternative techniques for high-resolution spectral estimation of spectrally encoded endoscopy
Author(s): Mahta Mousavi; Lian Duan; Tara Javidi; Audrey K. Ellerbee
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FPGA acceleration by asynchronous parallelization for simultaneous image reconstruction and segmentation based on the Mumford-Shah regularization
Author(s): Wentai Zhang; Guojie Luo; Li Shen; Thomas Page; Peng Li; Ming Jiang; Peter Maass; Jason Cong
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Online submillimeter three dimensional imaging of magnetic and paramagnetic contaminants flow rate in multiphase flow pipelines using magnetic particle imaging technique
Author(s): K. Bin Said; M. Meribout
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Imaging fields through heavily scattering random media with speckle correlations over source position
Author(s): Jason A. Newman; Qiaoen Luo; Kevin J. Webb
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Inter-trial alignment of EEG data and phase-locking
Author(s): M. E. Testorf; P. Horak; A. Connolly; G. L. Holmes; B. C. Jobst
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Implementation and evaluation of an interictal spike detector
Author(s): Peter C. Horak; Stephen Meisenhelter; Markus E. Testorf; Andrew C. Connolly; Kathryn A. Davis; Barbara C. Jobst
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