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Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics XVII
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Volume Number: 9593
Date Published: 5 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9593
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Linearity response of Ca2+-doped CeBr3 as a function of gamma-ray energy
Author(s): Paul Guss; Michael E. Foster; Bryan M. Wong; F. Patrick Doty; Kanai Shah; Michael R. Squillante; Urmila Shirwadkar; Rastgo Hawrami; Josh Tower; Thomas Stampahar; Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay
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Investigations of 6LiIn(1-x)Ga(x)Se2 semi-insulating crystals for neutron detection
Author(s): Brenden Wiggins; Joseph Bell; Arnold Burger; Keivan Stassun; Ashley C. Stowe
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Neutron detection with LiInSe2
Author(s): Zane W. Bell; A. Burger; Liviu Matei; Michael Groza; Ashley Stowe; Joshua Tower; Alireza Kargar; Huicong Hong
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Performance limiting processes in room temperature thallium bromide radiation detectors
Author(s): Amlan Datta; Piotr Becla; Demi Moed; Shariar Motakef
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Impact of thermal treatment on electrical characteristics and charge collection efficiency of Me-GaAs:Cr-Me x-ray sensors
Author(s): V. Novikov; A. Zarubin; O. Tolbanov; A. Tyazhev; A. Lozinskaya; D. Budnitsky; M. Skakunov
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Novel semiconductor radiation detector based on mercurous halides
Author(s): Henry Chen; Joo-Soo Kim; Proyanthi Amarasinghe; Withold Palosz; Feng Jin; Sudhir Trivedi; Arnold Burger; Jarrod C. Marsh; Marc S. Litz; Priyalal S. Wiejewarnasuriya; Neelam Gupta; Janet Jensen; James Jensen
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Neutron detection with noble gas scintillation: a review of recent results
Author(s): C. M. Lavelle; Michael Coplan; Eric C. Miller; Alan K. Thompson; Alex Kowler; Rob Vest; Andrew Yue; Tim Koeth; Mohammad Al-Sheikhly; Charles Clark
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High-barrier Schottky contact on n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial layer and studies of defect levels by deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS)
Author(s): Khai V. Nguyen; Rahmi O. Pak; Cihan Oner; Mohammad A Mannan; Krishna C. Mandal
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Xenon gamma-ray spectrometer in the experiment Signal on board the spacecraft Interhelioprobe
Author(s): Alexander S. Novikov; Sergey E. Ulin; Valery V. Dmitrenko; Victor M. Grachev; Viktor N. Stekhanov; Konstantin F. Vlasik; Ziyaetdin M. Uteshev; Irina V. Chernysheva; Alexander E. Shustov; Denis V. Petrenko
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Transparent ceramic scintillators for gamma spectroscopy and MeV imaging
Author(s): N. J. Cherepy; Z. M. Seeley; S. A. Payne; E. L. Swanberg; P. R. Beck; D. J. Schneberk; G. Stone; R. Perry; B. Wihl; S. E. Fisher; S. L. Hunter; P. A. Thelin; R. R. Thompson; N. M. Harvey; T. Stefanik; J. Kindem
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Radiation anomaly detection algorithms for field-acquired gamma energy spectra
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Richard Maurer; Ron Wolff; Paul Guss; Stephen Mitchell
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The next generation of crystal detectors
Author(s): Ren-Yuan Zhu
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A low-noise wide-dynamic-range event-driven detector using SOI pixel technology for high-energy particle imaging
Author(s): Sumeet Shrestha; Hiroki Kamehama; Shoji Kawahito; Keita Yasutomi; Keiichiro Kagawa; Ayaki Takeda; Takeshi Go Tsuru; Yasuo Arai
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Synthesis of transparent nanocomposite monoliths for gamma scintillation
Author(s): Chao Liu; Tibor J. Hajagos; David Kishpaugh; Yunxia Jin; Wei Hu; Qi Chen; Qibing Pei
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Characterization and testing of EJ-309 and Stilbene scintillation detectors
Author(s): B. Baramsai; M. Jandel; T. A. Bredeweg; A. Couture; S. Mosby; G. Rusev; J. L. Ullmann; C. L. Walker
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Development of a thin scintillation films fission-fragment detector and a novel neutron source
Author(s): G. Rusev; M. Jandel; B. Baramsai; E. M. Bond; T. A. Bredeweg; A. Couture; J. K. Daum; A. Favalli; K. D. Ianakiev; M. L. Iliev; S. Mosby; A. R. Roman; R. K. Springs; J. L. Ullmann; C. L. Walker
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Networked gamma radiation detection system for tactical deployment
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Richard Maurer; Ronald Wolff; Ethan Smith; Paul Guss; Stephen Mitchell
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Possibility of gated silicon drift detector detecting hard x-ray
Author(s): Hideharu Matsuura; Shinya Fukushima; Shungo Sakurai; Shohei Ishikawa; Akinobu Takeshita; Atsuki Hidaka
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Response function of planar Cd(Zn)Te detectors to beta radiation
Author(s): Alexandr A. Zakharchenko; Alexandr V. Rybka; Leonid N. Davydov; Vladimir E. Kutny; Manap A. Khazhmuradov; Petro M. Fochuk; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Ralph B. James
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Influence of the thickness of a crystal on the electrical characteristics of Cd(Zn)Te detectors
Author(s): V. Sklyarchuk; P. Fochuk; I. Rarenko; Z. Zakharuk; O. F. Sklyarchuk; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Regularities in the melting and crystallization of CdTe-Al alloys
Author(s): A. Kanak; O. Kopach; P. Fochuk; L. Shcherbak; I. Nakonechnyi; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Development of wide-band-gap AlxGa1-xAs (x>0.7) photodiodes
Author(s): X. J. Chen; Tae Hoon Kang; Mark Hammig; E. B. Johnson; J. F. Christian
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Ionizing radiation detection by Yb-doped silica optical fibers
Author(s): Cristina De Mattia; Ivan Veronese; Mauro Fasoli; Norberto Chiodini; Eleonora Mones; Marie Claire Cantone; Simone Cialdi; Marco Gargano; Nicola Ludwig; Letizia Bonizzoni; Anna Vedda
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Surface passivation and isochronal annealing studies on n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial layer
Author(s): Mohammad A. Mannan; Khai V. Nguyen; Rahmi Pak; Cihan Oner; Krishna C. Mandal
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Investigation of thermally evaporated high resistive B-doped amorphous selenium alloy films and metal contact studies
Author(s): Cihan Oner; Khai V. Nguyen; Rahmi O. Pak; Mohammad A. Mannan; Krishna C. Mandal
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Defect characterization of Cd0.9Zn0.1Te crystals using electron beam induced current (EBIC) imaging and thermally stimulated current (TSC) measurements
Author(s): Rahmi O. Pak; Khai V. Nguyen; Cihan Oner; Mohammad A. Mannan; Krishna C. Mandal
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