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X-Ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods II
Editor(s): Barry Lai
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Volume Number: 9592
Date Published: 2 October 2015
Softcover: 17 papers (136) pages
ISBN: 9781628417586

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Front Matter: Volume 9592
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hard x-ray nanoprobe by Montel KB mirrors at Taiwan Photon Source
Author(s): Gung-Chian Yin; Shi-Hung Chang; Bo-Yi Chen; Huang-Yeh Chen; Bi-Hsuan Lin; Shao-Chin Tseng; Chian-Yao Lee; Jian-Xing Wu; Shao-Yun Wu; Mau-Tsu Tang
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Development of achromatic full-field hard x-ray microscopy with two monolithic imaging mirrors
Author(s): S. Matsuyama; H. Kino; S. Yasuda; Y. Kohmura; H. Okada; T. Ishikawa; K. Yamauchi
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FXI: a full-field imaging beamline at NSLS-II
Author(s): Wah-Keat Lee; Ruben Reininger; William Loo; Richard Gambella; Steven O'Hara; Yong S. Chu; Zhong Zhong; Jun Wang
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Ptychographic nanotomography at the Swiss Light Source
Author(s): Manuel Guizar-Sicairos; Mirko Holler; Ana Diaz; Julio C. da Silva; Esther H. R. Tsai; Oliver Bunk; Carlos Martinez-Perez; Philip C. J. Donoghue; Charles H. Wellman; Andreas Menzel
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Development of a soft x-ray ptychography beamline at SSRL and its application in the study of energy storage materials
Author(s): Anna M. Wise; Hendrik Ohldag; William Chueh; Joshua Turner; Michael F. Toney; Johanna Nelson Weker
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Nanofocused x-ray beams applied for mapping strain in core-shell nanowires
Author(s): Tomaš Stankevič; Dmitry Dzhigaev; Zhaoxia Bi; Max Rose; Anatoly Shabalin; Juliane Reinhardt; Anders Mikkelsen; Lars Samuelson; Gerald Falkenberg; Ivan A. Vartanyants; Robert Feidenhans'l
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Progress on multi-order hard x-ray imaging with multilayer zone plates
Author(s): Markus Osterhoff; Florian Döring; Christian Eberl; Robin Wilke; Jesper Wallentin; Hans-Ulrich Krebs; Michael Sprung; Tim Salditt
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High-resolution high-efficiency multilayer Fresnel zone plates for soft and hard x-rays
Author(s): Umut Tunca Sanli; Kahraman Keskinbora; Keith Gregorczyk; Jonas Leister; Nicolas Teeny; Corinne Grévent; Mato Knez; Gisela Schütz
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Stacking multiple zone plates for efficient hard x-ray focusing at the Advanced Photon Source
Author(s): Michael J. Wojcik; Sophie-Charlotte Gleber; Deming Shu; Christian Roehrig; Barry Lai; David Vine; Stefan Vogt
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Fabrication and x-ray testing of true kinoform lenses with high efficiencies
Author(s): Kahraman Keskinbora; Umut Tunca Sanli; Corinne Grévent; Gisela Schütz
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Simultaneous x-ray nano-ptychographic and fluorescence microscopy at the bionanoprobe
Author(s): S. Chen; J. Deng; D. J. Vine; Y. S. G. Nashed; Q. Jin; T. Peterka; C. Jacobsen; S. Vogt
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Low dose, limited energy spectroscopic x-ray microscopy
Author(s): Johanna Nelson Weker; Yiyang Li; William C. Chueh
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Synchrotron-based transmission x-ray microscopy for improved extraction in shale during hydraulic fracturing
Author(s): Andrew M. Kiss; Adam D. Jew; Claresta Joe-Wong; Kate M. Maher; Yijin Liu; Gordon E. Brown; John Bargar
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X-ray microscopy for in situ characterization of 3D nanostructural evolution in the laboratory
Author(s): Benjamin Hornberger; Hrishikesh Bale; Arno Merkle; Michael Feser; William Harris; Sergey Etchin; Marty Leibowitz; Wei Qiu; Andrei Tkachuk; Allen Gu; Robert S. Bradley; Xuekun Lu; Philip J. Withers; Amy Clarke; Kevin Henderson; Nikolaus Cordes; Brian M. Patterson
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Theoretical analysis of the strain mapping in a single core-shell nanowire by x-ray Bragg ptychography
Author(s): Dmitry Dzhigaev; Tomaš Stankevič; Ilya Besedin; Sergey Lazarev; Anatoly Shabalin; Mikhail N. Strikhanov; Robert Feidenhans'l; Ivan A. Vartanyants
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Opportunities and limitations for combined fly-scan ptychography and fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Junjing Deng; David J. Vine; Si Chen; Youssef S. G. Nashed; Tom Peterka; Rob Ross; Stefan Vogt; Chris J. Jacobsen
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A new workflow for x-ray fluorescence tomography: MAPStoTomoPy
Author(s): Young Pyo Hong; Si Chen; Chris Jacobsen
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Refractive lens based full-field x-ray imaging at 45-50 keV with sub-micron resolution
Author(s): S. D. Shastri; P. Kenesei; R. M. Suter
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