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X-Ray Lasers and Coherent X-Ray Sources: Development and Applications XI
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Volume Number: 9589
Date Published: 14 October 2015
Softcover: 20 papers (158) pages
ISBN: 9781628417555

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Front Matter: Volume 9589
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Observation of dynamics and modification of solid surface using a picosecond soft x-ray laser
Author(s): M. Nishikino; T. Kawachi; N. Hasegawa; M. Ishino; Y. Minami; T. Suemoto; N. Ohnishi; A. M. Ito; K. Sato; A. Y. Faenov; N. A. Inogamov; M. Yamagiwa
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The application of extreme ultra-violet lasers in plasma heating and diagnosis
Author(s): Gregory J. Tallents; Valentin Aslanyan; Andrew Rossall; Sarah Wilson; Mohammed Shahzad
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Low electron temperature in ablating materials formed by picosecond soft x-ray laser pulses
Author(s): Masahiko Ishino; Noboru Hasegawa; Masaharu Nishikino; Tatiana Pikuz; Igor Skobelev; Anatoly Faenov; Nail Inogamov; Tetsuya Kawachi; Mitsuru Yamagiwa
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Soft x-ray laser ablation mass spectrometry for materials study and nanoscale chemical imaging
Author(s): Ilya Kuznetsov; Tomas Burian; Libor Juha; Regina Soufli; Jorge Filevich; M. Woolston; Elliot R. Bernstein; Dean C. Crick; D. Carlton; W. Chao; E. H. Anderson; Jorge J. Rocca; Carmen S. Menoni
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Multilayer optics for coherent EUV/X-ray laser sources
Author(s): F. Delmotte; M. Dehlinger; Ch. Bourassin-Bouchet; S. de Rossi; A. Jerome; E. Meltchakov; F. Varnière
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The observation of a transient surface morphology in the femtosecond laser ablation process by using the soft x-ray laser probe (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Noboru Hasegawa; Masaharu Nishikino; Takuro Tomita; Naofumi Ohnishi; Atsushi M. Ito; Takashi Eyama; Naoya Kakimoto; Rui Idutsu; Yasuo Minami; Motoyoshi Baba; Anatoly Y. Faenov; Nail A. Inogamov; Tetsuya Kawachi; Mitsuru Yamagiwa; Tohru Suemoto
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Generation of strongly coupled plasma using Argon-based capillary discharge lasers
Author(s): Andrew K. Rossall; Valentin Aslanyan; Sarah Wilson; Gregory J. Tallents
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Modeling of dense injection-seeded Ni-like Krypton plasma amplifiers
Author(s): Eduardo Oliva; Adrien Depresseux; Fabien Tissandier; Julien Gautier; Stéphane Sebban; Gilles Maynard
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Chirped pulse amplification in x-ray free-electron lasers
Author(s): Hugo Dacasa; Benoît Mahieu; Marta Fajardo; Thuy T. T. Le; Lu Li; Eduardo Oliva; Philippe Zeitoun
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X-ray characterization of short-pulse laser illuminated hydrogen storage alloys having very high performance
Author(s): Hiroyuki Daido; Hiroshi Abe; Takahisa Shobu; Takuya Shimomura; Shinnosuke Tokuhira; Yusuke Takenaka; Takehiro Furuyama; Akihiko Nishimura; Hirohisa Uchida; Takeshi Ohshima
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Employing partially coherent, compact gas-discharge sources for coherent diffractive imaging with extreme ultraviolet light
Author(s): J. Bußmann; M. Odstrčil; R. Bresenitz; D. Rudolf; Jianwei Miao; W. S. Brocklesby; D. Grützmacher; L. Juschkin
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3D nanoscale imaging of biological samples with laboratory-based soft X-ray sources
Author(s): Aurélie Dehlinger; Anne Blechschmidt; Daniel Grötzsch; Robert Jung; Birgit Kanngießer; Christian Seim; Holger Stiel
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Output beam polarisation of x-ray lasers with transient inversion
Author(s): K. A. Janulewicz; C. M. Kim; H. Stiel; T. Kawachi; M. Nishikino; N. Hasegawa
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Wigner distribution measurement of the spatial coherence properties of FELs
Author(s): Tobias Mey; Bernd Schäfer; Klaus Mann; Barbara Keitel; Elke Plönjes; Marion Kuhlmann
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Cross-correlation measurement of femtosecond hard x-ray pulses from a laser plasma source: approaching 100 fs benchmark
Author(s): Mazhar Iqbal; M. Ijaz; H. Stiel; D. Y. Noh; K. A. Janulewicz
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The MEL-X project at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: a mirror-based delay line for x-rays
Author(s): Tom Pardini; Randy Hill; Todd Decker; Jennifer Alameda; Regina Soufli; Andy Aquila; Serge Guillet; Sébastien Boutet; Stefan P. Hau-Riege
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Attosecond pulse formation via switching of resonant interaction by tunnel ionization
Author(s): T. R. Akhmedzhanov; V. A. Antonov; Y. V. Radeonychev; Olga Kocharovskaya
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Using the XFEL to drive the gain of inner-shell x-ray lasers using photo-ionization and photo-excitation processes
Author(s): Joseph Nilsen
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Time-dependent simulation of the gas attenuator for the LCLS-II X-ray FEL’s under high beam power operations
Author(s): Yiping Feng; Jacek Krzywinski; Donald W. Schafer; Eliazar Ortiz; Michael Rowen; Tor O. Raubenheimer
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Soft x-ray source based on the high-current capillary-discharge system
Author(s): Jiri Schmidt; Karel Kolacek; Oleksandr Frolov; Jaroslav Straus; Andrei Choukourov
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Ultra-broadband ptychography with self-consistent coherence estimation from a high harmonic source
Author(s): M. Odstrčil; P. Baksh; H. Kim; S. A. Boden; W. S. Brocklesby; J. G. Frey
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