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Advances in X-Ray/EUV Optics and Components X
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Volume Number: 9588
Date Published: 29 September 2015
Softcover: 11 papers (92) pages
ISBN: 9781628417548

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Front Matter: Volume 9588
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multilayer coatings for free electron laser sources
Author(s): Alain Jody Corso; Paola Zuppella; Davide Bacco; Enrico Tessarolo; Marco Nardello; Francesca Gerlin; Emiliano Principi; Erika Giangrisostomi; Filippo Bencivenga; Alessandro Gessini; C. Masciovecchio; A. Giglia; S. Nannarone; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo
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Graded multilayers for figured Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors on the new ESRF end station ID16A
Author(s): Ch. Morawe; R. Barrett; P. Cloetens; B. Lantelme; J.-Ch. Peffen; A. Vivo
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In-situ GISAXS monitoring of ultrashort period W/B4C multilayer x-ray mirror growth
Author(s): Martin Hodas; Peter Siffalovic; Yuriy Halahovets; Marco Pelletta; Karol Vegso; Matej Jergel; Eva Majkova
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Multilayer optics for monochromatic high-resolution x-ray imaging mircoscopes
Author(s): Ph. Troussel; A. Do; D. Gontier; D. Dennetiere; P. Høghøj; S. Hedacq
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High-reflectance La/B-based multilayer mirror for 6.x-nm wavelength
Author(s): Dmitry Kuznetsov; Andrey Yakshin; Marko Sturm; Robbert van de Kruijs; Eric Louis; Fred Bijkerk
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MZP design and fabrication for efficient hard x-ray nano-focusing and imaging
Author(s): Christian Eberl; Markus Osterhoff; Florian Döring; Hans-Ulrich Krebs
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Evaluation of surface figure error profile of ellipsoidal mirror for soft x-ray focusing
Author(s): Yoko Takeo; Takahiro Saito; Hidekazu Mimura
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Development of polycapillary x-ray optics for synchrotron spectroscopy
Author(s): Mark A. Popecki; Daniel Bennis; Bernhard Adams; Aileen O'Mahony; Christopher A. Craven; Michael R. Foley; Michael J. Minot; Joseph M. Renaud; Justin L. Bond; Michael E. Stochaj; Klaus Attenkofer; Eli Stavitski
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2D and 3D micro-XRF based on polycapillary optics at XLab Frascati
Author(s): C. Polese; G. Cappuccio; S. B. Dabagov; D. Hampai; A. Liedl; E. Pace
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Large-area Kapton x-ray windows
Author(s): M. Antimonov; A. Khounsary; S. Weigand; J. Rix; D. Keane; J. J. Grudzinski; A. Johnson; Z. Zhou; W. Jansma
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Effect of beamline optics vibration on the source size and divergence for synchrotron radiation
Author(s): Shunji Goto
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Development of ellipsoidal focusing mirror for soft x-ray and extreme ultraviolet light
Author(s): Hidekazu Mimura; Yoshinori Takei; Takahiro Saito; Takehiro Kume; Hiroto Motoyama; Satoru Egawa; Yoko Takeo; Takahiro Higashi
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