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Applied Advanced Optical Metrology Solutions
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Volume Number: 9576
Date Published: 10 September 2015
Softcover: 21 papers (196) pages
ISBN: 9781628417425

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Front Matter: Volume 9576
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A rugged stereoscopical device for surface inspection
Author(s): Florian Dannenberg; Cornelius Hahlweg; Lukas Pescoller; Jürgen Weiß
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In-line roll-to-roll metrology for flexible electronics
Author(s): Brad Kimbrough; Erik Novak
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Three-dimensional speckle imaging employing a frequency-locked tunable diode laser
Author(s): Bret D. Cannon; Bruce E. Bernacki; John T. Schiffern; Albert Mendoza
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Aperiodic sinusoidal fringes in comparison to phase-shifted sinusoidal fringes for high-speed three-dimensional shape measurement
Author(s): Stefan Heist; Peter Lutzke; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Development of three-dimensional speckle deformation measurement method with same sensitivities in three directions
Author(s): Y. Arai
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3D interferometric microscope: color visualization of engineered surfaces for industrial applications
Author(s): Joanna Schmit; Matt Novak; Son Bui
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Binary pseudorandom test standard to determine the modulation transfer function of optical microscopes
Author(s): Ian Lacey; Erik H. Anderson; Nikolay A. Artemiev; Sergey Babin; Stefano Cabrini; Guiseppe Calafiore; Elaine R. Chan; Wayne R. McKinney; Christophe Peroz; Peter Z. Takacs; Valeriy V. Yashchuk
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Performance analysis of a full-field and full-range swept-source OCT system
Author(s): J. Krauter; T. Boettcher; K. Körner; M. Gronle; W. Osten; N. Passilly; L. Froehly; S. Perrin; C. Gorecki
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Digital focusing schlieren imaging
Author(s): Benjamin D. Buckner; James D. Trolinger; Drew L'Esperance
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Digital speckle-based stereo microscope strain measurement system for sheet metal forming by hydraulic bulge tests
Author(s): Maodong Ren; Jin Liang; Lizhong Wang; Bin Wei
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Background-oriented schlieren for the study of large flow fields
Author(s): James D. Trolinger; Ben Buckner; Drew L'Esperance
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Interferometric strain measurements with a fiber-optic probe
Author(s): E. D. Burnham-Fay; D. W. Jacobs-Perkins; J. D. Ellis
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An iterative approach to measuring two-dimensional gradient-index profiles based on external measurements of laser beam deflection
Author(s): Di Lin; James R. Leger
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Three-dimensional digital holographic aperture synthesis for rapid and highly-accurate large-volume metrology
Author(s): Stephen Crouch; Brant M. Kaylor; Zeb W. Barber; Randy R. Reibel
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Development of a non-contact center thickness optical metrology system
Author(s): Michael J. Thorpe; Jason K. Brasseur; Peter A. Roos
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A novel extrinsic calibration method of ToF cameras based on a virtual multi-cubes shaped object
Author(s): Lei Ao; Yongqi Liu; Xin Dong; Ze Zhang
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Fiber coupler end face wavefront surface metrology
Author(s): David C. Compertore; Filipp V. Ignatovich; Michael A. Marcus
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Optical range finder using semiconductor laser frequency noise
Author(s): T. Saito; K. Kondo; Y. Tokutake; S. Maehara; K. Doi; H. Arai; T. Sato; M. Ohkawa; Y. Ohdaira; S. Sakamoto
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Rapid three-dimensional chromoscan system of body surface based on digital fringe projection
Author(s): Bin Wei; Jin Liang; Jie Li; Maodong Ren
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Two detector, active digital holographic camera for 3D imaging and digital holographic interferometry
Author(s): Jakub Żak; Małgorzata Kujawińska; Michał Józwik
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Auto-elimination of fiber optical path-length drift in a frequency scanning interferometer for absolute distance measurements
Author(s): Long Tao; Zhigang Liu; Weibo Zhang
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