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Optical Manufacturing and Testing XI
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Volume Number: 9575
Date Published: 28 September 2015
Softcover: 33 papers (306) pages
ISBN: 9781628417418

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Front Matter: Volume 9575
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Examination of the quality of 120 degree silicon double mirror for a micro-optical laser gyroscope
Author(s): Thalke Niesel; Ingmar Leber; Andreas Dietzel
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JWST pathfinder telescope integration
Author(s): Gary W. Matthews; Scott H. Kennard; Ronald T. Broccolo; James M. Ellis; Elizabeth A. Daly; Walter G. Hahn; John N. Amon; Stephen M. Mt. Pleasant; Scott Texter; Charles B. Atkinson; Andrew McKay; Joshua Levi; Ritva Keski-Kuha; Lee Feinberg
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JWST pathfinder telescope risk reduction cryo test program
Author(s): Gary W. Matthews; Thomas R. Scorse; John A. Spina; Darin M. Noël; Keith A. Havey; Jesse A. Huguet; Tony L. Whitman; Conrad Wells; Chanda B. Walker; Sharon Lunt; James B. Hadaway; Ritva Keski-Kuha; Lee D. Feinberg; Mark F. Voyton; Juli A. Lander; James M. Marsh
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Optomechanical design and tolerance of a microscope objective at 121.6 nm
Author(s): Derek S. Keyes; Thiago S. Jota; Weichuan Gao; Dakota Luepke; Victor Densmore; Young-Sik Kim; Gun-Hee Kim; Thomas D. Milster
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Metrology requirements for the serial production of ELT primary mirror segments
Author(s): Paul C. T. Rees; Caroline Gray
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Surface roughness when diamond turning RSA 905 optical aluminium
Author(s): T. Otieno; K. Abou-El-Hossein; W.Y. Hsu; Y.C. Cheng; Z. Mkoko
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Aspects of ultra-high-precision diamond machining of RSA 443 optical aluminium
Author(s): Z. Mkoko; K. Abou-El-Hossein
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The role of robotics in computer controlled polishing of large and small optics
Author(s): David Walker; Christina Dunn; Guoyu Yu; Matt Bibby; Xiao Zheng; Hsing Yu Wu; Hongyu Li; Chunlian Lu
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Evaluation and control of spatial frequency errors in reflective telescopes
Author(s): Xuejun Zhang; Xuefeng Zeng; Haixiang Hu; Ligong Zheng
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Correction of mid-spatial-frequency errors by smoothing in spin motion for CCOS
Author(s): Yizhong Zhang; Chaoyang Wei; Jianda Shao; Xueke Xu; Shijie Liu; Chen Hu; Haichao Zhang; Haojin Gu
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Monolithic freeform element
Author(s): Sven R. Kiontke
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Fabrication of freeform optics
Author(s): Todd Blalock; Kate Medicus; Jessica DeGroote Nelson
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Measuring skew in average surface roughness as a function of surface preparation
Author(s): Mark T. Stahl
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Status of the Advanced Mirror Technology Development (AMTD) phase 2 1.5m ULE mirror
Author(s): Robert Egerman; Gary W. Matthews; Matthew Johnson; Albert Ferland; H. Philip Stahl; Ron Eng; Michael R. Effinger
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Improving profitability through slurry management: a look at the impact of slurry pH on various glass types
Author(s): Abigail R. Hooper; Christopher C. Boffa; Harry W. Sarkas; Kevin Cureton
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Material removal characteristics of orthogonal velocity polishing tool for efficient fabrication of CVD SiC mirror surfaces
Author(s): Hyunju Seo; Jeong-Yeol Han; Sug-Whan Kim; Sehyun Seong; Siyoung Yoon; Kyungmook Lee; Haengbok Lee
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Surface errors in the course of machining precision optics
Author(s): H. Biskup; A. Haberl; R. Rascher
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The effect of HF etching on the surface quality and figure of fused silica optics
Author(s): Jiafeng Xu; Xueke Xu; Chaoyang Wei; Wenlan Gao; Minghong Yang; Jianda Shao; Shijie Liu
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Using frictional power to model LSST removal with conventional abrasives
Author(s): Richard G. Allen; William H. Hubler
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Influence of coolant on ductile mode processing of binderless nanocrystalline tungsten carbide through ultraprecision diamond turning
Author(s): Marius Doetz; Olaf Dambon; Fritz Klocke; Oliver Fähnle
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Influence of temperature difference on surface figure controlling during continuous polishing
Author(s): Meijuan Hong; Xueke Xu; Aihuan Dun; Minghong Yang; Wenlan Gao; Chaoyang Wei; Shijie Liu; Jianda Shao; Yang Zhang
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Subaperture stitching surface errors due to noise
Author(s): Greg A. Smith; James H. Burge
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An iterative subaperture position correction algorithm
Author(s): Weng-Hou Lo; Po-Chih Lin; Yi-Chun Chen
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Measuring and quantifying scatter from non-isotropic sources
Author(s): John C. Stover
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Fabrication and qualification of roughness reference samples for industrial testing of surface roughness levels below 0.5 nm Sq
Author(s): O. Faehnle; E. Langenbach; F. Zygalsky; F. Frost; R. Fechner; A. Schindler; M. Cumme; H. Biskup; C. Wünsche; R. Rascher
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Integrated Ray Tracing (IRT) simulation of SCOTS measurement of GMT fast steering mirror surface
Author(s): Ji Nyeong Choi; Dongok Ryu; Sug-Whan Kim; Logan Graves; Peng Su; Run Huang; Dae Wook Kim
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Oil defect detection of electrowetting display
Author(s): Hou-Chi Chiang; Yu-Hsiang Tsai; Yung-Jhe Yan; Ting-Wei Huang; Ou-Yang Mang
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Deflectometry measurement of Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Run Huang; Peng Su; James H. Burge
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The use of diffractive imitator optics as calibration artefacts
Author(s): Paul C. T. Rees; John B. Mitchell; Andy Volkov; Jean-Michel Asfour; Frank Weidner; Alexander G. Poleshchuk; Ruslan K. Nasyrov
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Investigation of rapidly solidified aluminum by using diamond turning and a magnetorheological finishing process
Author(s): Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wei-Yao Hsu; Ching-Hsiang Kuo; Khaled Abou-El-Hossein; Timothy Otieno
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Optical diffraction interpretation: an alternative to interferometers
Author(s): S. Bouillet; F. Audo; S. Fréville; L. Eupherte; C. Rouyer; J. Daurios
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Noninvasive method for determination of parameters of cemented doublet
Author(s): P. Pokorný; A. Mikš; J. Novák; P. Novák
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Detection of subsurface defects and measurement of thickness of screen layers made of graphene and carbon nanotubes with application of full-field optical coherence tomography in Linnik configuration
Author(s): Paulina Mlynarska; Slawomir Tomczewski; Anna Pakuła; Grzegorz Wróblewski; Marcin Sloma; Leszek Salbut
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Designing null phase screens to test a fast plano-convex aspheric lens
Author(s): Jesús DelOlmo-Márquez; Diana Castán-Ricaño; Maximino Avendaño-Alejo; Rufino Díaz-Uribe
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Null screens type Hartmann to test simple lenses
Author(s): Gabriel Castillo-Santiago; Diana Castán-Ricaño; Alfredo Gozález-Galindo; Maximino Avendaño-Alejo; Rufino Díaz-Uribe
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