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Printed Memory and Circuits
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Volume Number: 9569
Date Published: 15 October 2015
Softcover: 10 papers (96) pages
ISBN: 9781628417357

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Front Matter: Volume 9569
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Unraveling the role of space-charge switch mechanism in hybrid non-volatile memory devices (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Giovanni Ligorio; Marco Vittorio Nardi; Martin Brinkmann; Dieter Neher; Norbert Koch
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Charge trapping at the polymer-metal oxide interface as a first step in the electroforming of organic-inorganic memory diodes
Author(s): Benjamin F. Bory; Paulo Rocha; Henrique L. Gomes; Dago M. de Leeuw; Stefan C. J. Meskers
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Characterizing filamentary switching in resistive memories (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Yan Busby; Jean-Jacques Pireaux
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Flexible non-volatile memory devices based on organic semiconductors
Author(s): Piero Cosseddu; Giulia Casula; Stefano Lai; Annalisa Bonfiglio
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Non-volatile resistive photo-switches for flexible image detector arrays
Author(s): Sebastian Nau; Christoph Wolf; Stefan Sax; Emil J. W. List-Kratochvil
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Additive printing of organic complementary circuits for temperature sensor tag
Author(s): Tse Nga Ng; Ping Mei; David E. Schwartz; Sivheng Kor; Brent Krusor; Janos Veres; Per Bröms; Torbjörn Eriksson; Yong Wang; Olle Hagel; Christer Karlsson
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Large area formation of self-aligned crystalline domains of organic semiconductors on transistor channels using CONNECT (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Steve Park
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High-resolution gravure printed lines: proximity effects and design rules
Author(s): Gerd Grau; William J. Scheideler; Vivek Subramanian
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Flexible thin film circuitry enabling ubiquitous electronics via post-fabrication customization (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Brian Cobb
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Flexible low-voltage organic integrated circuits with megahertz switching frequencies (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Ute Zschieschang; Kazuo Takimiya; Tarek Zaki; Florian Letzkus; Harald Richter; Joachim N. Burghartz; Hagen Klauk; Hagen Klauk
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Field-effect memory transistors based on arrays of nanowires of a ferroelectric polymer
Author(s): Ronggang Cai; Hailu G. Kassa; Alessio Marrani; Albert J. J. M. van Breemen; Gerwin H. Gelinck; Bernard Nysten; Zhijun Hu; Alain M. Jonas
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Printed circuits and their applications: Which way forward?
Author(s): E. Cantatore
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Inkjet-printing of non-volatile organic resistive devices and crossbar array structures
Author(s): Stefan Sax; Sebastian Nau; Karl Popovic; Alexander Bluemel; Andreas Klug; Emil J. W. List-Kratochvil
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Recent progress in printed 2/3D electronic devices
Author(s): Andreas Klug; Paul Patter; Karl Popovic; Alexander Blümel; Stefan Sax; Martin Lenz; Oleksandr Glushko; Megan J. Cordill; Emil J. W. List-Kratochvil
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Optical memory effect in ZnO nanowire based organic bulk heterojunction devices
Author(s): Anand Kumar Santhanakrishna; Arash Takshi
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