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Organic Light Emitting Materials and Devices XIX
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Volume Number: 9566
Date Published: 27 October 2015
Softcover: 22 papers (170) pages
ISBN: 9781628417326

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Front Matter: Volume 9566
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
X-ray absorption spectroscopy: towards more reliable models in material sciences
Author(s): Manuela Wallesch; Stefan Bräse; Thomas Baumann; Daniel Volz
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Organic light-emitting diodes: multiscale charge transport simulation and fabrication of new thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) materials
Author(s): Hironori Kaji; Katsuyuki Shizu; Furitsu Suzuki; Tatsuya Fukushima; Katsuaki Suzuki; Chihaya Adachi
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N-type organic luminescent materials based on siloles with aggregation-enhanced emission
Author(s): Changyun Quan; Han Nie; Zujin Zhao; Ben Zhong Tang
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Charge generation layers for all-solution processed organic tandem light emitting diodes with regular device architecture
Author(s): Stefan Höfle; Christoph Bernhard; Michael Bruns; Christian Kübel; Torsten Scherer; Alexander Colsmann
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R2R processed flexible OLEDs for lighting
Author(s): Takashi Minakata; Mitsuru Tanamura; Yasuhiro Mitamura; Masayuki Imashiro; Akira Horiguchi; Akira Sugimoto; Masahiko Yamashita; Kento Ujiiye; Satoshi Sunahiro; Yukito Yada; Nobuki Ibaraki; Hiroshi Tomiyasu
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Solution-processable, photo-stable, low-threshold, and broadly tunable thin film organic lasers based on novel high-performing laser dyes
Author(s): María A. Díaz-García; Marta Morales-Vidal; Manuel G. Ramírez; José M. Villalvilla; Pedro G. Boj; José A. Quintana; A. Retolaza; S. Merino
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Photonic lattices in organic microcavities: Bloch states and control of lasing
Author(s): Andreas Mischok; Robert Brückner; Hartmut Fröb; Vadim G. Lyssenko; Karl Leo
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AC quantum efficiency harmonic analysis of exciton annihilation in organic light emitting diodes (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Noel C. Giebink
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Degradation of wide band-gap electrolumienscent materials by exciton-polaron interactions (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Hany Aziz; Qi Wang
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Exciton formation and diffusion in OLEDs (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Grayson L. Ingram; Zheng-Hong Lu
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Analysis of self-heating and trapping in organic semiconductor devices
Author(s): Evelyne Knapp; Beat Ruhstaller
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Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the efficiency roll-off, emission color, and degradation of organic light-emitting diodes (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Reinder Coehoorn; Harm van Eersel; Peter A. Bobbert; Rene A. J. Janssen
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Modeling of organic light emitting diodes: From molecular to device properties (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Pascal Kordt; Jeroen J. M. van der Holst; Mustapha Al Helwi; Wolfgang Kowalsky; Falk May; Alexander Badinski; Christian Lennartz; Denis Andrienko
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Development of operationally stable inverted organic light-emitting diode prepared without using alkali metals (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Hirohiko Fukagawa; Katsuyuki Morii; Munehiro Hasegawa; Shun Gouda; Toshimitsu Tsuzuki; Takahisa Shimizu; Toshihiro Yamamoto
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Next generation organic light-emitting materials and devices (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Bernard Kippelen
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Efficient inverted organic light-emitting devices by amine-based solvent treatment (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Myoung Hoon Song; Kyoung-Jin Choi; Eui Dae Jung
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Light emitting transistors: A new route for display pixels (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Ebinazar B. Namdas
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OLEDs: light-emitting thin film thermistors revealing advanced self-heating effects
Author(s): Axel Fischer; Thomas Koprucki; Annegret Glitzky; Matthias Liero; Klaus Gärtner; Jacqueline Hauptmann; Sebastian Reineke; Daniel Kasemann; Björn Lüssem; Karl Leo; Reinhard Scholz
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Enhanced light extraction from organic light-emitting devices using a sub-anode grid (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Yue Qu; Michael Slootsky; Stephen Forrest
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Extracting and directing light out of organic light emitting diodes (Presentation Recording)
Author(s): Uli Lemmer; Amos Egel; Matthias Hecht; Jan B. Preinfalk; Guillaume Gomard
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Fabrication of a three-dimensional nanoporous polymer film as a diffuser for microcavity OLEDs
Author(s): Beom Pyo; Ye Ram Cho; Min Chul Suh
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Anisotropy in OLEDs
Author(s): M. K. Callens; D. Yokoyama; K. Neyts
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Extracting and shaping the light of OLED devices
Author(s): Daniel Riedel; Julian Dlugosch; Thomas Wehlus; Christoph Brabec
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Inkjet printing of photopolymerizable small molecules for OLED applications
Author(s): Simon Olivier; Lionel Derue; Bernard Geffroy; Eléna Ishow; Tony Maindron
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Reduced concentration quenching in a TADF-type copper(I)-emitter
Author(s): Harald Flügge; Alexander Rohr; Sebastian Döring; Charlotte Fléchon; Manuela Wallesch; Daniel Zink; Jochen Seeser; Jaime Leganés; Tatjana Sauer; Torsten Rabe; Wolfgang Kowalsky; Thomas Baumann; Daniel Volz
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Dependence of light outcoupling in organic light-emitting devices on ITO thickness and roughness
Author(s): Yingjie Zhang; Hany Aziz
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High performance inverted top-emitting organic light-emitting diodes with enhanced intrinsic quantum yield
Author(s): Yukun Wu; Runda Guo; Hongbo Wang; Zhensong Zhang; Yi Zhao
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To enhancement illuminance efficiency of OLED by thin film included microparticle
Author(s): Chuang-Hung Chiu; Chao-Heng Chien; Jen-Chi Lee; Wei-Cheng Chien
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Study on cadmium sulphide nanoparticles on blue and green light emitting polymers
Author(s): C. Pradeep; S. Mathew; M. A. G. Namboothiry; C. P. G. Vallabhan; P. Radhakrishnan; V. P. N. Nampoori
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A comparison of the effect of joule heating vs thermal annealing on the morphology of typical hole transport layers in organic light emitting devices
Author(s): Tyler Davidson-Hall; Hany Aziz
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Thermally activated delayed fluorescence evidence in non-bonding transition electron donor-acceptor molecules
Author(s): Ikbal Marghad; M. C. Clochard; N. Ollier; Travis L. Wade; C. Aymes-Chodur; C. Renaud; G. Zissis
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Highly enhanced phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes with cesium fluoride doped electron injection layer
Author(s): Jongseok Han; Yongwon Kwon; Jiho Sohn; Changhee Lee
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Numerical characteristics of the intensity distribution for a white organic light-emitting diode
Author(s): Henglong Yang; Wei-Sheng Li; Pin-Jui Huang; Meng-Huan Hsieh
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Long-lived and highly efficient green and blue phosphorescent emitters and device architectures for OLED displays
Author(s): Christian Eickhoff; Peter Murer; Thomas Geßner; Jan Birnstock; Michael Kröger; Zungsun Choi; Soichi Watanabe; Falk May; Christian Lennartz; Ilona Stengel; Ingo Münster; Klaus Kahle; Gerhard Wagenblast; Hannah Mangold
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