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High and Low Concentrator Systems for Solar Energy Applications X
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Volume Number: 9559
Date Published: 12 October 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9559
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fresnel lens characterization for solar concentration efficiency
Author(s): W. Harris; M. Hallam; C. Madsen; J. Simcik
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Demonstration of an intermediate-scale lens-to-channel waveguide solar concentrator
Author(s): R. Huang; Y. Liu; C. K. Madsen
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Fabrication and comparison of selective, transparent optics for concentrating solar systems
Author(s): Robert A. Taylor; Yasitha Hewakuruppu; Drew DeJarnette; Todd P. Otanicar
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High-temperature selective solar thermal absorber based on Fabry-Perot resonance cavity
Author(s): Hao Wang; Liping Wang
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Solar selective coatings based on carbon: transition metal nanocomposites
Author(s): Irene Heras; Elena Guillén; Matthias Krause; Ainhoa Pardo; Jose L. Endrino; Ramón Escobar Galindo
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Coupled optical-thermal-fluid and structural analyses of novel light-trapping tubular panels for concentrating solar power receivers
Author(s): Jesus D. Ortega; Joshua M. Christian; Julius E. Yellowhair; Clifford K. Ho
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Testing and optical modeling of novel concentrating solar receiver geometries to increase light trapping and effective solar absorptance
Author(s): Julius Yellowhair; Clifford K. Ho; Jesus D. Ortega; Joshua M. Christian; Charles E. Andraka
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Model and analysis of solar thermal generators to reduce the intermittency of photovoltaic systems with the use of spectrum splitting
Author(s): Silvana Ayala; Yuechen Wu; Shelby Vorndran; Raphael Perci Santiago; Raymond K. Kostuk
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Design and feasibility of high temperature nanoparticle fluid filter in hybrid thermal/photovoltaic concentrating solar power
Author(s): Drew DeJarnette; Nick Brekke; Ebrima Tunkara; Parameswar Hari; Kenneth Roberts; Todd Otanicar
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A high temperature hybrid photovoltaic-thermal receiver employing spectral beam splitting for linear solar concentrators
Author(s): Ahmad Mojiri; Cameron Stanley; Gary Rosengarten
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Concentrating PV module output power using a wireless microcontroller based automatic sun tracker
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour; Asma Mohamed Salem; Salma Mohamed Ghanem; Iman Ali
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Simulation of an electrowetting solar concentration cell
Author(s): Iftekhar Khan; Gary Rosengarten
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Holographic lens spectrum splitting photovoltaic system for increased diffuse collection and annual energy yield
Author(s): Shelby D. Vorndran; Yuechen Wu; Silvana Ayala; Raymond K. Kostuk
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Design of a holographic micro-scale spectrum-splitting photovoltaic system
Author(s): Yuechen Wu; Shelby Vorndran; Silvana Ayala Pelaez; Juan M. Russo; Raymond K. Kostuk
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