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EUV and X-ray Optics: Synergy between Laboratory and Space IV
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Volume Number: 9510
Date Published: 1 June 2015
Softcover: 33 papers (326) pages
ISBN: 9781628416312

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Front Matter: Volume 9510
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Beyond Chandra: the x-ray Surveyor
Author(s): Martin C. Weisskopf; Jessica Gaskin; Harvey Tananbaum; Alexey Vikhlinin
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X-ray optics at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Author(s): Stephen L. O'Dell; Carolyn Atkins; David M. Broadway; Ronald F. Elsner; Jessica A. Gaskin; Mikhail V. Gubarev; Kiranmayee Kilaru; Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak; Brian D. Ramsey; Jacqueline M. Roche; Douglas A. Swartz; Allyn F. Tennant; Martin C. Weisskopf; Vyacheslav E. Zavlin
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Alternative technologies and arrangements for future space x-ray telescopes
Author(s): R. Hudec; L. Pina; A. Inneman
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X-ray monitoring for astrophysical applications on Cubesat
Author(s): L. Pina; R. Hudec; A. Inneman; D. Cerna; J. Jakubek; L. Sieger; V. Dániel; W. Cash; L. Mikulickova; R. Pavlica; E. Belas; J. Polak
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X-ray characterization of curved crystals for hard x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Elisa Buffagni; Elisa Bonnini; Claudio Ferrari; Enrico Virgilli; Filippo Frontera
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ISS-Lobster: a low-cost wide-field x-ray transient detector on the ISS
Author(s): Jordan Camp; Scott Barthelmy; Rob Petre; Neil Gehrels; Francis Marshall; Andy Ptak; Judith Racusin
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Polarizers for a spectral range centered at 121.6 nm operating by reflectance or by transmittance
Author(s): Juan I. Larruquert; A. Marco Malvezzi; Angelo Giglia; José A. Aznárez; Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos; José A. Méndez; Paolo Miotti; Fabio Frassetto; Giuseppe Massone; Gerardo Capobianco; Silvano Fineschi; Stefano Nannarone
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Transverse x-ray scattering on random rough surfaces
Author(s): Ping Zhao
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Applications of lobster eye optics
Author(s): R. Hudec; L. Pina; A. Inneman; V. Tichy
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He+ ions damage on optical coatings for solar missions
Author(s): D. Bacco; A. J. Corso; P. Zuppella; F. Gerlin; R. Böttger; E. Napolitani; E. Tessarolo; M. Nardello; S. Zuccon; M. G. Pelizzo
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Analytical description of lobster eye and similar multi-foil optics
Author(s): Vladimír Tichý; René Hudec; Marco Barbera
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Preliminary design of optics for nano-satellite monitor
Author(s): Vladimír Tichý; René Hudec; Vojtěch Šimon
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Self standing curved crystals for gamma ray focusing
Author(s): C. Ferrari; E. Bonnini; E. Buffagni; S. Doyle
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Dynamical diffraction approach of deformed crystals using finite element method
Author(s): V. Mocella; C. Ferrero; J.-P. Guigay
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Narrowband filters for the FUV range
Author(s): Luis Rodríguez-de Marcos; Juan I. Larruquert; José A. Méndez; José A. Aznárez; Liping Fu
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Low-stress coatings for sputtered-sliced Fresnel zone plates and multilayer Laue lenses
Author(s): Stefan Braun; Adam Kubec; Peter Gawlitza; Maik Menzel; Andreas Leson
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A compact “water-window” microscope with 60-nm spatial resolution based on a double stream gas-puff target and Fresnel zone plate optics
Author(s): Przemyslaw Wachulak; Alfio Torrisi; Muhammad Fahad Nawaz; Daniel Adjei; Andrzej Bartnik; Jerzy Kostecki; Łukasz Wegrzynski; Šárka Vondrová; Jana Turňová; Tomasz Fok; Alexandr Jančarek; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Nanoscale imaging and optimization of a compact "water window" SXR microscope
Author(s): Alfio Torrisi; Przemyslaw Wachulak; Fahad Nawaz; Andrzej Bartnik; Jerzy Kostecki; Lukasz Węgrzyński; Roman Jarocki; Mirosław Szczurek; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Photoionized plasmas in laboratory: a connection to astrophysics and planetary sciences
Author(s): A. Bartnik; T. Pisarczyk; P. Wachulak; T. Chodukowski; T. Fok; Ł. Wegrzynski; Z. Kalinowska; H. Fiedorowicz; R. Jarocki; M. Szczurek; E. Krousky; M. Pfeifer; J. Skala; J. Ullschmied; J. Dostal; R. Dudzak; J. Hrebícek; T. Medrik; J. Cikhardt; B. Cikhardtova; D. Klir; K. Rezac; L. Pina
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Laser plasma sources of soft x-rays and extreme ultraviolet (EUV) for application in science and technology
Author(s): Andrzej Bartnik; Przemysław Wachulak; Roman Jarocki; Jerzy Kostecki; Mirosław Szczurek; Daniel Adjei; Inam Ul Ahad; Mesfin Getachew Ayele; Tomasz Fok; Anna Szczurek; Alfio Torrisi; Łukasz Węgrzyński; Henryk Fiedorowicz
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Diffraction gratings based on asymmetric-cut multilayers
Author(s): Mauro Prasciolu; Henry N. Chapman; Saša Bajt
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Achieving zero stress in iridium, chromium, and nickel thin films
Author(s): David M. Broadway; Jeffrey Weimer; Danielle Gurgew; Tomasz Lis; Brian D. Ramsey; Stephen L. O'Dell; Mikhail Gubarev; A. Ames; R. Bruni
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Optical and structural characterization of CeO2/B4C multilayers near boron K-edge energy
Author(s): M. G. Sertsu; A. Giglia; S. Brose; A. Comisso; Z. S. Wang; L. Juschkin; P. Nicolosi
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Characterization of nanoscale multilayer structures upon thermal annealing
Author(s): I. A. Makhotkin; A. Zameshin; R. W. E. van de Kruijs; A. Yakshin; F. Bijkerk
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Periodic Co/C, Cr/C, and CoCr/C soft x-ray multilayers prepared by N reactive sputtering
Author(s): Mingwu Wen; Li Jiang; Zhong Zhang; Qiushi Huang; Zhanshan Wang; Hongchang Wang; Mingqi Cui; Rongqing Yi
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Development of XUV multilayer gratings with high resolution and high efficiency
Author(s): Xiaowei Yang; Qiushi Huang; Igor V. Kozhevnikov; Zhanshan Wang; Jun Zhao; Yanqing Wu
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Characterization of TiO2 thin films in the EUV and soft x-ray region
Author(s): A. Comisso; A. Giglia; M. Nardello; E. Tessarolo; L. Calvillo; M. G. Sertsu; G. Granozzi; F. Gerlin; L. Brigo; P. Nicolosi
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Radiometric modelling of a space optical instrument: an example of application to PHEBUS
Author(s): Alain Jody Corso; Paola Zuppella; Jean Francois Mariscal; Nicolas Rouanet; Eric Quémerais; Marco Nardello; Piergiorgio Nicolosi; Enrico Tessarolo; Davide Bacco; Francesca Gerlin; Sara Zuccon; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo
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EUV ablation: a study of the process
Author(s): Chiara Liberatore; Andrzej Bartnik; Inam Ul Ahad; Martina Toufarová; Irena Matulková; Věra Hájková; Luděk Vyšín; Tomáš Burian; Libor Juha; Ladislav Pina; Akira Endo; Tomas Mocek
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Performance testing of a novel off-plane reflection grating and silicon pore optic spectrograph at PANTER
Author(s): Hannah Marlowe; Randall L. McEntaffer; Ryan Allured; Casey DeRoo; Drew M. Miles; Benjamin D. Donovan; James H. Tutt; Vadim Burwitz; Benedikt Menz; Gisela D. Hartner; Randall K. Smith; Ramses Günther; Alex Yanson; Giuseppe Vacanti; Marcelo Ackermann
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Overview of the multilayer-Fresnel zone plate and the kinoform lens development at MPI for intelligent systems
Author(s): Umut Tunca Sanli; Kahraman Keskinbora; Corinne Grévent; Gisela Schütz
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Time-resolved EUV spectra from nitrogen Z-pinching capillary discharge
Author(s): Michal Nevrkla; Alexandr Jančárek; Fahad Nawaz; Tomáš Parkman; Miroslava Vrbová
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Focusing and photon flux measurements of the 2.88-nm radiation at the sample plane of the soft x-ray microscope, based on capillary discharge source
Author(s): M. Fahad Nawaz; Alexandr Jancarek; Michal Nevrkla; Przemyslaw Wachulak; Jiri Limpouch; Ladislav Pina
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