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Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2015
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Volume Number: 9495
Date Published: 15 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9495
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Three-dimensional microscopy through liquid-lens axial scanning
Author(s): Ana Doblas; E. Sánchez-Ortiga; G. Saavedra; J. Sola-Pikabea; M. Martínez-Corral; Po-Yuan Hsieh; Yi-Pai Huang
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Recent developments in DFD (depth-fused 3D) display and arc 3D display
Author(s): Shiro Suyama; Hirotsugu Yamamoto
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Floating three-dimensional image display using micro-mirror array imaging element
Author(s): Daisueke Miyazaki; Yuki Maeda; Satoshi Maekawa
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Evaluation of viewing experiences induced by curved 3D display
Author(s): Sungchul Mun; Min-Chul Park; Sumio Yano
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Accommodation response for integral photography still images
Author(s): Sumio Yano; Min-Chul Park
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An analysis of brightness as a factor in visual discomfort caused by watching stereoscopic 3D video
Author(s): Yong-Woo Kim; Hang-Bong Kang
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The performances of a super-multiview simulator and the presence of monocular depth sense
Author(s): Beom-Ryeol Lee; Jung-Chul Park; Ilkon Jeong; Jung-young Son
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Integral imaging for anti-access/area denial environments
Author(s): Kenny Chen; Abhijit Mahalanobis; Robert Stanfill; Bahram Javidi
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Full-parallax 3D display from single-shot Kinect capture
Author(s): Seokmin Hong; Adrián Dorado; Genaro Saavedra; Manuel Martínez-Corral; Donghak Shin; Byung-Gook Lee
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2D MEMS scanning for LIDAR with sub-Nyquist sampling, electronics, and measurement procedure
Author(s): Thorsten Giese; Joachim Janes
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Shaping field for deep tissue microscopy
Author(s): J. Colon; H. Lim
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Compact integral three-dimensional imaging device
Author(s): J. Arai; T. Yamashita; H. Hiura; M. Miura; R. Funatsu; T. Nakamura; E. Nakasu
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Using perceivable light fields to evaluate the amount of information that autostereoscopic displays need to cast
Author(s): Adrian Stern; Bahram Javidi
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Integral imaging acquisition and processing for human gesture recognition
Author(s): F. Pla; P. Latorre-Carmona; E. Salvador-Balaguer; B. Javidi
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Optical barriers in integral imaging monitors through micro-Köhler illumination
Author(s): Angel Tolosa; H. Navarro; G. Saavedra; M. Martinez-Corral; J. Sola-Pikabea; A. Pons; R. Martinez-Cuenca; B. Javidi
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High-speed parallel phase-shifting digital holography system using special-purpose computer for image reconstruction
Author(s): Takashi Kakue; Tomoyoshi Shimobaba; Tomoyoshi Ito
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Implementation of wireless 3D stereo image capture system and 3D exaggeration algorithm for the region of interest
Author(s): Woonchul Ham; Chulgyu Song; Kangsan Lee; Luubaatar Badarch
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Crosstalk in multiview 3D images
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Beom-Ryeol Lee; Min-Chul Park; Thibault Leportier
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Lightfield super-resolution through turbulence
Author(s): Juan M. Trujillo-Sevilla; Juan J. Fernández-Valdivia; Luis F. Rodríguez-Ramos; Óscar G. Cárdenes; José G. Marichal-Hernández; Bahram Javidi; José M. Rodríguez-Ramos
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Spectral analysis of views interpolated by chroma subpixel downsampling for 3D autosteroscopic displays
Author(s): Avishai Marson; Adrian Stern
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2D MEMS scanning LIDAR with sub-Nyquist sampling, set-up and functionality
Author(s): Joachim Janes; Thorsten Giese
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FTV standardization for super-multiview and free navigation in MPEG
Author(s): Masayuki Tanimoto
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Research on steady-state visual evoked potentials in 3D displays
Author(s): Yu-Yi Chien; Chia-Ying Lee; Fang-Cheng Lin; Yi-Pai Huang; Li-Wei Ko; Han-Ping D. Shieh
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Reconstruct holographic 3D objects by double phase hologram
Author(s): Chih-Hung Ting; Koki Wakunami; Kenji Yamamoto; Yi-Pai Huang
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Format matching using multiple-planes pseudoscopic-to-orthoscopic conversion for 3D integral imaging display
Author(s): Xin Shen; Xiao Xiao; Manuel Martinez-Corral; Bahram Javidi
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Color image authentication scheme via multispectral photon-counting double random phase encoding
Author(s): Inkyu Moon
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Parallel reconstruction of multiple depth slice images with focused parts in integral imaging via graphics processing unit
Author(s): Faliu Yi; Inkyu Moon
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Optimizing the diffraction efficiency of LCOS-based holography with anomalous reflection by gradient meta-surface
Author(s): Chuan Shen; Kaifeng Liu; Sui Wei; Lei Ni; Hao Wang
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Phase retrieval using iterative Fourier transform and convex optimization algorithm
Author(s): Fen Zhang; Hong Cheng; Quanbing Zhang; Sui Wei
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A novel hybrid phase retrieval algorithm for partially coherent light illuminations
Author(s): Hong Cheng; Fen Zhang; Sui Wei; Yan Liu; Yapin Chen
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3D high speed characterization of phase objects using the transport of intensity equation
Author(s): Thanh Nguyen; Georges Nehmetallah; Ahmad Darudi; Peyman Soltani
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Color reconstruction of computer-generated hologram for real scenes using a light field camera
Author(s): Yutaka Endo; Takashi Kakue; Tomoyoshi Shimobaba; Tomoyoshi Ito
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Compressive holography reconstruction using phase-shifting interferometry
Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Chuan Shen; Hong Cheng; Fen Zhang; Kaifeng Liu; Quanbing Zhang; Sui Wei
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Viewing zone control of super-multiview display with directional backlight
Author(s): Kenji Hirano; Jin Miyazaki; Tomohiro Yendo
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The use of 3D scanning for sporting applications
Author(s): Kevin Friel; Pann Ajjimaporn; Jeremy Straub; Scott Kerlin
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The use of 3D scanning for wellness assessment purposes
Author(s): Pann Ajjimaporn; Kevin Friel; Jeremy Straub; Scott Kerlin
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Projection type transparent 3D display using active screen
Author(s): Hiroki Kamoshita; Tomohiro Yendo
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Noise reduction in holographic reconstruction by combining two spatial light modulators
Author(s): Thibault Leportier; Min-Chul Park; Jung-Young Son
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Evaluating visual discomfort in stereoscopic projection-based CAVE system with a close viewing distance
Author(s): Weitao Song; Dongdong Weng; Dan Feng; Yuqian Li; Yue Liu; Yongtian Wang
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Impact of lighting and attire on 3D scanner performance
Author(s): Pann Ajjimaporn; Dakota Feist; Jeremy Straub; Scott Kerlin
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Integrating visible light 3D scanning into the everyday world
Author(s): Jeremy Straub
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