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Fiber Optic Sensors and Applications XII
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Volume Number: 9480
Date Published: 4 June 2015
Softcover: 27 papers (254) pages
ISBN: 9781628415964

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Front Matter: Volume 9480
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fiber optic sensors for structural monitoring: a 30 year perspective
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Insight into fiber Bragg sensor response at 100-MHz interrogation rates under various dynamic loading conditions
Author(s): George Rodriguez; Marcelo Jaime; Chuck H. Mielke; Fedor F. Balakirev; Abul Azad; Richard L. Sandberg; Bruce Marshall; Brandon M. La Lone; Bryan F. Henson; Laura Smilowitz; Mark Marr-Lyon; Tom Sandoval
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In-situ monitoring of drug release from therapeutic eluting polyelectrolyte multilayers under static and dynamic conditions
Author(s): Fei Tian; Jouha Min; Jiri Kanka; Paula T. Hammond; Henry Du
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Distributed Rayleigh scatter dynamic strain sensing above the scan rate with optical frequency domain reflectometry
Author(s): Stephen T. Kreger; Justin W. Klein; Nur Aida Abdul Rahim; Joseph J. Bos
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Interrogating adhesion using fiber Bragg grating sensing technology
Author(s): Roger D. Rasberry; Garth D. Rohr; William K. Miller; Eric Udd; Noah T. Blach; Ryan A. Davis; Walter R. Olson; David Calkins; Allen R. Roach; David S. Walsh; James R. McElhanon
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Residual internal stress optimization for EPON 828/DEA thermoset resin using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Garth D. Rohr; Roger D. Rasberry; Amy K. Kaczmarowski; Mark E. Stavig; Cory S. Gibson; Eric Udd; Allen R. Roach; Brendan Nation
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Influence of dynamic thermal effects on durability of optical fiber in the fiber-optic temperature sensor
Author(s): Alexandre V. Polyakov
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Fiber optic anemometer based on silicon Fabry-Pérot interferometer
Author(s): Guigen Liu; Weilin Hou; Wei Qiao; Ming Han
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High-resolution, high-frequency wavelength shift detection of optical signals with low-cost, compact readouts
Author(s): A. Schuh; A. Hegyi; A. Raghavan; A. Lochbaum; J, Schwartz; P. Kiesel
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Novel sensing materials for harsh environment subsurface pH sensing applications
Author(s): Congjun Wang; Xin Su; Thomas D. Brown; Paul R. Ohodnicki
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Applications for fiber optic sensing in the upstream oil and gas industry
Author(s): Chris S. Baldwin
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Operational verification of a blow out preventer utilizing fiber Bragg grating based strain gauges
Author(s): Alan L. Turner; Philippe Loustau; Dan Thibodeau
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Specialty fiber optic applications for harsh and high radiation environments
Author(s): Brian G. Risch
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A polarisation maintaining fiber optimized for high temperature gyroscopes
Author(s): F. Tutu; Mark Hill; Laurence Cooper; A. Gillooly
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A miniature turn-around for distributed temperature sensing
Author(s): Xiaoguang Sun; David T. Burgess; Kyle Bedard; Jie Li; Mike Hines
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Biomimetic optical sensor for aerospace applications
Author(s): Susan A. Frost; George E. Gorospe; Cameron H. G. Wright; Steven F. Barrett
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Few-mode fiber based sensor in biomedical application
Author(s): Jing Zhang
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Fiber Bragg grating interrogation using a micro-ring resonator tunable filter with peak wavelength detection enhancement
Author(s): German Vargas
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Optimization of detonation velocity measurements using a chirped fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Y. Barbarin; A. Lefrançois; G. Zaniolo; V. Chuzeville; L. Jacquet; S. Magne; J. Luc; A. Osmont
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High electric field measurement with slab coupled optical sensors using nonlinear calibration
Author(s): Nikola Stan; Legrand Shumway; Frederick Seng; Rex King; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz
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Measurements of UV-A radiation and hazard limits from some types of outdoor lamps
Author(s): Essam El-Moghazy; Alaa–Eldin Abd-Elmageed; Sameh Reda
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Near-infrared absorption fiber-optic sensors for ultra-sensitive CO2 detection
Author(s): Xinyuan Chong; Ki-Joong Kim; Paul R. Ohodnicki; Chih-Hung Chang; Alan X. Wang
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A fiber-optic current sensor for lightning measurement applications
Author(s): Truong X. Nguyen; Jay J. Ely; George N. Szatkowski
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High frequency strain measurements with fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): J. Koch; M. Angelmahr; W. Schade
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Fiber optical sensors for enhanced battery safety
Author(s): Jan Meyer; Antonio Nedjalkov; Alexander Doering; Martin Angelmahr; Wolfgang Schade
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New design for a wavelength demultiplexing device
Author(s): Konrad Bethmann; Rozalia Orghici; Elke Pichler; Urs Zywietz; Thomas Schimdt; Uwe Gleissner; Christian Kelb; Bernhard Roth; Carsten Reinhardt; Ulrike Willer; Wolfgang Schade
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Femtosecond laser processing of evanescence field coupled waveguides in single mode glass fibers for optical 3D shape sensing and navigation
Author(s): Christian Waltermann; Anna Lena Baumann; Konrad Bethmann; Alexander Doering; Jan Koch; Martin Angelmahr; Wolfgang Schade
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