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Automatic Target Recognition XXV
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Volume Number: 9476
Date Published: 2 June 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9476
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Target classification strategies
Author(s): Bruce J. Schachter
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Mutual information for enhanced feature selection in visual tracking
Author(s): Victor Stamatescu; Sebastien Wong; David Kearney; Ivan Lee; Anthony Milton
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The effect of contrast in camouflage patterns on detectability by human observers and CAMAELEON
Author(s): Daniela H. Heinrich; Gorm K. Selj
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Evaluation methodology for query-based scene understanding systems
Author(s): Todd P. Huster; Timothy D. Ross; Jared L. Culbertson
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Misconceptions about instantaneous frequency, and complex signal representations through pole-zero manipulations
Author(s): Patrick J. Loughlin
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A novel method for determining target detection thresholds
Author(s): S. Grossman
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Sparsity-driven anomaly detection for ship detection and tracking in maritime video
Author(s): Scott Shafer; Josh Harguess; Pedro A. Forero
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Vessel classification in overhead satellite imagery using weighted "bag of visual words"
Author(s): Shibin Parameswaran; Katie Rainey
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Segmentation and tracking of electrokinetic particles in microscopic video
Author(s): Qiang Le; Shizhi Qian
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Shape distance transform for morphological filtering and landing site selection
Author(s): Bing C. Li
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An approach to automatic detection of suspicious individuals in a crowd
Author(s): Stephen Lucci; Satabdi Mukherjee; Izidor Gertner
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Aided target recognition using hyperdimensional manifolds
Author(s): Kenny Chen; Robert Stanfill; Abhijit Mahalanobis
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Enhanced target versus clutter discrimination using time-frequency (LTV) filters
Author(s): Vikram Thiruneermalai Gomatam; Patrick Loughlin
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Stereo image segmentation with application in underwater fish detection and tracking
Author(s): Dimitrios Charalampidis; Madhuri Gundam; George E. Ioup; Juliette W. Ioup; Charles H. Thompson
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Instantaneous bandwidth
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Studies in adaptive automated underwater sonar mine detection and classification- part 1: exploitation methods
Author(s): Firooz A. Sadjadi
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Performance of peaky template matching under additive white Gaussian noise and uniform quantization
Author(s): Matthew S. Horvath; Brian D. Rigling
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Performance and time requirement analysis of top-hat transform based small target detection algorithms
Author(s): Ozan Yardımcı; Seyit Tunç; İlkay Ulusoy Parnas
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An evaluation of open set recognition for FLIR images
Author(s): Matthew Scherreik; Brian Rigling
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Automatic solar panel recognition and defect detection using infrared imaging
Author(s): Xiang Gao; Eric Munson; Glen P. Abousleman; Jennie Si
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Estimation, tracking and geolocation of maritime burst signals from a single receiver
Author(s): D. J. Nelson; J. L. Townsend
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THz devices based on 2D electron systems
Author(s): Huili Grace Xing; Rusen Yan; Bo Song; Jimy Encomendero; Debdeep Jena
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Distributed estimation of a parametric field with random sensor placements
Author(s): Marwan Alkhweldi; Zhicheng Cao; Natalia A. Schmid
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Inferential statistics for transient signal detection in radio astronomy phased arrays
Author(s): Natalia A. Schmid; Richard M. Prestage; Marwan Alkhweldi
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Composite multi-lobe descriptor for cross spectral face recognition: matching active IR to visible light images
Author(s): Zhicheng Cao; Natalia A. Schmid
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Identification of partially occluded firearms through partonomy
Author(s): Abdullah N. Arslan; Christian F. Hempelmann; Salvatore Attardo; Grady Price Blount; Nona N. Sirakova; Nikolay Metodiev Sirakov
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Metal-organic hybrid metamaterial THz imaging band translators
Author(s): Dragoslav Grbovic; Fabio Alves; Gamani Karunasiri; Jim Newman
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Multisensor fusion with the ramification algorithm
Author(s): Andre U. Sokolnikov
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Graphene active plasmonics for terahertz device applications
Author(s): Taiichi Otsuji; Alexander Dubinov; Maxim Ryzhii; Stephane Boubanga Tombet; Akira Satou; Vladimir Mitin; Michael S. Shur; Victor Ryzhii
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Ramification algorithm for graphene sample-defect localization
Author(s): Andre Sokolnikov
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Carbon-based terahertz devices
Author(s): Xiaowei He; Weilu Gao; Qi Zhang; Lei Ren; Junichiro Kono
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Fast algorithm of infrared small target detection in jitter background
Author(s): Weiping Yang; Xinping Lu; Jicheng Li; Zhilong Zhang
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Image feature extraction based multiple ant colonies cooperation
Author(s): Zhilong Zhang; Weiping Yang; Jicheng Li
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Spherical Gaussian mixture model and object tracking system for PTZ camera
Author(s): Seok Hwangbo; Chan-Su Lee
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BMVT-M based IR and SAR ground target detection
Author(s): Yun-Ji Lim; Sungho Kim; Yeongrae Jo; Woo-Jin Song; Sohyeon Kim
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