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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9367

Silicon Photonics X
Editor(s): Graham T. Reed; Michael R. Watts
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Volume Number: 9367
Date Published: 17 April 2015
Softcover: 48 papers (358) pages
ISBN: 9781628414578

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9367
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fabrication error tolerant SOI WDM device using bidirectional angled multimode interferometers
Author(s): Graham T. Reed; Youfang Hu; David J. Thomson; Ali Z. Khokhar; Stevan Stanković; Colin J. Mitchell; Frederic Y. Gardes; Goran Z. Mashanovich
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Improved performance of a silicon arrayed waveguide grating by reduction of higher order mode generation near the boundary of a star coupler
Author(s): Jaegyu Park; Jiho Joo; Hyundai Park; Myung-Joon Kwack; Gyungock Kim
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Architectures for evanescent frequency tuning of microring resonators in micro-opto-electro-mechanical SOI platforms
Author(s): Hossam Shoman; Marcus S. Dahlem
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Feedback and control in integrated optics enabled by contactLess integrated photonic probe
Author(s): Andrea Annoni; Francesco Morichetti; Stefano Grillanda; Nicola Peserico; Marco Carminati; Pietro Ciccarella; Giorgio Ferrari; Marco Sampietro; Andrea Melloni
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Suspended silicon slotted microring resonators with ultra-high optical quality
Author(s): Wei C. Jiang; Qiang Lin
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Low-loss delay lines with small footprint on a micron-scale SOI platform
Author(s): Matteo Cherchi; Mikko Harjanne; Konstantinos Vyrsokinos; Sami Ylinen; Markku Kapulainen; Tapani Vehmas; Timo Aalto
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Total internal reflection mirrors with ultra-low losses in 3 µm thick SOI waveguides
Author(s): Timo Aalto; Mikko Harjanne; Sami Ylinen; Markku Kapulainen; Tapani Vehmas; Matteo Cherchi
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Design and characterisation of high-speed monolithic silicon modulators for digital coherent communication
Author(s): Kensuke Ogawa; Kazuhiro Goi; Akira Oka; Yasuhiro Mashiko; Tsung-Yang Liow; Xiaoguang Tu; Guo-Qiang Lo; Dim-Lee Kwong; Soon Thor Lim; Min Jie Sun; Ching Eng Png
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Power-efficient carrier-depletion SOI Mach-Zehnder modulators for 4x25Gbit/s operation in the O-band
Author(s): Thomas Ferrotti; Alain Chantre; Benjamin Blampey; Hélène Duprez; Frédéric Milesi; André Myko; Corrado Sciancalepore; Karim Hassan; Julie Harduin; Charles Baudot; Sylvie Menezo; Frédéric Boeuf; Badhise Ben Bakir
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Strain tuning of germanium bandgap by selective epitaxial growth for electro-absorption modulators
Author(s): Y. Mizuno; M. Yako; N. M. Luan; K. Wada
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Accurate modelling and simulation of silicon optical modulators in QPSK
Author(s): Ching Eng Png; Min Jie Sun; Soon Thor Lim; Kensuke Ogawa
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Silicon photonics cloud (SiCloud)
Author(s): Peter T. S. DeVore; Yunshan Jiang; Michael Lynch; Taira Miyatake; Christopher Carmona; Andrew C. Chan; Kuhan Muniam; Bahram Jalali
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Modulation efficiency enhancement of an optical phase modulator using one dimensional photonic crystal structures
Author(s): Seyedreza Hosseini; Kambiz Jamshidi
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25 Gb/s photoreceiver based on vertical-illumination type Ge-on-Si photodetector and CMOS amplifier circuit for optical interconnects
Author(s): Jiho Joo; Ki-Seok Jang; Sanghoon Kim; In Gyoo Kim; Jin Hyuk Oh; Sun Ae Kim; Gyungock Kim; Gyu-Seob Jeong; Hankyu Chi; Deog-Kyoon Jeong
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A hybrid photonic-electronic switching architecture for next generation datacenters
Author(s): Eric Bernier; Hamid Mehrvar; Mohammad Kiaei; Huixiao Ma; Xiaoling Yang; Yan Wang; Shuaibing Li; Alan Graves; Dawei Wang; H. Y. Fu; Dongyu Geng; Dominic Goodwill
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Monolithic silicon photonics in a sub-100nm SOI CMOS microprocessor foundry: progress from devices to systems
Author(s): Miloš A. Popović; Mark T. Wade; Jason S. Orcutt; Jeffrey M. Shainline; Chen Sun; Michael Georgas; Benjamin Moss; Rajesh Kumar; Luca Alloatti; Fabio Pavanello; Yu-Hsin Chen; Kareem Nammari; Jelena Notaros; Amir Atabaki; Jonathan Leu; Vladimir Stojanović; Rajeev J. Ram
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Photonic-electronic integration with polysilicon photonics in bulk CMOS
Author(s): Rajeev J. Ram
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Interferometric microscopy of silicon photonic devices
Author(s): William S. Rabinovich; Rita Mahon; Peter G. Goetz; Marcel Pruessner; Mike S. Ferraro; Doe Park; Erin Fleet; Michael J. DePrenger
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Hybrid silicon mode-locked laser with improved RF power by impedance matching
Author(s): Bassem Tossoun; Dennis Derickson; Sudharsanan Srinivasan; John Bowers
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Group IV mid-infrared photonics
Author(s): G. Z. Mashanovich; M. Nedeljkovic; J. Soler Penades; C. J. Mitchell; A. Z. Khokhar; C. J. Littlejohns; S. Stankovic; B. Troia; Y. Wang; S. Reynolds; V. M. N. Passaro; L. Shen; N. Healy; A. C. Peacock; C. Alonso-Ramos; A. Ortega-Monux; G. Wanguemert-Perez; I. Molina-Fernandez; D. J. Rowe; J. S. Wilkinson; P. Cheben; J. J. Ackert; A. P. Knights; D. J. Thomson; F. Y. Gardes
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Si based GeSn light emitter: mid-infrared devices in Si photonics
Author(s): S. Q. Yu; S. A. Ghetmiri; W. Du; J. Margetis; Y. Zhou; Aboozar Mosleh; S. Al-Kabi; A. Nazzal; G. Sun; Richard A. Soref; J. Tolle; B. Li; H. A. Naseem
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Temperature-dependent study of Si-based GeSn photoconductors
Author(s): Thach Pham; Wei Du; Joe Margetis; Seyed Amir Ghetmiri; Aboozar Mosleh; Greg Sun; Richard A. Soref; John Tolle; Hameed A. Naseem; Baohua Li; Shui-Qing Yu
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Integrated photonic crystal waveguides on silicon-on-sapphire for chemical sensing in mid-infrared
Author(s): Yi Zou; Swapnajit Chakravarty; Xiaochuan Xu; Ray T. Chen
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Silicon-PDMS optofluidic integration
Author(s): Genni Testa; Gianluca Persichetti; Pasqualina M. Sarro; Romeo Bernini
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4H-SiC detectors for ultraviolet light monitoring
Author(s): M. Mazzillo; A. Sciuto; P. Badalà; B. Carbone; A. Russo; S. Coffa
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Imec iSiPP25G silicon photonics: a robust CMOS-based photonics technology platform
Author(s): Philippe P. Absil; Peter De Heyn; Hongtao Chen; Peter Verheyen; Guy Lepage; Marianna Pantouvaki; Jeroen De Coster; Amit Khanna; Youssef Drissi; Dries Van Thourhout; Joris Van Campenhout
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Mode-converting coupler for silicon-on-sapphire devices
Author(s): S. Zlatanovic; Bruce W. Offord; Michael W. Owen; R. Shimabukuro; E. W. Jacobs
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Topology-optimized silicon photonic wire mode (de)multiplexer
Author(s): Louise F. Frellsen; Lars H. Frandsen; Yunhong Ding; Yuriy Elesin; Ole Sigmund; Kresten Yvind
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25 Gbps silicon photonics multi-mode fiber link with highly alignment tolerant vertically illuminated germanium photodiode
Author(s): Tadashi Okumura; Yuki Wakayama; Yasunobu Matsuoka; Katsuya Oda; Misuzu Sagawa; Takashi Takemoto; Etsuko Nomoto; Hideo Arimoto; Shigehisa Tanaka
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Silicon-based tunable optical delay lines and switches for next generation optical telecommunications
Author(s): Linjie Zhou; Jingya Xie; Liangjun Lu; Zuxiang Li; Jianping Chen
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Si-wire grating couplers for integrated optical transceivers based on single-mode fiber connection
Author(s): Yohei Sobu; Seok–Hwan Jeong; Shigeaki Sekiguchi; Yu Tanaka; Ken Morito
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Low back-reflection CMOS-compatible grating coupler for perfectly vertical coupling
Author(s): G. Dabos; Nikos Pleros; D. Tsiokos
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Mode conversion based on the acousto-optical interaction in photonic-phononic waveguide
Author(s): Guodong Chen; Ruiwen Zhang; Xiong Huang; Heng Xie; Ya Gao; Danqi Feng; Junqiang Sun
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Comparison of different types of MMI-resonators fabricated on a micron-scale SOI platform
Author(s): Matteo Cherchi; Mikko Harjanne; Sami Ylinen; Markku Kapulainen; Tapani Vehmas; Timo Aalto
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Structural and optical properties of 200 mm germanium-on-insulator (GeOI) substrates for silicon photonics applications
Author(s): Vincent Reboud; Julie Widiez; Jean Michel Hartmann; Guilherme Osvaldo Dias; Daivid Fowler; Alexei Chelnokov; Alban Gassenq; Kevin Guilloy; Nicolas Pauc; Vincent Calvo; Richard Geiger; T. Zabel; Jérôme Faist; Hans Sigg
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Silicon photonics athermal Mach-Zehnder interferometer with wide thermal and spectral operating range
Author(s): Peng Xing; Jaime Viegas
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Bending behavior of a flexible single crystal nanomembrane photonic crystal cavity
Author(s): Xiaochuan Xu; Harish Subbaraman; Ray T. Chen
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Compact 4X4 1250GHz silicon arrayed waveguide grating router for optical interconnects
Author(s): Guanting Chen; Jun Zou; Tingting Lang; Jianjun He
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Photoluminescence quenching effect by Si cap in n+ Ge on Si
Author(s): H. Pan; R. Takahashi; K. Takinai; K. Wada
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Comparison of large photovoltaic power plants with conventional ones and prospects for photovoltaic plants use in Israel
Author(s): M. Slonim; L. Pregerman; B. Medres
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GeSn waveguide structures for efficient light detection and emission
Author(s): You-Long Lin; Yu-Hui Huang; Shao-Wei Chen; Guo-En Chang
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Comparison of EL emitted by LEDs on Si substrates containing Ge and Ge/GeSn MQW as active layers
Author(s): B. Schwartz; T. Arguirov; M. Kittler; M. Oehme; K. Kostecki; E. Kasper; J. Schulze
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Ultra-low-cost near-infrared photodetectors on silicon
Author(s): M. Amin Nazirzadeh; Fatih B. Atar; B. Berkan Turgut; Ali K. Okyay
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High-quality slot waveguide ring resonator based on atomic layer deposition
Author(s): A. Autere; L. Karvonen; A. Säynätjoki; M. Roussey; E. Färm; M. Kemell; X. Tu; T. Y. Liow; G. Q. Lo; M. Ritala; M. Leskelä; S. Honkanen; Z. Sun
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Toward new design-rule-check of silicon photonics for automated layout physical verifications
Author(s): Mohamed Ismail; Raghi S. El Shamy; Kareem Madkour; Sherif Hammouda; Mohamed A. Swillam
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Induced strain in silicon waveguides and couplers
Author(s): G. B. Montanari; F. Mancarella; R. Balboni; D. Marini; F. Corticelli; M. Sanmartin; M. Ferri; G. Bolognini
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Solar cell enhancement using metallic nanoparticles embedded in titanium dioxide
Author(s): Max A. Burnett; Kenneth W. Allen; Michael A. Fiddy
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Strained germanium-tin multiple quantum well microdisk resonators towards a light source on silicon
Author(s): Colleen K. Shang; Robert Chen; Suyog Gupta; Yi-Chiau Huang; Yijie Huo; Errol Sanchez; Yihwan Kim; Theodore I. Kamins; Krishna C. Saraswat; James S. Harris
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Silicon integrated nanophotonics: from fundamental science to manufacturable technology (Presentation Video)
Author(s): Yurii A. Vlasov
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