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Smart Photonic and Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits XVII
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Volume Number: 9366
Date Published: 26 March 2015

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Front Matter: Volume 9366
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Multi-parameter extraction from SOI photonic integrated circuits using circuit simulation and evolutionary algorithms
Author(s): A. Ruocco; M. Fiers; M. Vanslembrouck; T. Van Vaerenbergh; Wim Bogaerts
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Optodic bonding of optoelectronic components in transparent polymer substrates-based flexible circuit systems
Author(s): Yixiao Wang; Meriem Akin; Lisa Jogschies; Ludger Overmeyer; Lutz Rissing
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Novel distributed feedback lightwave circuit elements
Author(s): Ceren B. Dağ; Mehmet A. Anil; Ali Serpengüzel
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Heterogeneous 2D and 3D integrated circuits for temporal, spectral, and spatial information processing
Author(s): S. J. Ben Yoo
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Simple and compact tunable semiconductor lasers based on novel half-wave coupler
Author(s): Jian-Jun He; Xiaohai Xiong; Jianjun Meng; Lin Wu; Sen Zhang; Xiaolu Liao; Li Zou
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Undisturbed interferometric sensing through a fluid interface by electrically-tunable lenses and micro mirrors
Author(s): J. Czarske; C. Leithold; Hannes Radner; L. Büttner; Moritz Stürmer; U. Wallrabe
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Design, fabrication and demonstration of heterogeneously III-V/Si laser with a compact optical vertical interconnect access
Author(s): Jing Pu; Doris Keh Ting Ng; Kim Peng Lim; Vivek Krishnamurthy; Chee Wei Lee; Kun Tang; Anthony, Yew Seng Kay; Ter Hoe Loh; Qian Wang
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Heterogenous integration: the more-than-Moore path to silicon photonic microsystems
Author(s): Gregory Fish; Alexander Fang
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IIIV/Si hybrid integrated devices for optical interconnect
Author(s): Kaixuan Chen; Yuntao Zhu; Jianxin Cheng; Qiangsheng Huang; Xin Fu; Jianhao Zhang; Yaocheng Shi; Jin Liu; Günther Roelkens; Liu Liu
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Fan-in/out polymer optical waveguide for a multicore fiber fabricated using the Mosquito method
Author(s): D. Suganuma; T. Ishigure
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Graded refractive index optics based on dual-layer ultrathin films: theory, design and applications in integrated photonics
Author(s): Qian Wang; Kim Peng Lim; Doris K. T. Ng
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Bend insensitive graded index multimode polymer optical waveguides fabricated using the Mosquito method
Author(s): Asami Takahashi; Takaaki Ishigure
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SPADAS: a high-speed 3D single-photon camera for advanced driver assistance systems
Author(s): D. Bronzi; Yu Zou; S. Bellisai; F. Villa; Simone Tisa; A. Tosi; F. Zappa
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Image sensor innovations for low light levels with active imaging features
Author(s): Gareth H. Powell; Pierre Fereyre
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Epitaxial growth of luminescent β-FeSi2 on modified Si(111) surface by silver
Author(s): Kensuke Akiyama; Hiroshi Funakubo
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