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Plasmonics in Biology and Medicine XII
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Volume Number: 9340
Date Published: 10 April 2015
Softcover: 21 papers (148) pages
ISBN: 9781628414301

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Front Matter: Volume 9340
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
DNA origami based assembly of gold nanoparticle dimers for SERS detection
Author(s): Vivek V. Thacker; Lars O. Herrmann; Daniel O. Sigle; Tao Zhang; Tim Liedl; Jeremy J. Baumberg; Ulrich F. Keyser
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Amplifying the SERS signal of DNA bases via the chemical resonance
Author(s): Lindsay M. Freeman; Lin Pang; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Stamping SERS for creatinine sensing
Author(s): Ming Li; Yong Du; Fusheng Zhao; Jianbo Zeng; Greggy M. Santos; Chandra Mohan; Wei-Chuan Shih
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Silica-coated gold nanostars for surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy mapping of integrins in breast cancer cells
Author(s): Michael B. Fenn; Nikša Roki; Chris Bashur
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DNA-guided assembly of three-dimensional nanostructures for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Li-An Wu; Yu-Ting Lin; Yih-Fan Chen
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A multimodal imaging agent for intrinsic surface enhanced Raman scattering of biological tissue
Author(s): C. B. Pohling; J. L. Campbell; Timothy A. Larson; S. S. Gambhir
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Monolithic nanoporous gold disks with large surface area and high-density plasmonic hot-spots
Author(s): Fusheng Zhao; Jianbo Zeng; Md Masud Parvez Arnob; Greggy M. Santos; Wei-Chuan Shih
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A computer model for the prediction of sensitivity in SPR sensing platforms
Author(s): Kristel D. Izquierdo; Arnoldo Salazar; Adrian Losoya-Leal; Sergio O. Martinez-Chapa
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SPR-MS: from identifying adsorbed molecules to image tissues
Author(s): Jean-François Masson; Julien Breault-Turcot; Simon Forest; Pierre Chaurand
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Matching plasmon resonances to the C=C and C-H bonds in estradiol
Author(s): Ifeoma G. Mbomson; Scott McMeekin; Richard De La Rue; Nigel P. Johnson
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An engineered nano-plasmonic biosensing surface for colorimetric and SERS detection of DNA-hybridization events
Author(s): Esmaeil Heydari; David Thompson; Duncan Graham; Jonathan M. Cooper; Alasdair W. Clark
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Plasmonic cell manipulation for biomedical and screening applications
Author(s): Dag Heinemann; Markus Schomaker; Stefan Kalies; Merve Sinram; Patrick Heeger; Hugo Murua Escobar; Heiko Meyer; Tammo Ripken
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Investigation of electron beam irradiation effect on pore formation for single molecule bio-sensor fabrication
Author(s): Seong Soo Choi; Myoung Jin Park; Chul Hee Han; Sung In Kim; Jung Ho Yoo; Kyung Jin Park; Nam Kyou Park; Yong Sang Kim
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Bidimensional assemblies of nonspherical gold nanoparticles for SERS analysis of biomolecules
Author(s): Paolo Matteini; Marella de Angelis; Lorenzo Ulivi; Sonia Centi; Roberto Pini
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Enhancing the sensitivity of localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) biosensors using nanorods and DNA aptamers
Author(s): Po-Chun Chuang; Pei-Chen Liao; Yih-Fan Chen
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Analysis of transmission through slit and multiple grooves structures for biosensors
Author(s): Bong Ho Kim; Bikash Nakarmi; Yong Hyub Won
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Numerical investigation of plasmonic properties of gold nanoshells
Author(s): K. Sathiyamoorthy; Michael C. Kolios
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Theoretical approach to surface plasmon scattering microscopy for single nanoparticle detection in near infrared region
Author(s): Taehwang Son; Donghyun Kim
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Silver nanoislands based SERS-active substrates for DNAs detection
Author(s): Hyerin Song; Seunghun Lee; Taeyoung Kang; Kyujung Kim
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Surface-enhanced Brillouin scattering in a vicinity of plasmonic gold nanostructures
Author(s): Zhaokai Meng; Vladislav V. Yakovlev; Zhandos Utegulov
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The effect of laser irradiation on living cells incubated with gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Olga Bibikova; Prateek Singh; Alexey Popov; Georgy Akchurin; Ilya Skovorodkin; Vitaly Khanadeev; Matti Kinnunen; Vladimir Bogatyrev; Nikolai Khlebtsov; Seppo Vainio; Valery Tuchin
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