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Optical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XXVI
Editor(s): E. Duco Jansen
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Volume Number: 9321
Date Published: 14 April 2015
Softcover: 31 papers (248) pages
ISBN: 9781628414110

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Front Matter: Volume 9321
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Laser-induced formation of micro-pores in the tissues for cartilage repair and treatment of glaucoma
Author(s): Emil Sobol; Olga Baum; Alexander Shnirelman
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Femtosecond laser collagen cross-linking without traditional photosensitizers
Author(s): Yizang Guo; Chao Wang; Nicola Celi; Sinisa Vukelic
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Hemifusion of cells using femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Nir Katchinskiy; Roseline Godbout; Helly R. Goez; Abdulhakem Y. Elezzabi
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Investigation of the formation mechanism and morphology of the features created in the interior of cornea by femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Yizang Guo; Sinisa Vukelic
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Role of molecular photodissociation in ultrafast laser surgery
Author(s): Jenny Wang; Georg Schuele; Phil Huie; Daniel V. Palanker
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Temperature dependence of melanosome microcavitation thresholds produced by single nanosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Morgan S. Schmidt; Paul K. Kennedy; Gary D. Noojin; Robert J. Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Two-wavelength approach for control of coagulation depth during laser tissue soldering
Author(s): Martin Wehner; Mirko Aden; Nina Toedter; Beate Rosenkranz
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Porcine cadaver iris model for iris heating during corneal surgery with a femtosecond laser
Author(s): Hui Sun; Zhongwei Fan; Jiang Wang; Ying Yan; Tibor Juhasz; Ron Kurtz
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Improvement of thermal effects to rabbit atherosclerotic aortas by macro pulse irradiation of a quantum cascade laser in the 5.7 μm wavelength range
Author(s): Keisuke Hashimura; Katsunori Ishii; Kunio Awazu
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Brillouin spectroscopy characterizes microscopic viscoelasticity associated with skin injury
Author(s): Zhaokai Meng; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Modeling of tissue heating under tunable near IR radiation
Author(s): Joel N. Bixler; Brett Hokr; Chad A. Oian; Aaron F. Hoffman; Vladislav V. Yakovlev; Robert J. Thomas
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Evidence of thermal additivity during short laser pulses in an in vitro retinal model
Author(s): Michael L. Denton; Amanda J. Tijerina; Phillip N. Dyer; Chad A. Oian; Gary D. Noojin; John M. Rickman; Aurora D. Shingledecker; Clifton D. Clark; Cherry C. Castellanos; Robert J. Thomas; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Computational model of heterogeneous heating in melanin
Author(s): Jason Kellicker; Charles A. DiMarzio; Gregory J. Kowalski
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Cytotoxicity change with albumin binding of talaporfin sodium in extracellular photosensitization reaction on cardiomyocyte
Author(s): Emiyu Ogawa; Sayaka Motohashi; Tsunenori Arai
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Photoinduced conformational changes to porphyrin-bound albumin reduces albumin binding to Osteonectin
Author(s): Sarah C. Rozinek; Robert J. Thomas; Lorenzo Brancaleon
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Origins of intracellular calcium mobilization evoked by infrared laser stimulation
Author(s): Cory A. Olsovsky; Gleb P. Tolstykh; Bennett L. Ibey; Hope T. Beier
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Time response of electrical conduction block in novel cardiomyocyte wire by extra-cellular photosensitization reaction at various irradiances
Author(s): Mariko Kurotsu; Emiyu Ogawa; Tsunenori Arai
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Terahertz spectroscopy and detection of brain tumor in rat fresh-tissue samples
Author(s): S. Yamaguchi; Yasuko Fukushi; O. Kubota; T. Itsuji; S. Yamamoto; T. Ouchi
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Effects of different terahertz frequencies on gene expression in human keratinocytes
Author(s): Ibtissam Echchgadda; Cesario Z. Cerna; Mark A. Sloan; David P. Elam; Bennet L. Ibey
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Optical clearing of the mouse brain and light attenuation quantitation
Author(s): Angela d'Esposito; Daniil Nikitichev; Adrien Desjardins; Simon Walker-Samuel; Mark F. Lythgoe
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Simulation and measurement of transcranial near infrared light penetration
Author(s): Lan Yue; Manuel Monge; Mehmet H. Ozgur; Kevin Murphy; Stan Louie; Carol A. Miller; Azita Emami; Mark S. Humayun
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Use of extended source model to predict spatially resolved diffuse reflectance close to the source for semi-infinite medium
Author(s): Pankaj Singh; Prabodh Kumar Pandey; Asima Pradhan
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Study optical properties of biological tissue in the presence of microbubbles
Author(s): Homa Assadi; Vincent Lee; Raffi Karshafian; Alexandre Douplik
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DNA fragmentation and nuclear phenotype in tendons exposed to low-intensity infrared laser
Author(s): Flavia de Paoli; Larissa Ramos Cerqueira; Mayara Martins Ramos; Vera M. Campos; Samara Cristina Ferreira-Machado; Mauro Geller; Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca
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Effects of formalin fixation on tissue optical properties of in-vitro brain samples
Author(s): Suresh Anand; Riccardo Cicchi; Fabrizio Martelli; Flavio Giordano; Anna Maria Buccoliero; Renzo Guerrini; Francesco Saverio Pavone
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Dynamics of water-mediated hard dental tissue ablation with Ho:YAG laser visualized by high speed photography
Author(s): Zhenlin Zhan; Chuanguo Chen; Xuwei Li; Xianzeng Zhang; Shusen Xie
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Photobiostimulation on chondrocytes proliferation in different concentration of fetal bovine serum under low-level laser irradiation
Author(s): Liqin Zheng; Yuhua Wang; Caimin Qiu; Jianlin Chen; Hongqin Yang; Yanding Zhang; Shusen Xie
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Assessment of ultra-high resolution optical coherence tomography for monitoring tissue effects caused by laser photocoagulation of ex-vivo porcine retina
Author(s): Patrick Steiner; Volker Enzmann; Sebastian Wolf; Anke Bossen; Christoph Meier; Raphael Sznitman
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Optical cryoimaging of rat kidney and the effective role of chromosome 13 in salt-induced hypertension
Author(s): F. Salehpour; Chun Yang; Theresa Kurth; A. W. Cowley; M. Ranji
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Low-intensity infrared laser effects on zymosan-induced articular inflammatory response
Author(s): Lúcia Mara Januário dos Anjos; Adenilson de Souza da Fonseca; Jacy Gameiro; Flávia de Paoli
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Optical characterization of pancreatic normal and tumor tissues with double integrating sphere system
Author(s): Tugba Kiris; Saadet Akbulut; Aysenur Kiris; Zuhal Gucin; Oguzhan Karatepe; Gamze Bölükbasi Ates; Haşim Özgür Tabakoğlu
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