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International Symposium on Optoelectronic Technology and Application 2014: Optical Remote Sensing Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 9299
Date Published: 18 November 2014
Softcover: 49 papers (360) pages
ISBN: 9781628413854

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9299
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Assessing the capabilities of hyperspectral remote sensing to map oil films on waters
Author(s): Bingxin Liu; Ying Li; Xueyuan Zhu
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Development of sea ice monitoring with aerial remote sensing technology
Author(s): Xuhui Jiang; Lei Han; Liang Dong; Lulu Cui; Jun Bie; Xuewei Fan
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The coastline remote sensing survey for Zhao Shu Island in Xisha Islands based on WorldView-2
Author(s): Li Li; Chang Zhong; Fanping Kong
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An analysis on effecting factors of ultra-violet imaging appliance in corona discharge
Author(s): Xiao Han; Ning Yang; Shuai Yuan; Jiangang Bi
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Relative radiometric calibration method based on linear CCD imaging the same region of non-uniform scene
Author(s): Haichao Li; Yi-yun Man
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The design and study of a new micropulse Lidar
Author(s): Lihui Lü; Wenqing Liu; Tianshu Zhang; Yihuai Lu; Yunsheng Dong; Zhenyi Chen; Guangqiang Fan; Shaoshuai Qi
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Design of transient light signal simulator based on FPGA
Author(s): Jing Kang; Rong-li Chen; Hong Wang
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Laser radar range profile, Doppler spectra and range resolved Doppler imaging technologies for the target recognition
Author(s): Pengfei Wu; Ming-Jun Wang; Xi-zheng Ke; Yan-jun Gong; Yang Teng
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Design of a multi-spectral TDICCD focal plane imaging and processing system based on FPGA
Author(s): Guo-fang Zhai; Jing-jing Zhang; Dong Wang; Zhi-xue Han; Yun Cheng
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Lifetime radiometric calibration of HJ-1A/B CCD sensor using Dunhuang Gobi site
Author(s): Qijin Han; Xuewen Zhang; Li Liu; Aichun Wang
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Telecentric system with large-field for surveillance and measuring camera in space station
Author(s): Tian-jin Tang; Jing-bo Tong
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During air cool process aerosol absorption detection with photothermal interferometry
Author(s): Baosheng Li; Limei Xu; Junling Huang; Fei Ma; Yicheng Wang; Zhengqiang Li
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The vegetation coverage dynamics due to geohazards after the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan
Author(s): Hanhu Liu; Sen Zeng; Jianming Xu
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Typhoon center location algorithm based on fractal feature and gradient of infrared satellite cloud image
Author(s): Changjiang Zhang; Yuan Chen; Juan Lu
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Multiscale snapshot imaging spectrometer with large FOV and fast speed
Author(s): Yiqun Ji; Jose Sasian; Yuheng Chen; Jiankang Zhou
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An infrared remote sensor with high integration and multi-spectral bands
Author(s): Lisha Zhang; Zhaojun Liu; Wenpo Ma; Shaofan Tang; Bin Hu
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A data preprocessing method based on multi-threshold
Author(s): Bida Su; Shuhua Wang; Jingfeng Wang; Hua Zhong; Rong Deng; Hao Hua; Suhui Yang
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An integrated GIS application system for soil moisture data assimilation
Author(s): Di Wang; Runping Shen; Xiaolong Huang; Chunxiang Shi
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Design and realization of data acquisition system of FTS based on FPGA
Author(s): Haiying Wang; Yue Li
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Observations of atmospheric trace gases by MAX-DOAS in the coastal boundary layer over Jiaozhou Bay
Author(s): Xianxin Li; Zhangjun Wang; Xiangqian Meng; Haijin Zhou; Libin Du; Junle Qu; Chao Chen; Quan An; Chengxuan Wu; Xiufen Wang
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Sun glitter imaging analysis of submarine sand waves in HJ-1A/B satellite CCD images
Author(s): Huaguo Zhang; Xiekai He; Kang Yang; Bin Fu; Weibing Guan
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Research on influence of space-borne stereo mapping camera’s time synchronization precision on attitude angle errors
Author(s): Xingxing Wu; Jinguo Liu; Kehui Long; Huaide Zhou; Boyan Zhang
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Investigation on navigation patterns of inertial/celestial integrated systems
Author(s): Dacheng Luo; Yan Liu; Zhiguo Liu; Wei Jiao; Qiuyan Wang
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Quantum-inspired remote sensing image denoising with double density dual-tree complex wavelet transform
Author(s): Ying Zhang; Siwen Bi; Shuhui Wei
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Spatial decision supporting for winter wheat irrigation and fertilizer optimizing in North China Plain
Author(s): Xiaodong Yang; Hao Yang; Yansheng Dong; Haiyang Yu
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Online sparse representation for remote sensing compressed-sensed video sampling
Author(s): Jie Wang; Kun Liu; Sheng-liang Li; Li Zhang
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Retrieval and validation of the true leaf area index using MODIS data
Author(s): Gaolong Zhu; Wen Yuan
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CS-Based infrared remote sensing video reconstruction with a linearized Bregman error iteration algorithm for l1-regularized minimization
Author(s): Sheng-liang Li; Kun Liu; Jie Wang; Li Zhang; Da-peng Han; Zhi-zhou Zhang
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Radiometric quality evaluation of ZY-02C satellite panchromatic image
Author(s): Fengfan Zhao; Ke Sun; Lei Yang
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A study to measure optical properties of waters by oceanographic lidar with variable field-of-view
Author(s): Xiao-long Li; Chaofang Zhao; Zhi-shen Liu; Yong-hua Chen; Jin-jia Guo
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Parameters inversing of polarized bidirectional reflectance distribution function model for target rough surface
Author(s): Qing Liu; Yong-hong Zhan; Di Yang; Chang-e Zeng
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Towards aerial natural gas leak detection system based on TDLAS
Author(s): Shuyang Liu; Tao Zhou; Xiaodong Jia
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An integrated method of measuring wave-front aberrations and optical axis jitters of space camera
Author(s): Humei Wang; Shitao Wang; Xinqi Hu; Qianqian Sun
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The research of remote sensing in karst collapse remote sense based on airborne LiDAR system: taking Meitanba mining area in Hunan Province as an example
Author(s): Zhihong An; Hao Wang; Fang Wu; Zhaocheng Guo
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Lidar signal de-noising by singular value decomposition
Author(s): Huanxue Wang; Jianguo Liu; Tianshu Zhang
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Study of modified band selection methods of hyperspectral image based on optimum index factor
Author(s): Chang Zhong; Li Li; Fan Bu
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Dynamic monitoring of vegetation coverage change in Lu County based on TM/OLI-NDVI
Author(s): Sen Zeng; Hanhu Liu; Tao Chen
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Snow cover monitoring model and change over both time and space in pastoral area of northern China
Author(s): Yan Cui; Suju Li; Ping Wang; Wei Zhang; Juan Nie; Qi Wen
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Modeling and validation of spectral BRDF on material surface of space target
Author(s): Qingyu Hou; Xiyang Zhi; Huili Zhang; Wei Zhang
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A precise laboratory goniometer system to collect spectral BRDF data of materials
Author(s): Guangping Jiao; Ziti Jiao; Jie Wang; Hu Zhang; Yadong Dong
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Development of dual-wavelength Mie polarization Raman lidar for aerosol and cloud vertical structure probing
Author(s): Zhenzhu Wang; Dong Liu; Yingjian Wang; Bangxin Wang; Zhiqing Zhong; Chenbo Xie; Decheng Wu; Guangyu Bo; Jie Shao
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Development of semi-sphere field-of-view sun sensor integrated with multiple linear CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Yao-kun Zhao; Bin Li; Fan Zhang
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Study on river segmentation and bridge recognition for SAR image based on FSVM
Author(s): Hui Wang; Dong Yin; Tao Sun
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Military reconnaissance application of high-resolution optical satellite remote sensing
Author(s): Zheng-gang Wang; Qing Kang; Yi-jia Xun; Zhi-qiang Shen; Chang-bin Cui
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Study on the effects of the space environment on laser transmission characteristics
Author(s): Qiang Fu; Peng Liu; Shoufen Tong; Peng Zhang
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A study on correlation between national imagery interpretability rating scale and discrimination probability
Author(s): Sheng Kang; Jianjun Zhou; Maihui Cui; Kan Liu
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Establishing monitoring model of Haze event with multi-satellite data and application-a case: Yangtze River Delta
Author(s): Binbin Jiang; Xiaoyu Zhang; Yong Du; Dasong Huang
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Application of the polarization Raman Mie lidar system to monitor the particulate matter and water vapor in the aerosol pollution and haze episodes
Author(s): Chenbo Xie; Ming Zhao; Zhen Shang; Bangxin Wang; Zhiqing Zhong; Dong Liu; Yingjian Wang
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System calibration of Stokes imaging polarimeter using Fourier series analysis
Author(s): Xin Meng; Jianxin Li; Yumei Zhang; Rihong Zhu
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