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International Symposium on Optoelectronic Technology and Application 2014: Development and Application of High Power Lasers
Editor(s): Guofan Jin; Songlin Zhuang; Jennifer Liu
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Volume Number: 9294
Date Published: 10 December 2014
Softcover: 32 papers (222) pages
ISBN: 9781628413809

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9294
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spatially flat in-phase supermode in multi-core photonic crystal fibers by manipulating refractive of doped region
Author(s): Cheng Zhou; Hai-kun Zhang; Peng Song; Jing Wang; Xin Li
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Factors influencing efficiency of laser wireless power transmission system for micro unmanned aerial vehicles
Author(s): Xiaoguang Liu; Wenshen Hua; Xun Liu
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L-band double Brillouin frequency spaced tunable multi-wavelength Brillouin fiber laser
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Tianshu Wang; Qingsong Jia; Keyan Dong
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Design of large mode area, mode selection fiber
Author(s): Liang Jin; Li Xu; He Zhang; Yonggang Zou; Ye Ding; Xiaohui Ma
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A new method for all optical space network based on fiber laser phase array technology
Author(s): Jian Han; Hongwei Sun; Xianzhu Liu; Tianshu Wang; Peng Zhang; Yuan Hu; Lizhong Zhang; Jingjiao Liu; Huilin Jiang
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A dual-wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser based on fiber grating pair
Author(s): Hongwei Sun; Tianshu Wang; Qingsong Jia; Peng Zhang; Huilin Jiang
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40-nm tunable multi-wavelength fiber laser
Author(s): Qingsong Jia; Tianshu Wang; Peng Zhang; Keyan Dong; Huilin Jiang
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Research on the effect of coherent beam combination based on array of liquid crystal optical phased arrays
Author(s): Zhenming Yang; Lingjiang Kong; Feng Xiao; Jian Chen
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Influence of laser energy deposition on Mach reflection of inlet
Author(s): Jing Li; Diankai Wang; Yanji Hong; Jie Huang
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Experimental research on thulium-doped fiber ASE characteristics pumped by 976-nm LD
Author(s): Wanzhuo Ma; Qingsong Jia; Hongwei Sun; Jian Han; Peng Zhang; Tianshu Wang; Huilin Jiang
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Application and the key technology on high-power fiber-optic laser in laser weapon
Author(s): Zhou Qu; Qiushi Li; Haihong Meng; Xin Sui; Hongtao Zhang; Xuhua Zhai
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980-nm narrow linewidth Yb-doped phosphate fiber laser
Author(s): Pingxue Li; Yifei Yao; Haowei Hu; Junjie Chi; Chun Yang; Ziqiang Zhao; Guangju Zhang
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Experimental demonstration of adaptive fiber-optics collimator based on flexible hinges
Author(s): Dong Zhi; Yan-xing Ma; Lei Si; Xiao-lin Wang; Pu Zhou
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A fused side-pumping optical fiber coupler based on twisting
Author(s): Bokai Yi; Xinzu Chang; Xuanfeng Zhou; Zilun Chen; Guomin Zhao
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Interface reaction of optical glass fiber sintered with low-temperature sealing glass
Author(s): Bo Xu; Guoying Liu; Chengkui Zu; Xiping Gao; Bin Han; Baojing Zhu; Xianyin Yin
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A review on fiber laser striation-free cutting for thick section stainless steel
Author(s): Yijun Zhou
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New laser communication and laser ranging of integration source system
Author(s): Guan-yu Wen; Shuang Wang; Haodong Shi; Qiang Fu; Duo-rui Gao
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Ship movement simulation using the liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Author(s): Yixiang Lin; Yong Ai; Xin Shan; Min Liu; Zhengren Zhou
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Research on laser diode end-pumped Er:YSGG/YSGG composited crystal at 2.79 µm
Author(s): Benjian Shen; Hongxiang Kang; Liang Jie; Chen Peng; Huaixiu Fu
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Performance calculation and simulation system of high-energy laser weapon
Author(s): Pei Wang; Min Liu; Yu Su; Ke Zhang
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First principles study on optical properties of GaAs saturable absorbers with native defects
Author(s): Wen Cong; Dechun Li; Shengzhi Zhao; Guiqiu Li; Kejian Yang
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Single-pulse driven, large-aperture 2x1 array plasma-electrodes optical switch for SG-II upgrading facility
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Dengsheng Wu; Jiangang Zheng; Kuixing Zheng; Qihua Zhu; Xiongjun Zhang
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Numerical prediction of micro-channel LD heat sink operated with antifreeze based on CFD method
Author(s): Gang Liu; Yang Liu; Chao Wang; Wentao Wang; Gang Wang; Xiaojun Tang
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Key techniques for space-based solar pumped semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Yang He; Sheng-jun Xiong; Xiao-long Liu; Wei-hua Han
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Investigation on the influence of BBO thermal-induced phase mismatching in 266-nm UV laser conversion efficiency
Author(s): Kai Yu; Guangyong Jin; Miao Yu; Zhulong Huang; Ruizhi Zhai; Lei Wang
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Research on the laser transmission characteristics simulation and comprehensive test in complex channel environment
Author(s): Qiang Fu; Jianhua Liu; Xiaoman Wang; Huilin Jiang; Zhi Liu
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Research on energy transmission calculation problem on laser detecting submarine
Author(s): Qiang Fu; Yingchao Li; Lizhong Zhang; Chao Wang; Yan An
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Low-level Ga-Al-As laser irradiation enhances osteoblast proliferation through activation of Hedgehog signaling pathway
Author(s): Qiushi Li; Zhou Qu; Yingxin Chen; Shujie Liu; Yanmin Zhou
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The study of 3.2-mJ picosecond regenerative amplifier at 2 kHz
Author(s): Zhen-ao Bai; Zhong-wei Fan; Fu-qiang Lian; Zhen-xu Bai; Zhi-jun Kan; Jing Zhang; Jia-zan Wang
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40W high beam quality 532nm green laser with LBO intracavity-frequency-doubling
Author(s): Xuesheng Liu; Jing Li; Youqiang Liu; Zhiyong Wang
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Optimization of 1300-nm quantum well laser on GaAs substrates
Author(s): Ning An; Zhipeng Wei; Xuan Fang; Guojun Liu; Xiaohui Ma
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External folded cavity optical feedback diode laser with megahertz relative linewidth
Author(s): Zhifu Luo; Xingwu Long; Zhongqi Tan
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