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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9291

13th International Scientific Conference on Optical Sensors and Electronic Sensors
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Volume Number: 9291
Date Published: 19 August 2014
Softcover: 24 papers (162) pages
ISBN: 9781628413700

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9291
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Digital processing of pulse signal from light-to-frequency converter under dynamic condition
Author(s): Eligiusz Pawlowski
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Modeling of determining temperature distribution based on spectral measurements
Author(s): Paweł Komada; Sławomir Cięszczyk
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64-element photodiode array for scintillation detection of x-rays
Author(s): Maciej Węgrzecki; Dariusz Wolski; Jan Bar; Tadeusz Budzyński; Arkadiusz Chłopik; Piotr Grabiec; Helena Kłos; Andrzej Panas; Tadeusz Piotrowski; Wojciech Słysz; Maciej Stolarski; Dariusz Szmigiel; Iwona Węgrzecka; Michał Zaborowski
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Optical biosensor with poly[N-nonyl-3,6-bis(ethylenedioxythiophene)carbazole] matrix for monitoring of phenol derivatives
Author(s): Agnieszka Jędrychowska; Karol Malecha; Joanna Cabaj; Jadwiga Sołoducho
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32-element beta detector developed at the Institute of Electron Technology (ITE)
Author(s): Maciej Węgrzecki; Alexander Yakushev; Jan Bar; Tadeusz Budzyński; Piotr Grabiec; Helena Kłos; Andrzej Panas; Wojciech Słysz; Maciej Stolarski; Dariusz Szmigiel; Iwona Węgrzecka; Michał Zaborowski
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The novel method of adhesive bonding in technology of semiconductor fluidic systems
Author(s): Helena Kłos; Piotr Prokaryn; Andrzej Sierakowski; Maciej Węgrzecki; Jan Bar; Piotr Grabiec
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Identification of biomass co-combustion operating point using image processing
Author(s): Andrzej Kotyra; Waldemar Wójcik; Aigul Iskakova; Sarsenbek Zhussupbektov
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Systems for real-time optical diagnostics of biological objects
Author(s): S. Lisenko; M. Kugeiko; O. Hotra; W. Surtel
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Improvement of the operation rate of medical temperature measuring devices
Author(s): O. Hotra; O. Boyko; T. Zyska
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The influence of temperature non-uniformity on retrieval of gas concentration in OP-FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): S. Cięszczyk
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Comparison of different types of electronic nose instruments for evaluation of odour nuisance from landfill
Author(s): Jacek Gębicki; Tomasz Dymerski; Jacek Namieśnik
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Quality evaluation of agricultural distillates using different types of electronic noses
Author(s): Tomasz Dymerski; Jacek Gębicki; Jacek Namieśnik
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Thermal energy harvesters with piezoelectric or electrostatic transducer
Author(s): Piotr Prokaryn; Krzysztof Domański; Michał Marchewka; Daniel Tomaszewski; Piotr Grabiec; Onoriu Puscasu; Stéphane Monfray; Thomas Skotnicki
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Metal oxide gas sensors upon various temperature-induced profiles
Author(s): Patryk Gwiżdż; Andrzej Brudnik; Katarzyna Zakrzewska
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Polarization-maintaining photonic crystal fiber modal interferometer
Author(s): Cezary Kaczmarek
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Proximity sensors based on ball-lensed optical fibers
Author(s): Bartlomiej Guzowski; Marek Cywinski; Mateusz Lakomski
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Current transducers used in power line measurements
Author(s): Sz. Milcarz; J. Gołębiowski
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Temperature measurement systems in wearable electronics
Author(s): S. Walczak; J. Gołębiowski
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Research on the use of hydrogel for the three-dimensional cell culture in microfluidic system
Author(s): Ewelina Tomecka; Elżbieta Jastrzębska; Michał Chudy; Artur Dybko
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Cytotoxicity studies of CdSeS/ZnS quantum dots on cell culture in microfluidic system
Author(s): Maja Haczyk; Ilona Grabowska-Jadach; Marcin Drozd; Mariusz Pietrzak; Elżbieta Malinowska; Zbigniew Brzózka
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Case study of piezoelectric flexible thin films in pulse excited electromechanical transducers
Author(s): Natalia Salamon; Roman Gozdur; Marcin Turczyński; Zbigniew Lisik; Ulrich Soupremanien; Emmanuel Ollier; Stéphane Monfray; Thomas Skotnicki
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Spectropolarimetric analysis of differential interferometer
Author(s): Kazimierz Gut
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Autonomous sensor-transponder RFID with supply energy conditioning for object navigation systems
Author(s): M. Skoczylas; K. Kamuda; P. Jankowski-Mihułowicz; W. Kalita; Mariusz Węglarski
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Ablation of selected conducting layers by fiber laser
Author(s): Ryszard Pawlak; Mariusz Tomczyk; Maria Walczak
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