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7th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Optoelectronics Materials and Devices for Sensing and Imaging
Editor(s): Yadong Jiang; Junsheng Yu; Bernard Kippelen
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Volume Number: 9284
Date Published: 2 September 2014
Softcover: 52 papers (364) pages
ISBN: 9781628413595

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9284
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of the large area MCP-PMT
Author(s): Shulin Liu; Yifang Wang; Tianchi Zhao; Hulin Liu; Shuguang Si; Jinshou Tian; Sen Qian; Jian-ning Sun; Xiao Cai; Dong Li; Lin Chen; Baojun Yan; Yuzhen Yang
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Research on polarizing performance of Au-SiO2 sub-wavelength hybrid grating in short wave infrared (SWIR)
Author(s): Wang Rui; Tao Li; Xiumei Shao; Xue Li; Haimei Gong
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Highly efficient non-doped orange-red phosphorescent organic light-emitting devices based on a novel iridium complex
Author(s): Yige Qi; Xu Wang; Ming Li; Junsheng Yu; Zhiyun Lu
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High photo-response organic ultraviolet photodectectors based on phosphorescent materials
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Jungsheng Yu; Jiang Huang
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Performance of extended wavelength InGaAs/InAsP SWIR detector
Author(s): Gaoqi Cao; Tao Li; Hengjing Tang; Xiumei Shao; Xue Li; Haimei Gong
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Characteristic analysis on the thermal noise of infrared CCD
Author(s): Rong-zhu Zhang; Xing Yu; Guo-dong Liu
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The transmission characteristics of laser in multilayer coatings
Author(s): Lifeng Du; Rongzhu Zhang
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Smell sensing and visualizing based on multi-quantum wells spatial light modulator
Author(s): Fengchun Tian; Zhenzhen Zhao; Pengfei Jia; Hailin Liao; Danyu Chen; Shouqiong Liu
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Influence of band gap grading of intrinsic layer and annealing post on the optical and electrical performance of amorphous silicon germanium thin film solar cells
Author(s): Baojun Yan; Shulin Liu; Lei Zhao; Wenjing Wang; Yuzhen Yang
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BBO crystal component design for ultra-short laser pulse measurement
Author(s): Yudong Jia; Xiaoqing Zhang; Tianyi Zhang; Lingling Lu
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The effect of spin coating parameters on the performance of PTB7/PC71BM polymer solar cells
Author(s): Jie Li; Shu-guang Li; Yi-fan Zheng; Jun-Sheng Yu
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Star point centroid algorithm based on background forecast
Author(s): Jin Wang; Rujin Zhao; Nan Zhu
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Study of an image restoration method based on Poisson-maximum likelihood estimation method for earthquake ruin scene
Author(s): Yanxing Song; Jingsong Yang; Lina Cheng; Shucong Liu
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Detailed analysis of bulk heterojunction organic solar cells based on P3HT:PCBM
Author(s): Jian Zhong; Ming Deng; Fengyu Gan; Hongxue Chen; Lijuan Wang
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A method of color correction of camera based on HSV model
Author(s): Rujin Zhao; Jin Wang; Guobing Yu; Jie Zhong; Wulin Zhou; Yihao Li
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Study on photoemission surface of varied doping GaN photocathode
Author(s): Jianliang Qiao; Ruijuan Du; Huan Ding; Youtang Gao; Benkang Chang
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Star identification independence on the camera parameters
Author(s): Dezhi Su; Dong Chen; Mingyu Zhou; Kun Wang
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Comparison of dye doping and ultrathin emissive layer in white organic light-emitting devices with dual emissive layers
Author(s): Xu Wang; Yige Qi; Junsheng Yu
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Measurement error analysis of three dimensional coordinates of tomatoes acquired using the binocular stereo vision
Author(s): Rong Xiang
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Some improvements on the auto-gated power for low-light level image intensifier
Author(s): Ye Yang; Bo Yan; Qiang Zhi; Ze Yao; Jun-guo Li; Ling-yun Fu; Yuan Yuan; Guang-xu Deng
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The study of the effect on the organic emitting diodes with (t-bt)2Ir(acac) as deep hole-trap
Author(s): Ming Deng; Jian Zhong; Keke Gu; Jiule Chen; Yucheng Chen
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A multi-focus image adaptive fusion method based on comprehensive index
Author(s): Hao Lu; Zongxi Song; Wei Gao; Qi Wang; Jiangbo Xi
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Compressed sensing based on the improved wavelet transform for image processing
Author(s): Peng Pang; Wei Gao; Zongxi Song; Jiang-bo XI
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Properties of InGaN P-I-N ultraviolet detector
Author(s): Yidan Lu; Yan Zhang; Xiang-yang Li
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Maneuvering target tracking based on multiple model methods
Author(s): Siyuan Li; Qiliang Bao
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An analysis of the optimal size of image sensors in free space optic systems
Author(s): Lixing Li; Yongmei Huang; Tao An
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Infrared absorption mechanisms of black silicon
Author(s): Zhengxi Cheng; Yongping Chen; Bin Ma
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Change of the surface potential barrier of GaAs photocathode during two-step activation
Author(s): Jun Niu; Youtang Gao; Yunsheng Qian; Benkang Chang
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Effects of thermal annealing on photoluminescence spectra in pi-conjugated polymer film: evidence for dual emission by temperature dependent measurements
Author(s): R. Z. Wang; X. Yang; Y.C. Wang; C.-X. Sheng; Q. Chen
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Continuous-wave photoinduced absorption studies in long lived photoexcitation of π-conjugated polymer and fullerene blended films
Author(s): X. Yang; H. Li; Y. C. Wang; R. Z. Wang; C.-X. Sheng
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Measurements of amplified spontaneous emission in π-conjugated polymer films with different morphology
Author(s): Yuchen Wang; Xiao Yang; Ruizhi Wang; Chuanxiang Sheng
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A hole-filling algorithm based on pixel labeling for DIBR
Author(s): Liansha Lei; Zaiqing Chen; Junsheng Shi
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Influence of Ageing Processing on GaAs Photocathode of 3rd Generation Low-Light-Level Image Intensifier
Author(s): Liu Feng; Feng Shi; Lei Yin; Zhuang Miao; Hong-chang Cheng; Long Wang; Sen Niu; Xiao-hui Zhang
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Arsenic volatilization of GaAs photocathode at low temperature during thermal cleaning
Author(s): Hui Liu; Feng Shi; Zhuang Miao; Xiang Gao; Hong-chang Cheng; Sen Niu; Long Wang; Chang Chen
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Characteristic of photocurrent decline of transmission-mode equally doped GaAs photocathode
Author(s): Dong Lian Zhang; Feng Shi; Xiang Gao; Hong-Chang Cheng; Zhuang Miao; Sen Niu; Long Wang; Chang Chen
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Analysis of electric vacuum characteristics of MCP
Author(s): Xiang Gao; Feng Shi; Hong-chang Cheng; Lei Yin; Zhuang Miao; Xing Cheng; Long Wang; Sen Niu
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An improved method of edge detection based on the mean shift algorithm
Author(s): Laixing Wei; Bo Liu; Jiao Mou
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The simulation and analysis of infrared target multi-band characteristics
Author(s): Lanfang Cui; Jinmei Zhou
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Effects of pulse frequency on the microstructure, composition and optical properties of pulsed dc reactively sputtered vanadium oxide thin films
Author(s): Xiang Dong; Zhiming Wu; Yadong Jiang; Xiangdong Xu; He Yu; Deen Gu; Tao Wang
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Optoelectronic correlator based on YUV color model with shifted training images for color image recognition
Author(s): Yuezhe Li; Chulung Chen; Hsinyi Chen; Yachu Hsieh
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Design of area array CCD image acquisition and display system based on FPGA
Author(s): Lei Li; Ning Zhang; Tianting Li; Yue Pan; Yuming Dai
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Research of ion feedback-induced noise of micro-channel plate
Author(s): Dan Li; Yufeng Zhu; Ni Zhang; Jing Nie; Fan Zhang; Taimin Zhang; Shilong Li; Xiaojian Liu; Zhaolu Liu
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Ghost detection and removal based on super-pixel grouping in exposure fusion
Author(s): Shenyu Jiang; Zhihai Xu; Qi Li; Yueting Chen; Huajun Feng
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Blind deconvolution using an improved L0 sparse representation
Author(s): Pengzhao Ye; Huajun Feng; Qi Li; Zhihai Xu; Yueting Chen
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A study of the non-uniform current density influence in reactive sputtering deposition
Author(s): Tao Wang; He Yu; Chao Chen; Yang Wang; Yadong Jiang
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Preparation and mechanical properties of the MgAl2O4 transparent phosphor ceramics
Author(s): Xue Bai; Zhen Li; Muyun Lei; Zhenli Pang
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A low-temperature bridge-input CMOS circuit for low-impedance detector
Author(s): HongHui Yuan; YongPing Chen
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Simulation of terahertz metamaterial absorbers with microbolometer structure
Author(s): Jie Ding; Jun Wang; Xiaopei Guo; Yadong Jiang; Lin Fan
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Study on preparation and polarization process of PVDF thin film
Author(s): Xiaopei Guo; Jun Wang; Jie Ding; Yadong Jiang
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Cooperative chemisorption of K and O elements on cleaved GaAs(110) surface
Author(s): Bin Ren; Zhuang Miao; Zhi-Peng Hou; Hong-Chang Cheng; Feng Shi; Gang-Cheng Jiao; Xiao-Feng Bai; Sen Niu; Long Wang; Ling-Yun Fu
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Research on theory of the silicon material electro-optic modulator
Author(s): Yu-hong Zhang; Wan-min Li; Hang Liu
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An effective segmentation cue for moving object segmentation from a moving camera
Author(s): Shaobai Wang; Mingjun Wu; Yi Xie
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