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7th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Large Mirrors and Telescopes
Editor(s): Wenhan Jiang; Myung K. Cho; Fan Wu
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Volume Number: 9280
Date Published: 10 September 2014
Softcover: 45 papers (328) pages
ISBN: 9781628413557

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Front Matter: Volume 9280
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The design of support structure of mirror subassembly of space remote sensor
Author(s): Ke-jun Wang; Ji-hong Dong; Wei Li; Quan-feng Guo; Yan-chun Li; Wei-guo Zhao; Hai-ping Wang; Ming Xuan
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Simulation analysis of on-orbit adjustment and compensation for large aperture optical system
Author(s): Jianfeng Liu; Bo Li; Dewei Sun; Ningjuan Ruan; Feng Zhou
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Locking and releasing system in space telescope
Author(s): Yijian Wang; Jihong Dong; Wei Li; Weiguo Zhao
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Research on grinding block wear in grinding of SiC
Author(s): Feihu Zhang; Guodong Lu; Minhui Liu; Dianrong Luan
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Design scheme for optical manufacturing support system of TMT M3 prototype
Author(s): Haifei Hu; Xiao Luo
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Active edge control in the precessions polishing process for manufacturing large mirror segments
Author(s): Hongyu Li; Wei Zhang; David Walker; Gouyo Yu
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Fabrication and metrology study for M3M of TMT
Author(s): Xiao Luo
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Environmental simulation evaluation of SSiC brazed optical mirrors
Author(s): Yan Liu; Zhen Ma; Jian Chen; Zhongming Chen; Xuejian Liu; Zhengren Huang
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Status of cleanliness maintaining in target beam enclosures in SG III facilities and contamination sources analysis
Author(s): Meicong Wang; Baoxu Wang; Xinxiang Miao; Xiaofeng Cheng; Wenkai Wu
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Experimental research on 3D reconstruction through range gated laser imaging
Author(s): Sining Li; Wei Lu; Dayong Zhang; Chao Li; Zhipeng Tu
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The design and analysis of 2m telescope’s K Mirror system
Author(s): Peng Guo; Jingxu Zhang; Fei Yang; Yan Zhang
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Disassembling and reintegration of large telescope primary mirror
Author(s): Qi-rui Xu; Bin Fan; Ming Zhang
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Simulation of segmented mirror telescope and calculating asphericity of segmented mirror
Author(s): Zhou Liao; Qi Qiu; Yudong Zhang
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Analysis and optimization of mounting configuration of large aperture optics
Author(s): Bin Feng; Lihua Lu; Haitao Liu; Ruifeng Su; Zhiwei Lv
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Processing and error compensation of diffractive optical element
Author(s): Yunlong Zhang; Zhibin Wang; Feng Zhang; Hui Qin; Junqi Li; Yuying Mai
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Study of inverted thermal evaporation for large mirror
Author(s): Wenjun Pei; Hongxiang Liu
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Study on the sensitivity of temperature gradient for large aperture SiC lightweight mirror based on active optics
Author(s): Xiangyi Liu; Jingxu Zhang; Xiaoxia Wu; Jianfeng Li; Peng Guo; Qichang An
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Integrated modeling and dynamics simulation for the TMT-M3 control system
Author(s): Yong-ting Deng; Hong-wen Li; Fei Yang; Jian-li Wang; Yan-qin Su; Hong-chao Zhao
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Optimization design and simulation analysis for the key components of 1m aperture photoelectric theodolite
Author(s): Xiao-gang San; Yan-feng Qiao; Shuaibei Yu; Tao Wang; Jie Tang
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Structure performance analysis for TMT teritiary mirror system
Author(s): Yan-qin Su; Jing-xu Zhang; Fei Yang; Huai Wang; Bao-gang Chen
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Study of tilt axis bearing arrangement for M3S of TMT project
Author(s): Hongchao Zhao; Jingxu Zhang; Fei Yang; Qichang An; Yanqin Su; Peng Guo
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A secondary mirror adjustment system with hexapod structure for optical telescope application
Author(s): Nan Zhou; Chuang Li; Wei Gao; ZongXi Song; Chao Zhao; GuoRui Ren; Nan Jing
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Analysis on the alignment errors of segmented Fresnel lens
Author(s): Xudong Zhou; Shibin Wu; Wei Yang; Lihua Wang
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Research on the measurement technology of effective arm length of swing arm profilometer
Author(s): Lin Chen; Hongwei Jing; Zhongwei Wei; Jie Li; Xuedong Cao
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Influence of surface treatment of components on thermal radiation performance in infrared optical systems
Author(s): Wen-fei Luo; Jian-peng Wu; Jia-qi Peng; Bin Zhang
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Influence of particle contamination on the stray radiation performance in infrared optical system
Author(s): Jianpeng Wu; Jia-qi Peng; Wen-fei Luo; Bin Zhang
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Research on the performance of thermal shock and stress with infrared optical domes
Author(s): Youtang Gao; Jianliang Qiao; Jun Niu; Yuan Xu; Yi Yang
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The design method of CGH for testing the Ф404, F2 primary mirror
Author(s): Nian Xie; Xueting Duan; Hua Li
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Test of a prototype of lightweight, active mirrors
Author(s): Wei Xin Lu; Hong Zhou; Xinlong Fan; Chunlin Guan; Changhui Rao
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Influence of humidity on CO2 gas sensors based on Polyetherimide polymer film
Author(s): Ting Kang; Guangzhong Xie; Yong Zhou; Tao Xie; Huiling Tai
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Dynamics analysis on adhesive bonds of tilt mirror
Author(s): Shang Cao; Ping Ruan; Chao Wang; Guangzhou Xu
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The design of an active support control system for a thin 1.2m primary mirror
Author(s): Rong Liu; Xiaojin Li; Haitao Liu; Hongqiao Wang
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Research on the support truss structure of foreign space remote sensor with large-scale and flexibility
Author(s): Mingxin An; Jihong Dong; Wei Li; Quanfeng Guo; Yan-chun Li; Weiguo Zhao; Haiping Wang
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Improvement of active lap processing in grinding of 1.8m primary mirror
Author(s): Haitao Liu; Fan Wu; Zhige Zeng; Bin Fan; Yongjian Wan; Yong Zhang; Linhan Xian
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Lightweight design of the rectangular mirror using topology optimization
Author(s): Meng Xiang; Fu Li
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Theory of circular plate for mirrors on back-point support
Author(s): Yuanqing Liang; Sizhong Zhou; Bo Jiang
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A compact multi-core CPU based adaptive optics real-time controller
Author(s): Shanqiu Chen; Enyi Zhao; Bing Xu; Yutang Ye
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Test and study on mirror quality of ultra-precision diamond turning
Author(s): Yanyan Chang; Tao Sun; Zengqiang Li; Baosen Wu
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Testing the large convex aspheric surfaces with aspheric test plate
Author(s): Yong-hong Zhang; Qiang Chen
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Optimized design and research for cylindrical electrically controlled box of space camera
Author(s): Hai-ping Wang; Yan-chun Li; Ji-hong Dong; Quan-feng Guo; Kejun Wang; Yi-jian Wang
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Attitude angular measurement system based on MEMS accelerometer
Author(s): Lei Luo
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A new method on measuring radius of curvature of a conic aspherical mirror
Author(s): Chuan-ke Huang; Yong-qian Wu; Bin Fan; Feng-tao Yan; Feng-wei Liu; Yong-hong Zhang
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Athermal design for infrared refractive, diffractive, reflective hybrid optical system
Author(s): Ximin Cheng; Weimin Xie; Yu Bai; Xin Jia; Tingwen Xing
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Image processing of metal surface with structured light
Author(s): Cong Luo; Chang Feng; Congzheng Wang
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Static characteristic measurement of MEMS deformable mirror with phase-shift interferometer
Author(s): Kui Wu; Dongmei Cai; Dong Wang; Jia Peng
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