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30th European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer
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Volume Number: 9231
Date Published: 17 October 2014
Softcover: 24 papers (272) pages
ISBN: 9781628412857

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9231
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Black border, mask 3D effects: covering challenges of EUV mask architecture for 22nm node and beyond
Author(s): Natalia Davydova; Eelco van Setten; Robert de Kruif; Brid Connolly; Norihito Fukugami; Yutaka Kodera; Hiroaki Morimoto; Yo Sakata; Jun Kotani; Shinpei Kondo; Tomohiro Imoto; Haiko Rolff; Albrecht Ullrich; Ramasubramanian Kottumakulal Jaganatharaja; Ad Lammers; Dorothe Oorschot; Cheuk-Wah Man; Guido Schiffelers; Joep van Dijk
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EUV lithography: progress, challenges, and outlook
Author(s): S. Wurm
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28nm node process optimization: a lithography centric view
Author(s): Rolf Seltmann
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Reticles, write time, and the need for speed
Author(s): Paul W. Ackmann; Lloyd C. Litt; Guo Xiang Ning
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Writing time estimation of EB mask writer EBM-9000 for hp16nm/logic11nm node generation
Author(s): Takashi Kamikubo; Hidekazu Takekoshi; Munehiro Ogasawara; Hirokazu Yamada; Kiyoshi Hattori
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Imaging performance and challenges of 10nm and 7nm logic nodes with 0.33 NA EUV
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Guido Schiffelers; Eleni Psara; Dorothe Oorschot; Natalia Davydova; Jo Finders; Laurent Depre; Vincent Farys
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Scanner arc illumination and impact on EUV photomasks and scanner imaging
Author(s): Renzo Capelli; Anthony Garetto; Krister Magnusson; Thomas Scherübl
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High-throughput parallel SPM for metrology, defect, and mask inspection
Author(s): H. Sadeghian; R. W. Herfst; T. C. van den Dool; W. E. Crowcombe; J. Winters; G. F. I. J. Kramer
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New LEEPL technology
Author(s): Takao Utsumi
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Multi-stencil character projection e-beam lithography: a fast and flexible way for high quality optical metamaterials
Author(s): Uwe Huebner; Matthias Falkner; Uwe D. Zeitner; Michael Banasch; Kay Dietrich; Ernst-Bernhard Kley
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Integration of e-beam direct write in BEOL processes of 28nm SRAM technology node using mix and match
Author(s): Manuela Gutsch; Kang-Hoon Choi; Norbert Hanisch; Christoph Hohle; Robert Seidel; Katja Steidel; Xaver Thrun; Thomas Werner
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Replicating micro-optical structures using soft embossing technique
Author(s): Xiaobing Shang; Jin-Yi Tan; Jelle De Smet; Pankaj Joshi; Esma Islamaj; Dieter Cuypers; Michael Vervaeke; Jürgen Van Erps; Hugo Thienpont; Herbert De Smet
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14-nm photomask simulation sensitivity
Author(s): John Sturtevant; Peter Buck; Steffen Schulze; David Fryer; Edita Tejnil; Kostas Adam; Michael Lam; Chris Clifford; Mike Oliver; Ana Armeanu; Franklin Kalk; Kent Nakagawa; Guoxiang Ning; Paul Ackmann; Fritz Gans; Christian Buergel
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Aerial image simulation for partial coherent system with programming development in MATLAB
Author(s): Md. Nazmul Hasan; Md. Momtazur Rahman; Ariful Banna Udoy
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Photomask CD and LER characterization using Mueller matrix spectroscopic ellipsometry
Author(s): A. Heinrich; I. Dirnstorfer; J. Bischoff; K. Meiner; H. Ketelsen; U. Richter; T. Mikolajick
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Determination of line profiles on photomasks using DUV, EUV, and x-ray scattering
Author(s): F. Scholze; B. Bodermann; S. Burger; J. Endres; A. Haase; M. Krumrey; C. Laubis; V. Soltwisch; A. Ullrich; J. Wernecke
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Overlay leaves litho: impact of non-litho processes on overlay and compensation
Author(s): Matthias Ruhm; Bernd Schulz; Eric Cotte; Rolf Seltmann; Tino Hertzsch
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Lithography with infrared illumination alignment for advanced BiCMOS backside processing
Author(s): P. Kulse; K. Schulz; U. Behrendt; M. Wietstruck; M. Kaynak; S. Marschmeyer; B. Tillack
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Compact model experimental validation for grapho-epitaxy hole processes and its impact in mask making tolerances
Author(s): Germain Fenger; J. Andres Torres; Yuansheng Ma; Yuri Granik; Polina Krasnova; Antoine Fouquet; Jérôme Belledent; Ahmed Gharbi; Raluca Tiron
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Contact hole multiplication using grapho-epitaxy directed self-assembly: process choices, template optimization, and placement accuracy
Author(s): Joost Bekaert; Jan Doise; Vijaya-Kumar Murugesan Kuppuswamy; Roel Gronheid; Boon Teik Chan; Geert Vandenberghe; Yi Cao; YoungJun Her
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Impact of mask absorber and quartz over-etch on mask 3D induced best focus shifts
Author(s): Anita Bouma; Junji Miyazaki; Marieke van Veen; Jo Finders
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Challenges and opportunities in applying grapho-epitaxy DSA lithography to metal cut and contact/via applications
Author(s): Yuansheng Ma; J. Andres Torres; Germain Fenger; Yuri Granik; Julien Ryckaert; Geert Vanderberghe; Joost Bekaert; James Word
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Innovative and water based stripping approach for thick and bulk photoresists
Author(s): Matthias Rudolph; Dirk Schumann; Xaver Thrun; Silvio Esche; Christoph Hohle
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How holistic process control translates into high mix logic fab APC?
Author(s): B. Le-Gratiet; M. Gatefait; J. Ducotè; J. Decaunes; A. Lam; B. Beraud; M. Mikolajczak; A. Pelletier; B. Orlando; F. Sundermann; A. Ostrovsky; C. Lapeyre
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