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Infrared Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XXII
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik Scholl; Gonzalo Páez
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Volume Number: 9219
Date Published: 3 October 2014
Softcover: 21 papers (218) pages
ISBN: 9781628412468

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9219
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The GOSAT / TANSO interferometer after five years on orbit
Author(s): Louis Moreau; James Veilleux; Hiroshi Suto
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Onboard infrared signal processing system for asteroid sample return mission HAYABUSA2
Author(s): Hisashi Otake; Tatsuaki Okada; Ryu Funase; Hiroki Hihara; Junpei Sano; Kaori Iwase; Satoko Kawakami; Jun Takada; Tetsuya Masuda
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Advancements in large-format SiPIN hybrid focal plane technology
Author(s): S. Kilcoyne; N. Malone; B. Kean; J. Cantrell; J. Fierro; L. Meier; S. DeWalt; C. Hewitt; J. Wyles; J. Drab; G. Grama; G. Paloczi; J. Vampola; K. Brown
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CO2 phase and amplitude spectra measured over 2 km outdoor path with a dual-comb spectrometer
Author(s): I. Coddington; F. R. Giorgetta; G. B. Rieker; W. C. Swann; A. M. Zolot; L. C. Sinclair; E. Baumann; C. Cromer; N. R. Newbury
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AeroADL: applying the integration of the Suomi-NPP science algorithms with the Algorithm Development Library to the calibration and validation task
Author(s): J. S. Houchin
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Excellent approach to modeling urban expansion by fuzzy cellular automata: agent base model
Author(s): Yousef Khajavigodellou; Ali A. Alesheikh; Abdulrazak A. S. Mohammed; Kamran Chapi
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Advanced simulation methods to detect resonant frequency stack up in focal plane design
Author(s): Craig Adams; Neil R. Malone; Raymond Torres; Armando Fajardo; John Vampola; William Drechsler; Russell Parlato; Christopher Cobb; Max Randolph; Surath Chiourn; Robert Swinehart
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Cryogenic filter wheel design for an infrared instrument
Author(s): Joaquín Azcue; Carlos Villanueva; Antonio Sánchez; Cristina Polo; Manuel Reina; Angel Carretero; Josefina Torres; Gonzalo Ramos; Luis Miguel Gonzalez; Maria Dolores Sabau; Francisco Najarro; Jesús Martin Pintado
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Preliminary study of the Suomi NPP VIIRS detector-level spectral response function effects for the long-wave infrared bands M15 and M16
Author(s): Francis Padula; Changyong Cao
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Investigating potential correlations between jet engine noise and plume dynamics in the hypertemporal infrared domain
Author(s): Phillip M. Cunio; Reed Weber; Kimberly Knobel; Jason Wager; Gerardo Lopez
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Detecting small surface vibrations by passive electro-optical illumination
Author(s): Matthew Buoni; Wellesley Pereira; Reed A. Weber; Carlos Garcia-Cervera
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Feasibility considerations for a long-range passive vibrometer
Author(s): Alan Marchant; Chad Fish; Jie Yao; Phillip M. Cunio; Wellesley Pereira
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A passive optical technique to measure physical properties of a vibrating surface
Author(s): Frank O. Clark; Ryan Penney; Wellesley E. Pereira; John Kielkopf; Jason Cline
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Spectroscopic measurement of ignition parameters in forest fuel
Author(s): R. C. Barragan; G. Garcia-Torales; Antonio Rodriguez-Rivas; Jorge L. Flores
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Supercontinuum spectrum in IR Bessel-Gauss and Gauss pulsed beam filament under anomalous group velocity dispersion in fused silica
Author(s): A. E. Dokukina; E. O. Smetanina; V. O. Kompanets; S. V. Chekalin; V. P. Kandidov
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Stand-off and up-close Raman detection of nitrates buried in sand and soils
Author(s): Carlton Farley; Sandra Sadate; Aschalew Kassu; Belther Monono; William Witt; Jonathan Bibb; Anup Sharma
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3D shape measurement with binary phase-shifted technique and digital filters
Author(s): Adriana Silva; Ricardo Legarda-Saenz; G. García-Torales; Sandra Balderas-Mata; Jorge L. Flores
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Gray coded trapezoidal fringes for 3-D surface-shape measurement
Author(s): Oscar G. Pérez; Jorge L. Flores; G. García-Torales; J. Antonio Muñoz-G; Horacio Soto; Sandra E. Balderas
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Evaluate the effective of annular aperture on the OTF for fractal optical modulator
Author(s): Abdulrazak A. Mohammed
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A near infrared-based downhole water-cut meter using neural network
Author(s): M. Meribout
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A monolithic deformable mirror with latchable mechanical actuation (LATCHAMAN) for space-borne telescopes
Author(s): Keigo Enya; Hirokazu Kataza; Mitsuhiro Fukushima; Kenji Mitsui; Norio Okada; Hikaru Iwashita; Kanae Haze; Aoi Takahashi; Takayuki Kotani; Tomoyasu Yamamuro; Hitomi Kobayashi
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