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Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics XVI
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Volume Number: 9213
Date Published: 14 October 2014

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Front Matter: Volume 9213
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High energy resolution with transparent ceramic garnet scintillators
Author(s): N. J. Cherepy; Z. M. Seeley; S. A. Payne; P. R. Beck; E. L. Swanberg; S. Hunter; L. Ahle; S. E. Fisher; C. Melcher; H. Wei; T. Stefanik; Y.-S. Chung; J. Kindem
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High energy resolution scintillators for nuclear nonproliferation applications
Author(s): M. Zhuravleva; C. L. Melcher; L. Stand; A. Lindsey; H. Wei; C. Hobbs; M. Koschan
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Triplet harvesting plastic scintillators with neutron-gamma pulse shape discrimination
Author(s): Edgar V. van Loef; Patrick Feng; Gary Markosyan; Urmila Shirwadkar; Patrick Doty; Kanai Shah
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Optimization of <= 200um pitch CZT detectors for future high-resolution X-ray instrumentation in astrophysics
Author(s): Anna Zajczyk; Marie Draper; Paul Dowkontt; Qingzhen Guo; Fabian Kislat; Henric Krawczynski; Gianluigi De Geronimo; Shaorui Li; Matthias Beilicke
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Improving neutron detection in semiconducting 6LiInSe2
Author(s): Ashley C. Stowe; Brenden Wiggins; Pijush Bhattacharya; Eugene Tupitsyn; Mike Groza; Liviu Matei; Keivan Stassun; Elan Herrera; Eric Lukosi; Arnold Burger
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Semiconductor neutron detectors using depleted uranium oxide
Author(s): Craig A. Kruschwitz; Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; David Schwellenbach; Thomas Meek; Brandon Shaver; Taylor Cunningham; Jerrad Philip Auxier
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Investigation of a Lithium Indium Diselenide detector for neutron transmission imaging
Author(s): Eric Lukosi; Elan Herrera; Ashley C. Stowe; Robert Milburn; Dylan Richardson; Brenden Wiggins; Arnold Burger; Ondrej Chvala; Louis Santodonato; Hassina Bilheux
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CdTexSe1-x: a potential candidate for room-temperature radiation detector applications
Author(s): U. N. Roy; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; A. Hossain; G. Yang; R. Tappero; R. B. James
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Investigation of the current-voltage characteristics, the electric field distribution and the charge collection efficiency in x-ray sensors based on chromium compensated gallium arsenide
Author(s): A. Tyazhev; V. Novikov; O. Tolbanov; A. Zarubin; M. Fiederle; E. Hamann
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Scintillator efficiency study with MeV x-rays
Author(s): Stuart Baker; Kristina Brown; Alden Curtis; Stephen S. Lutz; Russell Howe; Robert Malone; Stephen Mitchell; Jeremy Danielson; Todd Haines; Kris Kwiatkowski
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Advances in the growth of alkaline-Earth halide single crystals for scintillator detectors
Author(s): L. A. Boatner; J. O. Ramey; J. A. Kolopus; J. S. Neal; N. J. Cherepy; P. R. Beck; S. A. Payne; A. Burger; E. Rowe; P. Bhattacharya
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Toward a user's toolkit for modeling scintillator non-proportionality and light yield
Author(s): Qi Li; Xinfu Lu; R. T. Williams
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Radiation response of inorganic scintillators: insights from Monte Carlo simulations
Author(s): Micah Prange; Dangxin Wu; Yulong Xie; Luke W. Campbell; Fei Gao; Sebastien Kerisit
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Search for improved-performance scintillator candidates among the electronic structures of mixed halides
Author(s): Qi Li; Richard T. Williams; Arnold Burger; Rajendra Adhikari; Koushik Biswas
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Strontium iodide instrument development for gamma spectroscopy and radioisotope identification
Author(s): P. R. Beck; N. J. Cherepy; S. A. Payne; E. L. Swanberg; K. E. Nelson; P. A. Thelin; S. E. Fisher; S. Hunter; B. M. Wihl; K. S. Shah; R. Hawrami; A. Burger; L. A. Boatner; M. Momayezi; K. T. Stevens; M. H. Randles; D. Solodovnikov
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Review of current neutron detection systems for emergency response
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Richard Maurer; Paul Guss; Craig Kruschwitz
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A dual-energy transmission detector for vehicle scanning using wavelength-shifting fibers
Author(s): Seth Van Liew; Ming Zhang
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Characterization of the ePix100 prototype: a front-end ASIC for second-generation LCLS integrating hybrid pixel detectors
Author(s): P. Caragiulo; A. Dragone; B. Markovic; R. Herbst; K. Nishimura; B. Reese; S. Herrmann; P. Hart; G. Blaj; J. Segal; A. Tomada; J. Hasi; G. Carini; C. Kenney; G. Haller
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Chemical treatment of CdZnTe radiation detectors using hydrogen bromide and ammonium-based solutions
Author(s): Ifechukwude O. Okwechime; Stephen U. Egarievwe; Anwar Hossain; Zaveon M Hales; Alexander A. Egarievwe; Ralph B. James
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Thin-film-based scintillators for hard x-ray microimaging detectors: the ScinTAX Project
Author(s): A. Rack; A. Cecilia; P.-A. Douissard; K. Dupré; V. Wesemann; T. Baumbach; M. Couchaud; X. Rochet; H. Riesemeier; M. Radtke; T. Martin
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Oxidation/reduction reactions at the metal contact-TlBr interface: an x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
Author(s): A. J. Nelson; E. L. Swanberg; L. F. Voss; R. T. Graff; A. M. Conway; R. J. Nikolic; S. A. Payne; H. Kim; L. Cirignano; K. Shah
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Design and growth of lead selenoiodide semiconductors crystals for radiation detection
Author(s): David House; N. B. Singh; B. Arnold; Fow-Sen Choa; B. Schreib
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Investigation of low leakage current radiation detectors on n-type 4H-SiC epitaxial layers
Author(s): Khai V. Nguyen; Sandeep K. Chaudhuri; Krishna C. Mandal
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Development of an x-ray generator using a pyroelectric crystal for x-ray fluorescence analysis on planetary landing missions
Author(s): Hiroki Kusano; Yuki Oyama; Masayuki Naito; Hiroshi Nagaoka; Haruyoshi Kuno; Eido Shibamura; Nobuyuki Hasebe; Yoshiharu Amano; Kyeong J. Kim; José A. Matias Lopes
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Xenon detector with high energy resolution for gamma-ray line emission registration
Author(s): Alexander S. Novikov; Sergey E. Ulin; Irina V. Chernysheva; Valery V. Dmitrenko; Victor M. Grachev; Denis V. Petrenko; Alexander E. Shustov; Ziyaetdin M. Uteshev; Konstantin F. Vlasik
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Emergency OSL/TL dosimetry with integrated circuits from mobile phones
Author(s): S. Sholom; S. W. S. McKeever
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Use of a position-sensitive multi-anode photomultiplier tube for finding gamma-ray source direction
Author(s): Sanjoy Mukhopadhyay; Richard Maurer; Paul Guss
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The neutron detectors based on oxide scintillators for control of fissionable radioactive substances
Author(s): V. D. Ryzhikov; B. V. Grinyov; G. M. Onyshchenko; L. A. Piven; O. K. Lysetska; O. D. Opolonin; S. A. Kostioukevitch; C. F. Smith
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Spectroscopic response of Cd(Zn)Te radiation detectors with a Schottky diode
Author(s): Alexandr A. Zakharchenko; Leonid N. Davydov; Anna I. Skrypnyk; Alexandr V. Rybka; Vladimir E. Kutny; Manap A. Khazhmuradov; Petro M. Fochuk; Valery M. Sklyarchuk; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Ralph B. James
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Recent progresses in scintillating doped silica fiber optics
Author(s): Cristina De Mattia; Eleonora Mones; Ivan Veronese; Mauro Fasoli; Norberto Chiodini; Marie Claire Cantone; Anna Vedda
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Mechanisms of the passage of dark currents through Cd(Zn)Te semi-insulating crystals
Author(s): V. Sklyarchuk; P. Fochuk; I. Rarenko; Z. Zakharuk; O. Sklyarchuk; Ye. Nykoniuk; A. Rybka; V. Kutny; A. E. Bolotnikov; R. B. James
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Purification of p-type CdTe crystals by thermal treatment
Author(s): P. Fochuk; I. Rarenko; Z. Zakharuk; Ye. Nykoniuk; V. Shlyakhovyj; A. E. Bolotnikov; Ge Yang; R. B. James
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Real time wide area radiation surveillance system (REWARD) based on 3d silicon and (CD,ZN)Te for neutron and gamma-ray detection
Author(s): C. Disch
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Change in the bulk resistivity of CdZnTe with selected near IR light
Author(s): Aaron L. Washington; Jonathan S. Wright; Martine C. Duff; Arnold Burger; Michael Groza; Liviu Matei; Vladimir Buliga
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Characterization of high-resistivity CdTe and Cd0.9Zn0.1Te crystals grown by Bridgman method for radiation detector applications
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Ramesh M. Krishna; Rahmi O. Pak; Mohammad A. Mannan
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Characterization of cadmium manganese telluride (Cd1-xMnxTe) crystals grown by floating zone method
Author(s): A. Hossain; G. D. Gu; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; R. Gul; U. N. Roy; G. Yang; T. Liu; R. Zhong; J. Schneeloch; R. B. James
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Photon crosstalk in pixel array for x-ray imaging
Author(s): Myung Soo Kim; Giyoon Kim; Dong-uk Kang; Daehee Lee; Gyuseong Cho
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