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Reflection, Scattering, and Diffraction from Surfaces IV
Editor(s): Leonard M. Hanssen
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Volume Number: 9205
Date Published: 9 October 2014
Softcover: 26 papers (298) pages
ISBN: 9781628412321

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Front Matter: Volume 9205
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dynamic data driven bidirectional reflectance distribution function measurement system
Author(s): Stephen E. Nauyoks; Sam Freda; Michael A. Marciniak
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Temperature dependent BRDF facility
Author(s): Marc B. Airola; Andrea M. Brown; Daniel V. Hahn; Michael E. Thomas; Elizabeth A. Congdon; Douglas S. Mehoke
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Surface-plasmon field controlled quantum-dot light absorption and spontaneous emission
Author(s): Danhong Huang; Michelle Easter; Godfrey Gumbs; A. A. Maradudin; Shawn-Yu Lin; Dave A. Cardimona; Xiang Zhang
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The inversion of inchoherent light scattering data to obtain statistical and optical properties of a two-dimensional randomly rough dielectric surface.
Author(s): S. Chakrabarti; A. A. Maradudin; I. Simonsen; E. I. Chaikina
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Robust categorization of microfacet BRDF models to enable flexible application-specific BRDF adaptation
Author(s): Samuel D. Butler; Michael A. Marciniak
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A sensitive optical probe for surface topography based on an optimized astigmatic method
Author(s): Jingtao Dong; Gang Xiao; Jian Chen; Zhouling Wu
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Study of surface roughness of corroded metals using plastic optical fiber sensor
Author(s): M. Esakkimuthu Raju; Badrinath Vadakkapattu Canthadai; Kumar Ravi; Vengalrao Pachava; Dipankar Sengupta
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Diffusers, properties, and performance in BSDF
Author(s): Bilgehan Gür; Hedser van Brug; Man Xu; Elizabeth Vela
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Near specular scatter analysis method with a new goniophotometer
Author(s): Stephanie Meyen; Florian Sutter; Peter Heller
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The low-frequency Raman spectra and nanostructure of As-Se-S and As-Se-Te chalcogenide semiconductors doped by samarium
Author(s): G. A. Isayeva; R. I. Alekberov; S. I. Mekhtiyeva; A. I. Isayev
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Light propagation in phosphor-filled matrices for photovoltaic PL down-shifting
Author(s): Anastasiia Solodovnyk; Benjamin Lipovšek; Karen Forberich; Edda Stern; Miroslaw Batentschuk; Marko Topič; Christoph J. Brabec
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Modeling stray light from rough surfaces and subsurface scatter
Author(s): James E. Harvey; John J. Goshy; Richard N. Pfisterer
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The scattering of partially coherent electromagnetic beam illumination from a statistically rough surface modeled as a perfect electrical conductor
Author(s): Mark F. Spencer; Milo W. Hyde; Santasri Basu; Michael A. Marciniak
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Scattering models for range profiling and 2D-3D laser imagery
Author(s): Gerard Berginc
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3D laser imaging for concealed object identification
Author(s): Ion Berechet; Gérard Berginc; Stefan Berechet
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IR-imaging based system for detecting the defects of conductive materials
Author(s): Kimmo Leppänen; Juha Saarela; Tapio Fabritius
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3D measurement of both front and back surfaces of transparent objects by polarization imaging
Author(s): Florence Drouet; Christophe Stolz; Olivier Laligant; Olivier Aubreton
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Cone beam x-ray luminescence computed tomography reconstruction with a priori anatomical information
Author(s): Pei-An Lo; Meng-Lung Lin; Shih-Chun Jin; Jyh-Cheng Chen; Syue-Liang Lin; C. Allen Chang; Huihua Kenny Chiang
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Light scattering by aerosol particles and air in the molecular condensation nuclei (MCN) detector
Author(s): Vladimir D. Kuptsov; Vadim Y. Katelevsky; Vladimir P. Valyukhov; Evgeniy N. Rybin
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Intermediate field measurement to characterize the wavefront of high power laser large optics
Author(s): Frédéric Audo; Stéphane Bouillet; Sandrine Chico; Jérôme Daurios
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Investigation of interaction of structured illumination with random scattering media
Author(s): Nikolay V. Petrov; Artem E. Goryunov; Pavel V. Pavlov
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A Mach-Zehnder interferometer for the fine control of the polarization status of a beam
Author(s): Enrico Tessarolo; Alain Jody Corso; Stefano Bonaldo; Paola Zuppella; Maria Guglielmina Pelizzo
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A multifunctional automated system of 2D laser polarimetry of biological tissues
Author(s): Natalia I. Zabolotna; Kostiantyn O. Radchenko
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Transmission of UV/visible light through model human epidermis at varying ambient humidity
Author(s): Carlton W. Farley; Sandra Sadate; Aschalew Kassu; Anup Sharma
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Scattering by three-dimensional slit-shape curves
Author(s): J. Muñoz-Lopez; G. Martinez-Niconoff; P. Martinez-Vara; S. I. De los Santos
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Measurement of spatial coherence through the shadow of small obscurations
Author(s): Katelynn A. Sharma; James K. Wood; Miguel A. Alonso; Thomas G. Brown
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