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Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XVII
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Volume Number: 9193
Date Published: 17 September 2014
Softcover: 45 papers (444) pages
ISBN: 9781628412208

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9193
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Radiance and photon noise: imaging in geometrical optics, physical optics, quantum optics, and radiology
Author(s): Harrison H. Barrett; Kyle J. Myers; Luca Caucci
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What do forbidden light-ray fields look like?
Author(s): Paul Stockman; Stephen Oxburgh; Tomáš Tyc; Johannes Courtial
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Phase space imaging in optical design
Author(s): Denise Rausch; Alois Herkommer
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Windows into non-Euclidean spaces
Author(s): Stephen Oxburgh; Chris D. White; Georgios Antoniou; Lena Mertens; Christopher Mullen; Jennifer Ramsay; Duncan McCall; Johannes Courtial
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Formal analysis of electromagnetic optics
Author(s): Sanaz Khan-Afshar; Osman Hasan; Sofiène Tahar
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Digital image processing for wide-angle highly spatially variant imagers
Author(s): Stephen J. Olivas; Michal Šorel; Ashkan Arianpour; Igor Stamenov; Nima Nikzad; Glenn M. Schuster; Nojan Motamedi; William M. Mellette; Ron A. Stack; Adam Johnson; Rick Morrison; Ilya P. Agurok; Joseph E. Ford
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Research on the feature extraction and pattern recognition of the distributed optical fiber sensing signal
Author(s): Bingjie Wang; Qi Sun; Shaohua Pi; Hongyan Wu
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The analysis and design of multiple phase plane for wave front coding system
Author(s): Xiaohu Guo; Yuejin Zhao; Yijian Wu; Wei Jia
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Stereo matching image processing by synthesized color and the characteristic area by the synthesized color
Author(s): Akira Akiyama; Eiichiro Mutoh; Hideo Kumagai
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A combined simulation approach using ray-tracing and finite-difference time-domain for optical systems containing refractive and diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Christian Sommer; Claude Leiner; Susanne Schweitzer; Franz-Peter Wenzl; Ulrich Hohenester; Paul Hartmann
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Open-source fiber laser and amplifier design toolbox using custom FDTD simulation engine
Author(s): Luke K. Rumbaugh; Ming-Cheng Cheng; Yifei Li; William D. Jemison
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LED source modeling and rayset generation from luminance maps
Author(s): Peter Goldstein
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Structural-Thermal-Optical-Performance (STOP) model development and analysis of a field-widened Michelson interferometer
Author(s): Salvatore J. Scola; James F. Osmundsen; Luke S. Murchison; Warren T. Davis; Joshua M. Fody; Charles M. Boyer; Anthony L. Cook; Chris A. Hostetler; Shane T. Seaman; Ian J. Miller; Wayne C. Welch; Adam R. Kosmer
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The refractive lens heat absorption from light source caused thermal aberration analysis
Author(s): Ming-Ying Hsu; Chia-Yen Chen; Shenq-Tsong Chang; Wei-Cheng Lin; Ting-Ming Huang
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Focus tunable mirrors made by ionic polymer-metal composite
Author(s): Chung-Min Li; Guo-Dung Su
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Stability of the micromachined membrane deformable mirror as a freeform optical element
Author(s): Gleb Vdovin; Oleg Soloviev; Seva Patlan
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Compact touchless fingerprint reader based on digital variable-focus liquid lens
Author(s): C. W. Tsai; P. J. Wang; J. A. Yeh
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Reliability of ionic polymer metallic composite for opto-mechanical applications
Author(s): Chung-Yi Yu; Guo-Dung J. Su
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An adaptive achromatic doublet design by double variable focus lenses
Author(s): Lihui Wang; Hiromasa Oku; Masatoshi Ishikawa
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Chords and harmonies in mixed optical and acoustical stimuli
Author(s): Cornelius Hahlweg; Florian Dannenberg; Joachim Dörfler; Bernhard Weber; Cornelia Weyer; Harald Gercke-Hahn; Steffen Freimuth; Sören Heucke; Holger Ludwig Gutzmann
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Near-field imaging techniques for surface inspection
Author(s): Florian Dannenberg; Cornelius Hahlweg; Lukas Pescoller; Wenjing Zhao
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Improved methods for adjusting the UV content of measurement instrument illumination for papermaking industry
Author(s): Li Yang
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Zepto-mole detection in microfluidics by novel nonlinear multi-photon laser wave-mixing spectroscopy for biomedical and environmental applications
Author(s): Marcel Hetu; Manna Iwabuchi; Eric Maxwell; Haoli Wu; Sashary Ramos; William G. Tong
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Design and characterization of a copolymer radial gradient index zoom lens
Author(s): James A. Corsetti; Greg R. Schmidt; Duncan T Moore
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Plenoptic camera image simulation for reconstruction algorithm verification
Author(s): Jim Schwiegerling
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Ultra-thin wafer-level camera with 720p resolution using micro-optics
Author(s): Andreas Brückner; Alexander Oberdörster; Jens Dunkel; Andreas Reimann; Martin Müller; Frank Wippermann
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A hyperchromatic lens for recording time-resolved phenomena
Author(s): Daniel K. Frayer; Morris I. Kaufman; Gene A. Capelle
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Freeform mirror for illumination system of color-sequential LCOS pico projector
Author(s): Wei-Jei Peng; Chun-Chieh Chen; Chien-Yao Huang; Wei-Yao Hsu
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Image exposure suppressed optical system by spatial light modulator
Author(s): Jhe Syuan Lin; Chao Wen Liang; Shih-Che Chien; Min-Fong Luo
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Unidirectional emission from whispering gallery modes via transformation optics
Author(s): Yushin Kim; Soo-Young Lee; Jung-Wan Ryu; Inbo Kim; Jae-hyung Han; Heung-Sik Tae; Muhan Choi; Bumki Min
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Reduced group delay dispersion in quantum dot passively mode-locked lasers operating at elevated temperature
Author(s): J. K. Mee; R. Raghunathan; D. Murrell; A. Braga; Y. Li; L. F. Lester
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Reaction bonded silicon carbide material characteristics as related to its use in high power laser systems
Author(s): Matthew Pitschman; Travis Miller; Alan R Hedges; Steve Rummel
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The new design of final optics assembly on SG-III prototype facility
Author(s): Ping Li; Runchang Zhao; Wei Wang; Huaiting Jia; Liangmin Chen; Jingqin Su
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Impact of green technologies in optical networks case study: green wireless optical broadband access network
Author(s): William S. Puche; Javier E. Sierra
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Design of visible light communication system for maintaining uniform data rate
Author(s): Jiun-Yu Sung; Wan-Feng Lin; Yu-Fu Wu; Chi-Wai Chow; Chien-Hung Yeh
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WDM-PON network simulation with different implementation of optical amplifier in the line
Author(s): Jan Latal; Petr Koudelka; Petr Siska; Jan Vitasek; Vladimir Vasinek
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High-speed phosphor-LED wireless communication system utilizing no blue filter
Author(s): C. H. Yeh; C. W. Chow; H. Y. Chen; J. Chen; Y. L. Liu; Y. F. Wu
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Modeling large deflection of circular membranes for applications in active optical elements
Author(s): Pavel Novák; Jiří Novák; Antonín Mikš
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Transformation optics with windows
Author(s): Stephen Oxburgh; Chris D. White; Georgios Antoniou; Ejovbokoghene Orife; Johannes Courtial
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A pair of diopter-adjustable eyeglasses for presbyopia correction
Author(s): Lihui Wang; Alvaro Cassinelli; Hiromasa Oku; Masatoshi Ishikawa
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Development of wideband spectral dispersers for exoplanetary science: comparative study of material, design, and fabrication
Author(s): Keigo Enya; Naofumi Fujishiro
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Quality improvement of transmission images for transparent displays with micro-lens array
Author(s): T.-W. Huang; W.-D. Jeng; Y. Ouyang; Y.-H. Tsai; K.-C. Lee; M. Ou-Yang
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Simulation of integrated optical network (IPON) properties
Author(s): Petr Siska; Petr Koudelka; Jan Latal; Jan Vitasek; Stanislav Kepak; Vladimír Vašinek
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Lorentz-transformation and Galileo-transformation windows
Author(s): Stephen Oxburgh; Norman Gray; Martin Hendry; Johannes Courtial
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Speckle reduction in projection display by controlling the spatial coherence of laser source
Author(s): Zhe Cui; Anting Wang; Zi Wang; Chun Gu; Shulu Wang; Hai Ming; Weizhi Du
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