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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 9192

Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XV
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Volume Number: 9192
Date Published: 30 September 2014
Softcover: 46 papers (428) pages
ISBN: 9781628412192

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9192
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Using saddle points for challenging optical design tasks
Author(s): Irina Livshits; Zhe Hou; Pascal van Grol; Yifeng Shao; Maarten van Turnhout; Paul Urbach; Florian Bociort
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Double surface imaging designs with unconstrained object to image mapping under rotational symmetry
Author(s): Jiayao Liu; Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez
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Design and analysis of an adaptive lens that mimics the performance of the crystalline lens in the human eye
Author(s): Agustin Santiago-Alvarado; Angel S. Cruz-Félix; F. Iturbide-Jiménez ; M. Martínez-López; M. Ramírez-Como; V. Armengol-Cruz; I. Vásquez-Báez
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Caustic surface of a plane wavefront refracted by a smooth arbitrary surface
Author(s): Maximino Avendaño-Alejo
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Research on the controlling thermal defocus aberration for the infrared imaging system based on wavefront coding
Author(s): Di Chen; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Xiaohua Liu; Cuiling Li; Xiaohu Guo; Zhu Zhao; Yijian Wu
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Complex imaging with ray-rotating windows
Author(s): Aidan Strathearn; James Moncreiff; Stephen Oxburgh; Johannes Courtial
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Study of camera calibration process with ray tracing
Author(s): A.-S. Poulin-Girard; X. Dallaire; A. Veillette; S. Thibault; D. Laurendeau
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Diffraction limited integral field spectrographs for large telescopes
Author(s): James E. Larkin
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Conception of a cheap infrared camera using a Fresnel lens
Author(s): Tatiana Grulois; Guillaume Druart; Nicolas Guérineau; Arnaud Crastes; Hervé Sauer; Pierre Chavel
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Multi-aperture microoptical system for close-up imaging
Author(s): René Berlich; Andreas Brückner; Robert Leitel; Alexander Oberdörster; Frank Wippermann; Andreas Bräuer
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Optical performance analysis of plenoptic camera systems
Author(s): Christin Langguth; Alexander Oberdörster; Andreas Brückner; Frank Wippermann; Andreas Bräuer
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Proof-of-concept demonstration of a miniaturized multi-resolution refocusing imaging system using an electrically tunable lens
Author(s): L. Smeesters; G. Y. Belay; H. Ottevaere; Y. Meuret; Michael Vervaeke; J. Van Erps; H. Thienpont
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Consumer electronic optics: how small can a lens be: the case of panomorph lenses
Author(s): Simon Thibault; Jocelyn Parent; Hu Zhang; Xiaojun Du; Patrice Roulet
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Overview of diffraction gratings technologies for space-flight satellites and astronomy
Author(s): Arnaud Cotel; Audrey Liard; Frédéric Desserouer; Francis Bonnemason; Pierre Pichon
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Chromatic error correction of diffractive optical elements at minimum etch depths
Author(s): Jochen Barth; Tobias Gühne
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Moth's eye anti-reflection gratings on germanium freeform surfaces
Author(s): Meng Liu; Jason A. Shultz; Joseph D. Owen; Matthew A. Davies; Thomas J. Suleski
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3D head mount display with single panel
Author(s): Yuchang Wang; Junejei Huang
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Afocal viewport optics for underwater imaging
Author(s): Dan Slater
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Vibration analysis and testing for the LLST optical module
Author(s): Michele S. Weatherwax; Keith B. Doyle
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Packaging efficiency analysis of phosphor-converted white LEDs
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Yu-Yu Chang; Cheng-Chien Chen; Ching-Yi Chen; Tsung-Hsun Yang
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Optical design of low glare luminaire applied for tunnel light
Author(s): M. S. Tsai; X. H. Lee; Y. C. Lo; C. C. Sun
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Nonimaging achromatic lens design for LED direct-lit backlight applications
Author(s): Meng-Che Tsai; Bo-Song Chen; Tsung-Xian Lee
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A novel method for designing dichroic color filter transmittance curves for lighting applications
Author(s): Rui Qi; Frank Shum
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Six-color solid state illuminator for cinema projector
Author(s): Junejei Huang; Yuchang Wang
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Fabrication of heterogeneous microlenses using self-surface tension
Author(s): Cheng-Han Chiang; Guo-Dung J. Su
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Miniaturized camera system for an endoscopic capsule for examination of the colonic mucosa
Author(s): Frank Wippermann; Martin Müller; Martin Wäny; Stephan Voltz
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Stability of glass versus plastics for transmissive high-power LED optics
Author(s): C. Paßlick; A. Hellwig; U. Geyer; T. Heßling; M. C. Hübner
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Surface micro-structuring of glassy carbon for precision glass molding of diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Karin Prater; Julia Dukwen; Toralf Scharf; Hans Peter Herzig; Andreas Hermerschmidt
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Employment of fluorescence for autofocusing in direct laser writing micro-/nano-lithography
Author(s): Mangirdas Malinauskas; Albertas Žukauskas; Kastytis Belazaras
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High quality UV: NIR thin film interference polarizers
Author(s): Vladimir V. Novopashin; Alexsandr V. Shestakov
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Investigation of diamond turning: of rapidly solidified aluminum alloys
Author(s): Yuan-Chieh Cheng; Wei-Yao Hsu; Khaled Abou-El-Hossein; Oluwole Olufayo; Timothy Otieno
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Comparison of refractive rotating dual-prism scanner used in near and far field
Author(s): Anhu Li; Xinjian Gao; Ye Ding
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Analysis of double conjugate zoom lens using tunable-focus lenses
Author(s): Jiří Novák; Pavel Novák; Antonín Mikš
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Research on properties of an infrared imaging diffractive element
Author(s): M. Rachoń; K. Węgrzyńska; M. Doch; A. Kołodziejczyk; A. Siemion; J. Suszek; K. Kakarenko; M. Sypek
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Near-infrared imaging equipment that detects small organic substances in thick foods
Author(s): Souphaphone Phetchalern; Hiroto Tashima; Yuya Ishii; Takeshi Ishiyama; Shinichi Arai; Mitsuo Fukuda
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Analyzing of light pattern uniformity in multi-chips LED lighting
Author(s): Yu-Hsuan Chen; Chi-Hung Lee; Jou-Hui Lin; Shih-Hsin Ma
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Study of CCT varying by volume scattering diffuser with moving and rotating white light LED
Author(s): Shih-Hsin Ma; Liang-Shiun Chen; Wen-Chao Huang
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LED collimation module for time sequential back light system
Author(s): Jou-Hui Lin; Chi-Hung Lee; An-Ching Tai; Yu-Hsuan Chen; Shih-Hsin Ma
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Manufacturing of freeform mirror by milling and altering its optical characteristics by Ns-laser polishing and ALD coatings
Author(s): Jarkko Mutanen; Jarno J. J. Kaakkunen; Hemmo Tuovinen; Jouni Hiltunen; Sini Kivi; Maunu Toiviainen; Juha Väyrynen; Janne Laukkanen; Victor Prokofiev; Pertti Pääkkönen; Mikko Juuti; Markku Kuittinen; Kari Mönkkönen
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Portable system to luminaries characterization
Author(s): M. Tecpoyotl-Torres; J. G. Vera-Dimas; S. Koshevaya; J. Escobedo-Alatorre; L. Cisneros-Villalobos; J. Sanchez-Mondragon
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Phase retrieval of microscope objects using the Wavelet-Gabor transform method from holographic filters
Author(s): Martín Hernández-Romo; Alfonso Padilla-Vivanco; Myung K Kim; Carina Toxqui-Quitl
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Controllable focal spot for direct-drive laser fusion based on electro-optic effect
Author(s): Zheqiang Zhong; Xiaochun Hu; Zelong Li; Rong Ye; Bin Zhang
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Research on chromatic properties of high order kinoform
Author(s): K. Węgrzyńska; M. Rachoń; M. Doch; A. Siemion; J. Suszek; A. Kołodziejczyk; M. Sypek
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Optimized restoration of wavefront coded images
Author(s): C. Toxqui-Quitl; Eva Acosta ; Justo Arines; A. Padilla-Vivanco
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Mold production for polymer optics
Author(s): Rainer Boerret; Jonas Raab; Marco Speich
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Effect of injection molding processing conditions on optical properties of polyetherimide
Author(s): Wei Zhao; Christopher Wall; Raghavendra Maddikeri; Andy May
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