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Nanobiosystems: Processing, Characterization, and Applications VII
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Volume Number: 9171
Date Published: 7 October 2014
Softcover: 19 papers (136) pages
ISBN: 9781628411980

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9171
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electrical conductivity and impedance behaviour of hydrogels
Author(s): Holly Warren; Marc in het Panhuis
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Deoxyribonucleic acid-Ag nanoparticles for EMI Shielding: the effect of nanoparticle size, shape and distribution on the shielding effectiveness
Author(s): Fahima Ouchen; Benjamin G. Wilson; Perry P. Yaney; Michael M. Salour; James G. Grote
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Investigation of a DNA nucleobase as a gate dielectric for potential application in a graphene-based field effect transistor
Author(s): Adrienne D. Williams; Fahima Ouchen; Steve Kim; Yen H. Ngo; Said Elhamri; Shin Mou; Gregory Kozlowski; Rajesh R. Naik; James G. Grote
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Hyper Rayleigh scattering of biomolecules: the case of thymine and adenine
Author(s): Anthony Maurice; Franck Bertorelle; Emmanuel Benichou; Pierre-François Brevet
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Natural materials for nano bio systems
Author(s): Fahima Ouchen; Perry Yaney; Donna Joyce; Adrienne Williams; Eliot Gomez; Guru Subramanyam; James Grote
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Light amplification and lasing from dyes doped in DNA-complex thin films prepared by soaking method
Author(s): Yutaka Kawabe; Takemasa Suzuki; You Iisaka
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Random lasing in dye doped bio-organic based systems: recent experiments and stochastic approach
Author(s): A. C. Mitus; G. Pawlik; J. Mysliwiec; L. Sznitko; K. Cyprych; A. Szukalski; F. Kajzar; I. Rau
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Summary report on AFRL studies of the optical and electrical properties of biopolymers using salmon DNA
Author(s): Perry P. Yaney; Fahima Ouchen; James G. Grote
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Photo-Seebeck effect of conjugated polymers
Author(s): B. Kim; H. Lim; E. Kim
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Micro and nanostructuration of polymer materials and applications
Author(s): Thi Thanh Ngan Nguyen; Mai Hoang Luong; Mai Trang Do; Duy Manh Kieu; Qinggele Li; Dam Thuy Trang Nguyen; Quang Cong Tong; Isabelle Ledoux-Rak; Ngoc Diep Lai
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Diatom frustule photonic crystal geometric and optical characterization
Author(s): Jonathan Mishler; Phillip Blake; Andrew J. Alverson; D. Keith Roper; Joseph B. Herzog
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Novel pH-sensitive probes with a ratiometric detection for intracellular pH
Author(s): Martin Ipuy; Cyrielle Billon; Guillaume Micouin; Jacques Samarut; Chantal Andraud; Yann Bretonnière
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Hyper Rayleigh and hyper Raman from neat water
Author(s): Anthony Maurice; Qianli Ma; Isabelle Russier-Antoine; Emmanuel Benichou; Fabrice Canto; Laurent Couston; Pierre-François Brevet
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Viral-templated nanocrystalline Pd nanowires for chemiresistive hydrogen (H2) sensors
Author(s): Chung Hee Moon; Yiran Yan; Miluo Zhang; Nosang V. Myung; Elaine D. Haberer
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Physicochemical characterization of silver nanoparticles synthesize using Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)
Author(s): Abiola Kuponiyi; Lamin Kassama; Tatiana Kukhtareva
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Toward a chemiresistive ammonia (NH3) gas sensor based on viral-templated gold nanoparticles embedded in polypyrrole nanowires
Author(s): Yiran Yan; Miluo Zhang; Heng Chia Su; Nosang V. Myung; Elaine D. Haberer
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Morphology manipulation of M13 bacteriophage template for nanostructure assembly
Author(s): Tam-Triet Ngo-Duc; Mohammed Shahriar Zaman; Chung-Hee Moon; Elaine D. Haberer
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Second harmonic generation from silver nanoparticles in aqueous solution with different protective agents
Author(s): Hoang Minh Ngo; Isabelle Ledoux-Rak
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Investigations of molecular nonlinear optical polarizabilities of azobenzenes substituted with strong acceptor groups
Author(s): Valentin Victor Jerca; Florica Adriana Jerca; Ileana Rau; Francois Kajzar; Dan Sorin Vasilescu; Dumitru Mircea Vuluga
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