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Spintronics VII
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Volume Number: 9167
Date Published: 10 September 2014
Softcover: 36 papers (304) pages
ISBN: 9781628411942

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9167
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Polarization dynamics in spin-polarized vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Nils C. Gerhardt; Henning Höpfner; Markus Lindemann; Martin R. Hofmann
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Applications of femtosecond pulse engineering in the control of excitons in quantum dots
Author(s): Reuble Mathew; Angela Gamouras; Eric Dilcher; Ajan P. Ramachandran; Hong Yi Shi Yang; Sabine Freisem; Dennis G. Deppe; Kimberley C. Hall
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Room-temperature initialization, dynamics, and measurement of coherent electron spins in strongly confined quantum dots
Author(s): Jesse Berezovsky; Ahmad K. Fumani; Michael Wolf
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Epitaxial growth of CdMnTe quantum dots directly on Si(111)
Author(s): Marielle H. M. B. Lage; Sukarno O. Ferreira; Angelo S. Malachias
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Determination of spin diffusion length in Germanium by optical and electrical spin injection
Author(s): Christian Rinaldi; Stefano Bertoli; Matteo Cantoni; Cristian Manzoni; Marco Marangoni; Giulio Cerullo; Massimiliano Bianchi; Roman Sordan; Riccardo Bertacco
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Optical orientation of electron spins in GaAs L-valleys
Author(s): Andrea Balocchi; Philippe Barate; Tiantian Zhang; Thierry Amand; Pierre Renucci; Hélène Carrère; Bernhard Urbaszek; Xavier Marie
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Spin-dependent transport as a consequence of Pauli blockade in a degenerate electron gas
Author(s): F. Cadiz; D. Paget; A. C. H. Rowe
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Spin-orbit interaction and spin coherence in narrow-gap semiconductor and semimetal wires
Author(s): J. J. Heremans; R. L. Kallaher; M. Rudolph; M. B. Santos; W. Van Roy; G. Borghs
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Spin-resolved study of direct band-gap recombination in bulk Ge
Author(s): Fabio Pezzoli; Anna Giorgioni; Giovanni Isella; Sebastiano De Cesari; Emanuele Grilli; Mario Guzzi
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Photonic spin Hall effect for precision metrology
Author(s): Xinxing Zhou; Shizhen Chen; Yachao Liu; Hailu Luo; Shuangchun Wen
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The charge-magnet paradoxes of classical electrodynamics
Author(s): Masud Mansuripur
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Individual cobalt and manganese ions in semiconductor quantum dots and photonic structures
Author(s): Wojciech Pacuski
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Conventional versus unconventional magnetic polarons: ZnMnTe/ZnSe and ZnTe/ZnMnSe quantum dots
Author(s): B. Barman; Y. Tsai; T. Scrace; J. R. Murphy; A. N. Cartwright; J. M. Pientka; I. Zutic; B. D. McCombe; A. Petrou; I. R. Sellers; R. Oszwaldowski; A. Petukhov; W. C. Fan; W. C. Chou; C. S. Yang
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Direct observation of non-thermal influence in the process of photo-induced ferromagnetic resonance in (Ga,Mn)As
Author(s): Takashi Matsuda; Kazuhiro Nishibayashi; Hiro Munekata
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Modeling optically pumped NMR and spin polarization in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): D. Saha; R. Wood; J. T. Tokarski; L. A. McCarthy; C. R. Bowers; E. L. Sesti; S. E. Hayes; P. L. Kuhns; S. A. McGill; A. R. Reyes; G. D. Sanders; C. J. Stanton
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Experimental measurements of optically-pumped NMR (OPNMR) and spin polarization in bulk GaAs and GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Dustin D. Wheeler; Erika L. Sesti; Dipta Saha; Gary D. Sanders; Christopher J. Stanton; Sophia E. Hayes
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Magneto-optical investigation of Fe/CoO/Fe(001) trilayers
Author(s): A. Brambilla; M. Cantoni; A. Picone; M. Riva; A. Calloni; G. Berti; Gi. Bussetti; P. Vavassori; M. Finazzi; L. Duò; F. Ciccacci
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Static and dynamic magnetic property of MBE-grown Co2FeAl films
Author(s): Shuang Qiao; Shuaihua Nie; Yan Huo; Jianhua Zhao; Yizheng Wu; Xinhui Zhang
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Ultra-low-energy straintronics using multiferroic composites
Author(s): Kuntal Roy
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Dynamics and topological mass of skyrmionic spin structures (presentation video)
Author(s): Christoforos Moutafis; Felix Büttner; Andre Bisig; Benjamin Krüger; C. A. F. Vaz; Michael Foerster; Mohamad-Assaad Mawass; Michael Schneider; Christian Gunther; Jan Geilhufe; C. von Korff Schmising; J. Mohanty; B. Pfau; Stefan Schaffert; Tomek Schulz; Markus Weigand; Henk J. M. Swagten; Jörg Raabe; Mathias Kläui; Stefan Eisebitt
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Interaction between vortex walls and asymmetric notches in Permalloy nanowires (presentation video)
Author(s): Luiz Sampaio Lima
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Helical order in one dimensional semiconductors (presentation video)
Author(s): Peter Stano
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Direct observation of a highly spin-polarized organic spinterface at room temperature
Author(s): F. Djeghloul; F. Ibrahim; M. Cantoni; M. Bowen; L. Joly; S. Boukari; P. Ohresser; F. Bertran; P. Le Fèvre; P. Thakur; F. Scheurer; T. Miyamachi; R. Mattana; P. Seneor; A. Jaafar; C. Rinaldi; S. Javaid; J. Arabski; J.-P. Kappler; W. Wulfhekel; N. B. Brookes; R. Bertacco; A. Taleb-Ibrahimi; M. Alouani; E. Beaurepaire; W. Weber
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Time resolved magneto-optical studies of InAsP ternary alloys
Author(s): B. A. Magill; M. A. Meeker; T. R. Merrit; G. A. Khodaparast; S. McGill; C. J. Palmstrøm
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Status and outlook of STT-MRAM development
Author(s): T. Min; G. S. Kar; J. Swerts; S. Mertens; S. Coseman; J. Bekaert; K. Xu; L. Souriau; D. Radisic; H. Okuyama; K. Nishimura; T. Seino; K. Tsunekawa
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Time resolved transport studies of magnetization reversal in orthogonal spin transfer magnetic tunnel junction devices
Author(s): Georg Wolf; Gabriel Chaves-O’Flynn; Andrew D. Kent; Bartek Kardasz; Steve Watts; Mustafa Pinarbasi
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High-performance computing based on spin-diode logic
Author(s): Joseph S. Friedman; Bruce W. Wessels; Damien Querlioz; Alan V. Sahakian
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Anomalous spin and charge Seebeck effect in a quantum well with spin orbit interaction
Author(s): D. C. Marinescu; Andrei Manolescu; Jeremy Capps
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Spin-Hall effects: from the two-channel model to Dyakonov-Perel equations
Author(s): B. Madon; H.-J. Drouhin; D. Lacour; J.-E. Wegrowe
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Spin-orbit torques in ferromagnetic heterostructures: fundamentals and applications (presentation video)
Author(s): Kevin Garello; Can Onur Avci; Mihai Miron; Olivier Boulle; Frank Freimuth; Yuriy Mokrousov; Stefan Blügel; Gilles Gaudin; Pietro Gambardella
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Correlation between spin structure oscillations and domain wall velocities (presentation video)
Author(s): Andre Bisig; Martin Stärk; Mohamad-Assaad Mawass; Christoforos Moutafis; Jan Rhensius; Jakoba Heidler; Felix Büttner; Matthias Noske; Markus Weigand; Stefan Eisebitt; Tolek Tyliszczak; Bartel van Waeyenberge; Hermann Stoll; Gisela Schütz; Mathias Kläui
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Spin control and manipulation in (111) GaAs quantum wells
Author(s): A. Hernández-Mínguez; K. Biermann; R. Hey; P. V. Santos
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Spin injection and spin-orbit coupling in low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Sebastian Heedt; Isabel Wehrmann; Thomas Gerster; Paul Wenk; Stefan Kettemann; Kamil Sladek; Hilde Hardtdegen; Andreas Bringer; Jürgen Schubert; Natalia Demarina; Detlev Grützmacher; Thomas Schäpers
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Electric-field modulation of spin-wave phase in yttrium iron garnet film (presentation video)
Author(s): Tianyu Liu; Xufeng Zhang; Hong Tang; Michael E. Flatté
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Spin pumping and inverse spin Hall effect in platinum and other 5d metals: the essential role of spin-memory loss and spin-current discontinuities at interfaces
Author(s): J.-C. Rojas-Sánchez; N. Reyren; P. Laczkowski; W. Savero; J.-P. Attané; C. Deranlot; S. Gambarelli; M. Jamet; J.-M. George; L. Vila; H. Jaffrès
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Attempting nanolocalization of all-optical switching through nano-holes in an Al-mask
Author(s): M. Savoini; A. H. Reid; T. Wang; C. E. Graves; M. C. Hoffmann; T.-M. Liu; A. Tsukamoto; J. Stöhr; H. A. Dürr; A. Kirilyuk; A. V. Kimel; T. Rasing
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Ultrafast spin dynamics in metallic layers and strongly correlated oxides
Author(s): Ettore Carpene; Fabio Boschini; Hamoon Hedayat; Claudia Dallera; Ezio Puppin
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Weak localization and weak anti-localization in topological insulators
Author(s): Hai-Zhou Lu; Shun-Qing Shen
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Weak antilocalisation in topological insulators with strong spin-orbit scattering (presentation video)
Author(s): Dimitrie Culcer; Weizhe Liu; Pierre Adroguer; Xintao Bi; Ewelina Hankiewicz
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Three-magnon splitting controlled by temperature
Author(s): Saki Matsuura; Takaharu Tashiro; Kazuya Ando
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Dual-frequency ferromagnetic resonance to measure spin current coupling in multilayers
Author(s): Rohan Adur; Chunhui Du; Hailong Wang; Sergei A. Manuilov; Fengyuan Yang; P. Chris Hammel
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Insight about spin Hall effects from spin pumping (presentation video)
Author(s): Axel Hoffmann; Wei Zhang; Vincent Vlaminck; John E. Pearson; Samuel D. Bader; Ralu Divan; Lihui Bai; Paul Hyde; Yongsheng Gui; Can-Ming Hu
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Spin noise spectroscopy in semiconductors: from a billion down to single spins
Author(s): J. Hübner; R. Dahbashi; F. Berski; J. Wiegand; H. Kuhn; J. Lonnemann; M. Oestreich
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