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Sensing Technologies for Global Health, Military Medicine, and Environmental Monitoring IV
Editor(s): Šárka O. Southern; Mark A. Mentzer; Isaac Rodriguez-Chavez; Virginia E. Wotring
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Volume Number: 9112
Date Published: 18 June 2014
Softcover: 34 papers (368) pages
ISBN: 9781628410495

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9112
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rapid non-invasive tests for diagnostics of infectious diseases
Author(s): Daniel Malamud
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Programmable bio-nano-chip system for saliva diagnostics
Author(s): Nicolaos Christodoulides; Richard De La Garza; Glennon W. Simmons; Michael P. McRae; Jorge Wong; Thomas R. Kosten; Craig S. Miller; Jeffrey L. Ebersole; John McDevitt
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Next-generation confirmatory disease diagnostics
Author(s): Robert Lin; Rachel Gerver; Kelly Karns; Akwasi A. Apori; Aleksandra K. Denisin; Amy E. Herr
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Human saliva proteome: an overview
Author(s): Timothy J. Griffin
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Experimental strategy to discover microbes with gluten-degrading enzyme activities
Author(s): Eva J. Helmerhorst; Guoxian Wei
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Serum and salivary cardiac analytes in acute myocardial infarction related to oral health status
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Ebersole; Richard J. Kryscio; Charles Campbell; Denis F. Kinane; John T. McDevitt; Nicolaos Christodoulides; Pierre N. Floriano; Craig S. Miller
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The military's approach to traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder
Author(s): Geoffrey S. F. Ling; Jamie Grimes; James M. Ecklund
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New approach to neurorehabilitation: cranial nerve noninvasive neuromodulation (CN-NINM) technology
Author(s): Yuri P. Danilov; Mitchel E. Tyler; Kurt A. Kaczmarek; Kimberley L. Skinner
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Drug stability analyzer for long duration spaceflights
Author(s): Chetan Shende; Wayne Smith; Carl Brouillette; Stuart Farquharson
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Military target task performance after wavefront-guided (WFG) and wavefront-optimized (WFO) photorefractive keratectomy (PRK)
Author(s): Tana Maurer; Dawne Deaver; Christopher Howell; Steve Moyer; Oanh Nguyen; Greg Mueller; Denise Ryan; Rose K. Sia; Richard Stutzman; Joseph Pasternak; Kraig Bower
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Raman spectroscopic analysis of whole blood acetylcholinesterase
Author(s): Phillip G. Wilcox; Jin U. Kang
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The challenges of analysing blood stains with hyperspectral imaging
Author(s): J. Kuula; H.-H. Puupponen; H. Rinta; I. Pölönen
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Portable capillary electrophoresis-system for on-site food analysis with lab-on-a-chip based contactless conductivity detection
Author(s): Claudia Gärtner; René Sewart; Richard Klemm; Holger Becker
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Critical stages of a biodetection platform development from sensor chip fabrication to surface chemistry and assay development
Author(s): Yildiz Uludag
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Chemoselective surface attachment of antimicrobial peptides and its effects on interfacial behavior
Author(s): Stella H. North; Christopher So; Kenan Fears; Chris R. Taitt
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Software system for computing material and structural properties of bone and muscle in the lower extremity from pQCT
Author(s): Sokratis Makrogiannis; Luigi Ferrucci
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Label-free single cancer marker protein detection using a nanoplasmonic-photonic hybrid whispering gallery mode biosensor
Author(s): S. Holler; V. R. Dantham; D. Keng; V. Kolchenko; Stephen Arnold
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Miniature Fabry-Perot sensor with polymer dual optical cavities for simultaneous pressure and temperature measurements
Author(s): Hyungdae Bae; Miao Yu
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Prototype spectral analysis of water samples for monitoring and treatment of public water resources
Author(s): S. G. Lambrakos; M. Lee; C. Yapijakis; L. S. Ramsey; L. Huang; A. Shabaev; L. Massa
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Estimation of suspended sediment concentrations from remotely sensed spectral reflectance: a field calibration for the Yellow River
Author(s): Liqin Qu; Daniel Civco; Tingwu Lei; Xiusheng Yang
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Environmental data analysis and remote sensing for early detection of dengue and malaria
Author(s): Md Z. Rahman; Leonid Roytman; Abdelhamid Kadik; Dilara A. Rosy
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Simulation studies in biochemical signaling and enzyme reactions
Author(s): Sudarshan R. Nelatury; Mary C. Vagula
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Radiation hazards of radio frequency waves on the early embryonic development of Zebrafish
Author(s): Ryan Harkless; Muntather Al-Quraishi; Mary C. Vagula
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Remote laser spectroscopy of oil and gas deposits
Author(s): A. P. Zhevlakov; V. G. Bespalov; V. V. Elizarov; A. S. Grishkanich; S. V. Kascheev; E. A. Makarov; S. A. Bogoslovsky; A. A. Il’inskiy
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Analysis of a generalized model for influenza including differential susceptibility due to immunosuppression
Author(s): Doracelly Hincapié; Juan Ospina
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Using computer algebra and SMT-solvers to analyze a mathematical model of cholera propagation
Author(s): Mariana Trujillo Arredondo
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Computational algebraic geometry of epidemic models
Author(s): Martín Rodríguez Vega
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Using Tutte polynomials to characterize sexual contact networks
Author(s): Juan José Cadavid Muñoz
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Computing Ro in a population with heterogeneity in sexual activity and proportionate mixing using a STM-solver
Author(s): Natalia A. Gutierrez A.
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Bessel filters applied in biomedical image processing
Author(s): Juan Pablo Mesa Lopez; Diego Leon Castañeda Saldarriaga
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Application of a Morse filter in the processing of brain angiograms
Author(s): Santiago Venegas Bayona
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Using special functions to model the propagation of airborne diseases
Author(s): Daniela Bolaños
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Optimal control in a model of malaria with differential susceptibility
Author(s): Doracelly Hincapié; Juan Ospina
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Using quantum filters to process images of diffuse axonal injury
Author(s): Mateo Pineda Osorio
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