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Ocean Sensing and Monitoring VI
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Volume Number: 9111
Date Published: 13 June 2014
Softcover: 29 papers (296) pages
ISBN: 9781628410488

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 9111
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Observations of ocean diurnal variations from the Korean geostationary ocean color imager (GOCI)
Author(s): Menghua Wang; SeungHyun Son; Lide Jiang; Wei Shi
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Calibration uncertainty in ocean color satellite sensors and trends in long-term environmental records
Author(s): Kevin R. Turpie; Robert E. Eplee; Bryan A. Franz; Carlos Del Castillo
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Sensitivity of calibration gains to ocean color processing in coastal and open waters using ensembles members for NPP-VIIRS
Author(s): R. Arnone; R. Vandermeulen; S. D. Ladner; J. Bowers; P. Martinolich; G. Fargion; M. Ondrusek
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VIIRS reflective solar bands calibration changes and potential impacts on ocean color applications
Author(s): Slawomir Blonski; Changyong Cao; Xi Shao; Sirish Uprety
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Inter-satellite comparison and evaluation of Navy SNPP VIIRS and MODIS-Aqua ocean color properties
Author(s): S. D. Ladner; R. Arnone; R. Vandermeulen; P. Martinolich; A. Lawson; J. Bowers; R. Crout; M. Ondrusek; G. Fargion
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Evaluation of in-situ radiometric data processing for calibration and validation of satellite ocean color remote sensing
Author(s): Puneeta Naik; Menghua Wang
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Estimating sea surface salinity in coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico using visible channels on SNPP-VIIRS
Author(s): Ryan A. Vandermeulen; Robert Arnone; Sherwin Ladner; Paul Martinolich
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Relationship between sea surface salinity from L-band radiometer and optical features in the East China Sea
Author(s): Bumjun Kil; Derek Burrage; Joel Wesson; Stephan Howden
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Reducing ocean surface specular reflection in WorldView-2 images
Author(s): Karen W. Patterson
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Sea-surface temperature from Suomi-NPP VIIRS: algorithm development and uncertainty estimation
Author(s): Peter J. Minnett; Robert H. Evans; Guillermo P. Podestá; Katherine A. Kilpatrick
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Analysis of the VIIRS cloud mask, comparison with the NAVOCEANO cloud mask, and how they complement each other
Author(s): Jean-François P. Cayula; Douglas A. May; Bruce D. McKenzie
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SST algorithms in ACSPO reanalysis of AVHRR GAC data from 2002-2013
Author(s): B. Petrenko; A. Ignatov; Y. Kihai; X. Zhou; J. Stroup
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Exploring pattern recognition enhancements to ACSPO clear-sky mask for VIIRS: potential and limitations
Author(s): Irina Gladkova; Yury Kihai; Alexander Ignatov; Fazlul Shahriar; Boris Petrenko
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Multistatic optical imaging system
Author(s): Derek Alley; Brandon Cochenour; Alan Laux; Linda Mullen
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Experimental studies of the compressive line sensing underwater serial imaging system
Author(s): Bing Ouyang; Weilin Hou; Fraser R. Dalgleish; Frank M. Caimi; Gero Nootz; Anni K. Vuorenkoski
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Underwater imaging of polarized targets
Author(s): Alexander Gilerson; Yalong Gu; Carlos Carrizo; Amir Ibrahim; Ahmed El-Habashi; Robert Foster; Parrish Brady; Molly E. Cummings; Samir Ahmed
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Overview of a hybrid underwater camera system
Author(s): Philip Church; Weilin Hou; Georges Fournier; Fraser Dalgleish; Derek Butler; Sergio Pari; Michael Jamieson; David Pike
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Waveform design considerations for modulated pulse lidar
Author(s): Shawn O'Connor; Robert Lee; Linda Mullen; Brandon Cochenour
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Optical ranging techniques in turbid waters
Author(s): David W. Illig; William D. Jemison; Robert W. Lee; Alan Laux; Linda J. Mullen
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Optical remote sensing of sound in the ocean
Author(s): James H. Churnside; Konstantin Naugolnykh; Richard D. Marchbanks
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Beyond bathymetry: probing the ocean subsurface using ship-based lidars
Author(s): Charles C. Trees
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Validation of ocean color sensors using a profiling hyperspectral radiometer
Author(s): M. E. Ondrusek; E. Stengel; M. Ampollo Rella; W. Goode; S. Ladner; M. Feinholz
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Comparison of VIIRS SST fields obtained from differing SST equations applied to a region covering the northern Gulf of Mexico and western North Atlantic
Author(s): Jean-François P. Cayula; Robert A. Arnone; Ryan A. Vandermeulen
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Underwater pressure measurement using fibre optic extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometric (EFPI) sensors
Author(s): Dinesh Babu Duraibabu; Sven Poeggel; Elfed Lewis; Thomas Newe
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A model-based ELM for atmospheric correction over Case 2 water with Landsat 8
Author(s): Javier A. Concha; John R. Schott
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The impact of turbulent fluctuations on light propagation in a controlled environment
Author(s): Silvia Matt; Weilin Hou; Wesley Goode
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Regional vicarious gain adjustment for coastal VIIRS products
Author(s): Jennifer Bowers; Robert Arnone; Sherwin Ladner; Giulietta S. Fargion; Adam Lawson; Paul Martinolich; Ryan Vandermeulen
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Algorithms for the remote estimation of chlorophyll-a in the Chesapeake Bay
Author(s): I. Ioannou; A. Gilerson; M. Ondrusek; Robert Foster; Ahmed El-Habashi; K. Bastani; S. Ahmed
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Implications of a new phase function for autonomous underwater imaging
Author(s): G. R. Fournier; V. Sanjuan-Calzado; C. Trees
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